I might not post in this Fic that often. I have just started it and am still working out the bugs. but I wanted to see what the people think about it. I'll also have a poll on my page of who you want him to be with. I can do Slash if it is called for.


A boy about sixteen sat in a booth in a dim lighted diner. He watched as woman about six years his senior walked into the diner and glanced around. She looked at him and looked into his eyes. She then smiled and came and sat across from him.

"Daeman, fancy meeting you here." She smirked.

Daeman grinned. "Yeah, especially since I asked you to come. I wanted to let you know it's time. I'm going to get back at the evil bastard for what he did to my parents. He thought he could control them, but he thought wrong. So, you know what you have to do."

The women nodded, then she smirked and looked him up and down, "You know, you can't go walking into the school looking like that. The old man will have a heart attack. Not to mention all the other teachers."

"I have it covered." Daeman pulled out a picture and handed it to the women. She looked at it then back at him.

"Don't you think it would be weird for his identical twin to go in there?" She asked him.

"I have it covered." He said again and got up. He turned back and looked at her again, "You know the plan. I'll show up shortly after you. I'll have them eating out of my hands in no time." Then he disappeared.

She waited for a minute then pulled her hood over her head and apperated to Hogwarts.

She walked into the school and headed straight up to the headmasters office. She glared at the gargoyle and said, "Ice Mice"

The statue moved aside and she walked up the spiral staircase and raised her hand to knock on the wooden door when a voice called out.

"Come in."

She pasted on a giddy smile and opened the door to see people already sitting in there. She glanced at Dumbledor and nodded. He smiled his grandfather smile with his insanely twinkling eyes and she had to keep herself from gagging.

"Ah, Nyphadora, how may I help you?" He said. She glared and cleared her throat.

"I've recently come into some information regarding a certain 16 year old boy."

Everyone froze and stared at her. For a moment all was silent then Sirius jumped up and grabbed Remus into a hug. Snape looked like he swallowed a whole box of Dumbledors lemon drops and MaGonagal looked like she wanted to cry. Dumbledors twinkle was so blinding she wanted to put on a pair of sunglasses.

"Silence. Now, what kind of information are we talking about?"

She smiled and said, "He is on his way to the train heading for Hogwarts as we speak. He wishes to start school."

She left the school an hour later with a smile on her face. Phase one complete.