Since we don't know much about Bobby's friends, I'm going to take the liberty of giving him some friends. I know, I'm so nice. Of course we'll have a few messages from the boys too, etcetera, but there's only so many times they can call without it being stalkerish, right?

Bobby's Voice Mail

Hey, this is Bobby Singer. If I'm not pickin' up, I'm probably under a car, under a hood, or under fire. Leave a message and I'll call you back. Beep.

(pause) This is, ah…. My name's John Winchester. Missouri Moseley gave me this number, told me to call Bobby Singer. I was hoping to speak with you about…. Something…happened to my wife…five days ago. She's gone. And I want to know how and why…and how I can kill whatever did it. I spoke with Missouri; she came into the house and told me it was…real evil that killed my wife. Now I don't know what that means, if there's fake evil or something, but she…. We talked for a couple hours yesterday and…I'd say I learned a Hell of a lot. I want to learn more and she said you were the man to go to. I'm a former Marine, so I'm stubborn as all Hell. Missouri said you're the best, so if you don't call me back, if you think I'm not worth talking to, I'll keep calling 'til you do. My number's 738-555-2234. And, uh…. (pause) Thanks.

(Just a minute, Sammy) Hi, this is Dean Winchester. I need to talk to you about—. (Sammy, go watch TV, okay…? Yea, sure, whatever you want.) (pause) My dad left on a job eight days ago and said he'd be back in a week at most. I can't reach him and he hasn't called to check on us since two days ago. We, um…. We're both going to school, don't worry, but I'm down to the last few cans of Spaghetti O's and some Lucky Charms. So if maybe, I don't know, you could send us some money just 'til my dad gets back? I'm sure he'll pay you back. (pause) And if…if you could try to call him and see where he is, that'd be great. The number on the phone dad left me is 233-982-9923. Thanks.

Bobby, hey, it's Dean. Ah…Sam left…like an hour ago. (tight laugh) Sam left for college an hour ago. (sigh) I know, a bit early, right? He and dad had one final pissing contest and Sam decided that he could win by leaving. (pause) I just…. If you could call him? You know, just to make sure he's okay? I…. He isn't coming back. (pause) I know it and I think dad knows it too. But…I don't know how much money he's got. I don't know how financial aid works for school, if he'll be okay for a month until he heads to his dorm, but, ah…if you could call him…maybe loan him some money…I'd really appreciate it. I'll pay it back. I'm just a little low right now. Plus I doubt Sam wants to talk to me. Now that I think about it, he might already have called you. (pause) I'm worried about him, Bobby. I, ah…I know I taught him good and he can take care of himself but…Hell, I'm worried. So…call me when you get this. Thanks.

Post Pilot:

Bobby, it's Dean. Ah…we were hoping to get your advice on a job we're working on. Honestly…we're totally lost. I mean like illegal immigrant in New York City lost. It started off as a haunting, but…. It's just totally crazy. So call me back. Thanks.

Hey Bobby, it's Sam. I'm calling about the Libri Tres de Occulta Philosophia that I just got from Joshua. There's a translation for one invocation that doesn't seem accurate. The syntax is off. I tried translating it with the help of a 14th century Latin grammar and tried applying Hebrew, Greek, and Chaldean background, but I'm having difficulty being confident in what I've come up with. (pause; Dude, shut up!) (sigh) Yea, so if you could give me a call back, I'd really appreciate it.

It's Chase. I've officially heard scuttlebutt from two separate hunters about you bein' involved in that disaster with the Devil's Gate in Wyoming, so I was hopin' I could get a firsthand account. I doubt what I'm hearin' is true, so I'd like to talk to you.

Hey Bobby, it's Derek. I got your message and, yea, I'll be here at the shop next Saturday and Sunday if you want to stop by for the book on your way to Louisiana. Don't worry about the money; I got a good price on it, so an even hundred'll do. Later.

Yo, Bobby, it's Shawn. Ah, got somethin' on your girl Bella. Dunno what you want with that bitch, she's nothin' but trouble, but if you're still lookin' to be a glutton for punishment, give me a call.

Bobby, it's Pamela. I was with a client today and, interestingly enough, I got a message for you during our session. You should really tell those friends of yours that being dead is not an excuse for them to interrupt the grandmother of paying customers. Anyway, call me back soon. It was vague, something you'll probably understand, but I don't know how important it is. Talk to you later.

Hey, it's Evan. I got a car for ya. Second generation Mustang, 1975. 302 CID V8. Only catch is, saying I got it for a steal is an understatement and the reason for that, I managed to pry out of the woman selling it, was ever since her Pops passed she can't control the radio anymore. It always switches back to 98.5. That, she was okay with. The thing she had a problem with was the volume at which it happened. Seems not only did this guy die, he went deaf too. Since nobody could fix it and everyone noticed it when you started the car, it's kinda hard not to, she chopped down the price. Anywho, if you think you can cleanse it or something or you're interested despite the baggage, give me a call.