Alone Again
Josh/Donna tag to The Ticket

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'It was my job, Josh!'
No it wasn't. Her job was to stay with him. Her job was to hold him together. How was he supposed to survive without her? And he didn't just mean professionally. Yeah she did her job well, but so did a lot of other people. No she did so much more. She was his rock. And when she was gone, the sea of chaos was just that much more frightening. Being without her was the worst thing to ever happen. Worse than being shot. Worse than falling deeper and deeper in the nightmare of PTSD. She saved him. She always saved him. Who would save him now? Who wouldn't leave him alone?

'And if you don't think I miss you every day…'
He couldn't believe he just said that. In the heat of the moment he had revealed his most guarded secret. He missed her. He missed everything about her. He missed the stupid things she said and they way they made him laugh. He missed the way she knew where everything was what he need at that moment. He missed her. But then she left and he was alone again. Granted, she did try to tell him she was unhappy. He just didn't want to hear it. Thinking of life without her was just too painful. And then she left and the pain became real. She left him. Just like his dad. Just like Jonnie.

'Thank you for your time.'
God, how could he be doing this to her? "Just say yes, you dumbass! You need her! So what are you doing sending her away?" Not only that but he saw the pain he was causing her and it was killing him inside. God he hated himself at this moment. She was getting up. He was just letting her leave him again. He was such a moron. Why couldn't he just say he needed her? Why couldn't he just tell her he loved her? She was gone now and he had just let her go. And he was alone again.