Chapter 11


"So…" Naruto asked while jumping on Itachi's finely made bed. "What provisions are we taking to rescue Sasuke?" Itachi smirked and opened his closet, pushing aside his clothes to reveal a small door. He opened it and went in. Everyone followed quietly, inside was another large room filled to the brim with shelves and cabinets.

'I don't see how this is going to help us.' Neji thought to himself. Itachi smirked (A.N Boy he seems to do that a lot.) and snapped his fingers; his action caused the shelves to flip and the cabinets to open displaying a wide verity of weapons. There were swords, katana, nun-chucks, and even some that Neji did not recognize. Itachi picked up a backpack and turned to find the other three staring in shock.



"I want you to pick out five weapons and after you Gaara can take his pick."

"Awww…What about me?" Naruto pouted.

"You're absolutely right! Sorry, Naruto…I forgot about you for a moment." (Naruto deadpans)

'Okay, so what do you want me to do?" The hyperactive blonde beamed.

"I want you to finish off that cake."

"Wow! Nice punch, Sasuke-San! Un" Deidara cheered, watching the raven swing at Hidan.

My punch hit Hidan in the forehead, dead center; the force of the impact was enough to knock the man down.

"Thanks" I said wiping the sweat from the forehead.


Sasori sighed and handed me some water. "Shut up Hidan, you brought it upon yourself."


Deidara chuckled "Yeah. Ya brought it upon yourself, being mean to Konan like that Un. You must really get under her skin, Un!"

Hidan smiled and picked up his water bottle. "I'd rather get under her sheets!"


Before the silver haired man could take a sip, a blow to the head was delivered by me. Bitch had it coming. "You disgust me…" I stated, looking down on the man.

"Hey shut the hell up! You think since you're her new favorite, you can do whatever the hell you want?!"

I glared. "That woman has mothering to do with me." It was at this moment, When Konan walked in the gym and smiled.

"can I see you for a minute, Sasuke-Kun?" She asked sweetly, I hesitated.

"…Sure…" She really could be very annoying at times.

"Yay!" She cheered taking my arm (Grrr!!!Again!!!) She led me into a dimly lit room (The only source of light were a few lit candles.) and sat me down on a couch.

"Why am I here?" I asked only to be yelled at.


Shocked by the sudden mood change I snapped my mouth closed.

'Are all girls this bipolar?'

"Good" she said pacing around the room "Now, now Sasuke-Kun…" She began, that when I took notice of the thousand of little paper cranes about half the size of my pinky finger. I felt my eye lids grow heavy and I wanted to lie down and sleep but I kept my unfocused eyes on the blue haired woman in front of me.

"You will be a good boy and listen." (A.N. What the hell, he's not Tobi)

"I…Will listen."

"You will obey and do whatever I tell you."

"I...will obey"

"And, Sasuke I've had my eyes on you for some time now…I like you."

"I…like you…too."

"You will forget about Itachi, he's just in the way of our love."

"I…will forget…"

The cranes circled around one last time before, my eyes refocused and my face brightened up and I smiled. "Is that all, Konan-San?"

Konan eyes glittered. "You can call me Kitty-Chan

"Kitty-Chan, Is that all?"

"Yes, you can go back to your training now."

"Thanks." I walked up to her and gave her a hug, then left the room. I don't know why, I just had the sudden urge.

"Itachi Uchiha, you will pay for what you did to me…" Konan's eyes glittered as the words fell fom her glossy lips.

"Is everyone well equipped?" Both Gaara and Neji nodded. Gaara had a jar of sand and Neji was weaponless. Itachi deadpanned.

"Seriously, out of all this dangerous shit I have in here, you guy pick a fucking jar of dirt?!"

Gaara growled and hugged the jar closer. "Its sand not dirt, get it right dumb ass." Neji folded his arms and smirked at Itachi before saying "My fists are all I need…"

"Fine, whatever…" Shrugging, Itachi pulled out his double edged sword. "Let's go train."

Naruto, with cake in hand, followed after gloomily. Out in the Uchiha compound training grounds Itachi, Neji, and Gaara prepared themselves to save Sasuke. Naruto on the other hand sat at the picnic table eating the four layer chocolate cake with chocolate whip cream, chocolate sprinkles, and chocolate shavings (A.N. I really, Really, REALLY like Chocolate.)

"Itachi-San…I don't felly to good." He said, his face a sickly green color.

"Eat your cake Naruto." Itachi said, barely dodging and attack from Neji 'Damn, he was right, he only needs his fists.'

"Itachi, I can't eat anymore." He wined. "Can I please join you three, I have a plan, I swear I do.

"No, we need you to eat that cake, so you have lots of energy, and it's not nice to swear."

"GO MY LOVLEY SAND GO" Gaara yelled as he tossed sand at Itachi, who dodged at the last possible moment.

"OWWWW!!!!! Gaara, you got that shit in my eyes, you ass." Naruto said tears running freely down his face."

"I'm sorry, Baby, here let me make it all better." Gaara said as he made his way to Naruto.

"Hyah! Ha! Hyah!" I called with every fierce punch, this time to an actual punching bag, and not an angry silver-haired religious man.

"Wow, Sasuke-San! You're doing really good, un! Right Sasori-Kun?" Deidara said standing behind Sasori, who was holding the punching bag, I guess I put more force behind my swings then I thought because Sasori grunted before falling backwards. Deidara caught him before he busted his head open.

"Umm..." The redhead averted his eyes, blushing slightly...


...that is until the mouths on Deidara's hands began licking him. Sasori's face was redder than his hair as he picked himself up and away from him lover. Saying

"You just ruined the moment."

"But Sasori-Kun you like it when we…!!"

"Ok." I called out "Save that for the bedroom."

"Your Right, sorry, Un."


"Hey, Sasuke-San are you alright?" Deidara asked "What wrong with your eyes?"

I stopped my training to look in the gym mirror. "Huh, what do you mean?"

"You know you look more distant…far away. Is there anything wrong, un?"

I shook my head. "No. Everything's fine. Now let's move to weapons. This punching bag is beneath me…"


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