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Chapter one '' I can help ''

Tony was sitting in his chair playing some quick game on the computer. Ziva was sitting at her desk finishing her paper work to hand the reports to Gibbs, whereas McGee was typing furiously at his keyboard the reports of the paper work that Gibbs needed finished. The three of them were really bored; they had no cases for a week now. Tony has played every prank he could master on McGee until he got bored and started playing on his computer.

Gibbs finally showed up from the director's office and went down the stairs and announced '' Grab your gear, dead marine ''

Tony in a second was on his feet heading to the elevator with his gear ready, Ziva followed with McGee a second latter.

In the elevator Gibbs called Ducky '' Duck we need you at the crime scene ASAP, we have a situation that needs your presence '' Gibbs finished while all of his three agents were eyeing him questioning what situation that required Ducky's presence ASAP?

Gibbs informed them in the car that the dead marine was Lieutenant Patricia Jackson.

She is a single mother and she lived in the house by herself with her 4years old daughter Samantha.

'' We may also have a situation at the crime scene '' Gibbs added vaguely.

They arrived at the crime scene and found a police car parking outside. Tony starts to get the gear and heads for the house. Ziva and McGee also follow as Gibbs was already inside the house.

What met Tony's eyes just shocked him. In the kitchen lay the dead body of the lieutenant on the floor with a single shot in her head. A pool of blood was covering the floor. The dead lieutenant hand were holding something small or was it someone.

He gasped as he realized that her daughter was sitting down beside her. The girl's whole clothes were covered in blood and she looked awake but not concentrating on a specific object or person in front of her. Tony just knew what is wrong with her, and he tried to think how to get her away from her mother's dead body silently as he anticipated what will happen next.

'' Oh my God, why did they leave her here... She must be in shock? '' Ziva practically shouted at the police men who were just watching the girl who held to her dead mother's hands and was rocking forward and backward

Ziva went to her and was about to take her away from her mother. But, the minute her hands touched the girl, the girl started screaming.

Ziva drew her hands away from her instantly. Gibbs was just gazing to the little girl assessing how she looked.

'' You see'' said one of the cops '' we tried that already''

So the police could not take the girl away from her mother because of the screaming and kicking she was making.

Ziva tried one more time by speaking to the girl ''come on, let's leave mommy take a nape '' and reached for the girl who screamed again in protest

At that moment her scream was associated with Tony's shouts at Ziva ''Ziva leave her at once, do not touch her'' Ziva snapped her head up to Tony as she left the girl again beside her dead's mother body

She wondered why Tony would shout like that. She was about to shout back at him from her anger but was met by a strange look in his eyes, so she just waited for his explanation. He eyed her for a minute and said '' she is autistic Ziva''

Ziva could not believe herself. How on earth would Anthony DiNozzo know that?

Gibbs was just observing the scene, but as astonished as Ziva and McGee whose jaw dropped a little

Tony looked at the cops and said '' thank you gentlemen, we got it from here''

Of course after sharing a gaze with Gibbs to gain his approval

After that he told Gibbs '' give me about ten minutes to try to move her ok? '' Gibbs just gazed intently at Tony while Ziva was having a hard time understanding what was going on. '' And I know that she has evidence all over her and needs to be taken care of'' Tony concluded

''What is her name again?'' Tony asked for no one particularly

'' Uh …'' Tim began as was starting to recover from his shock from the strange attitude Tony gained '' her name is Samantha, Tony ''

Tony headed for where the small girl sat rocking forward and backward beside her mother's dead body. He made no move to try to touch her by any physical contact. He just sat beside her the same way she sat and looked at her dead mother.

'' Samantha '' Tony called on her softly starting to follow her rythematic movement forward and backward with her

''Samantha … mommy is sleepy '' Tony said again in a very calming loving way '' Samantha … mommy is safe now '' Tony said and stopped moving.

Samantha started to slow her movement and stopped a minute after Tony stopped rocking like her.

Tony then said '' Samantha … mommy says you should take a nap too''

At that moment Samantha who kept her eyes away from any one, started raising her right hand on her face and said '' mommy … nap''

Tony understood and started to react to her action '' Samantha… mommy is napping here. Mommy wants Samantha to sleep in her room''

The child starts to react by saying'' sleep… bed''

''That is right Samantha. Go to sleep in bed. Uncle Tony will walk with you to your room'' Tony says and he starts to get up really slowly from the floor beside Samantha

Samantha in turn stands up and appeared to be clenching her hand to something that looked like a gun which was definitely something that nobody noticed before.

The four of them tensed immediately and wanted to grab the gun but knew that the girl could scream and accidentally starts it, as they noticed the safety trigger was not on.

Tony raises his hand in the air for the both moving Ziva and McGee to signal them to stand still. Gibbs was the only one who seemed to not move.

Immediately Tony reacts by saying '' mommy wants Samantha to leave the toy she is holding. Samantha is going to sleep ''

Samantha then lowers the gun in her hand and puts it beside her mother's side and leaves it. All the four of them then sigh audibly even Gibbs. Ziva gets the gun in a bag and tag it.

Tony starts to walk very small steps as Samantha followed him. He stayed on her right all the time as she only stared right and did not look to any thing or made any eye-contact with any one even Tony.

Tony goes to her bedroom door and opens it and gets inside. She follows him and then starts to climb her bed and lies down. Tony pulls the blankets over her and covers her small trembling body. She falls asleep in her bed in about three minutes. Tony just stares at her for a while contemplating the awful crime that has been made. The worst thing was how the criminals left a four year old girl watch her mother die. It only made things worse that she was autistic, the criminals must have thought that she won't be able to do anything let along saying anything to anyone.

He now needed to work. He went back to the kitchen to grab his gear to get the evidence of the small sleeping child before she wakes up.

He went for his bag and then found all of the three agents eyeing him suspiciously. Even Gibbs could not hide his curiosity of how on earth would a Tony DiNozzo know how to deal with an autistic child?

''She is asleep now. I will take any evidence that was on her and bag and tag everything '' Tony said and left as he knew the suspicions in their minds. Yet he did not want to justify it.

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