Hi guys, I'm sorry this is not a new chapter. I've never posted an AN before, but I thought this one deserved posting.

Today, 2nd of April, is ''World Autism Day'' or as others call it ''World Autism Awareness Day''. Moreover, April is Autism Awareness Month.

I thought it would be appropriate to honor Autistic people out there in this small note considering the context of the story ''I will protect you''.

Please go read about Autism, reach for people with Autism and communicate with them. They are as normal as we are. They could even be smarter than us in several ways. Try to know more and become more understanding.

Go google some info about Autism and honor these brave people out there.

I got u some info from Google for u to read, only basics. Go and read more.

'' About one in 100 people has some form of autism – the exact cause is not known.

People with autism can have problems communicating, or trouble empathizing with others – they might be socially awkward, or might have behavioral problems.''

"They don't make eye contact so much, they don't smile so early, they don't reach out to touch, they don't speak so quickly," says Alison Molloy, chief executive of Autism NZ.

"One of the signs is if the child isn't putting one or two or three words together by the time they are two, for example."

''There are plenty of myths, like the idea that everyone who is autistic has an area of brilliance – many do, but not all.''

That's just a very tiny glimpse into Autism. Go out there and read more.

There are also some great movies on Autism:-

There's an Indian-American film called ''My name is Khan''

There's also a film called '' Adam''

Both of them are sweet movies handling adult autistic people from different perspectives. If u have other movies u know about, let me know. I'll be posting them on my profile for everyone to see.

Finally, I'm really sorry for this AN instead of the chapter, but this is a very important day. I'll remove this AN as soon as I post the new chapter.