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Chapter 1: Renton's Unbelievable Thoughts

Renton looked at Eureka with those same lovey dovey eyes. He often found himself staring at her for no particular reason. He didn't understand that feeling in the pit of his stomach was love. He was in love with her. Part of him knew that, but the other part shoved it away. She never seemed that interested in him. Eureka glanced at him and smiled. He averted his gaze, cheeks red. Little did he know, Eureka had a major crush on him.

"Renton, after the meeting, meet me at my room, 'kay?" Eureka whispered. She was sitting right beside him.

"Um… okay." Renton would not meet her gaze, fearing he was still blushing. He was, big time.

"So, I would like to close this meeting by saying this: Anyone who has an idea on the new cover for 'Ray Out', please tell us. You're dismissed." Holland concluded, smiling at Renton and Eureka. Holland motioned with his eyes to look down, so Renton glanced. Eureka's hand was right next to his. He gulped then looked back at Holland, who gave him the "do it" look.

Renton nervously moved his hand gently on top of hers. To his surprise, Eureka, with her head turned the other direction, smiled shyly and held her hand in his. He noticed that she was blushing slightly, then it hit him. She did like him. He inwardly shouted in victory, but kept his mouth shut. They both got up at the same time, their hands still interlocked. "Come on," Eureka said, pulling Renton along.

He never realized how amazing her body looked. He blushed and shook his head. I'm just a kid. I can't think about stuff like that. Not yet anyway. He smiled as Eureka opened her door. Inside the room were posters of people on ref boards, people inside LFOs, Ray Out covers, bands, stars, and so much more. Her sheets were sky blue with red thread, and her pillow the same. It looked exactly like a regular teenager's room should. She had a few clothes here and there and stuffed animals everywhere. He also noticed that her room had blue carpets.

"Sorry it's such a mess. Maeter slept in here last night and destroyed everything." She scooped up all the clothes and put them in a hamper in her closet. Renton caught a glimpse of a ref board.

"I didn't know you liked lifting." Eureka blushed and motioned for him to sit down on her bed.

"Yeah, I do it in my spare time. Do you want anything to drink? I have water, tea, a few energy drinks, and some soda," she asked, bending down in front of her mini fridge.

"A- A energy drink would be nice." Renton didn't dare look at her, fully aware that her unmentionables were showing. She looked behind her to see a very nervous Renton looking anywhere but at her. She thought for a moment then bashfully looked at her behind. Sure enough her… undergarments were showing. She blushed then sat on her knees, the dress no longer showing her underneath.

Renton glanced at her and sighed when he didn't see under her dress anymore. Now I kind of wish that I had saw her…. No! What in the hell am I thinking?! I shouldn't be thinking about that kind of stuff. Especially not with Eureka, he thought, mentally hitting himself in the head. Why in the world was he suddenly thinking all those perverted thoughts?