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I will never be yours.

In body I am trapped here

never to escape or know

the truth of the world.

But I do not have to be yours.

I am my own mind and

person despite your cruel treatment

of me.

Nothing that can(will)happen

will break me I will not(cannot)

breathe my last breath for I

refuse to let you defeat me.

The outside world looks on coldly

afraid of the truth they know that

I will not ask for help

I will not ask for help

They can rot in hell when their time comes

alongside you.

(Alongside me?)

The words you yell to me at me

break my heart but you won't(can't)know.

Those who call me bully

have never met you.

Those who call me cruel

have never met you.

But of course those who look on with pity


I know that I am wrong in many things

I do, but I will continue for now(always)to do them.

I know that they(you)are right in their(your)

hatred of me.

I know when you hurt me you think

you are doing right.

But I know you also take pleasure in it.

The pain is so intense I sometimes cannot bear it

but I must pretend that I can and you

you know that don't you?

But you pretend like you're sorry

every time

and she(they)believes you

every time

and so every few days my

blonde hair will be red with blood

and my heart will be broken again

for I too believe you

every time

I have to believe you so that I can

return to school(home)after the hot sweaty

angry months of summer end

and then I will pretend that I am rich

and then I will pretend that I am happy

And then they will believe me and all will be right again.

At least until next summer.

So until I can leave home(hell)forever,

I will be trapped here in body

but never in mind.

Know that, despite your hold over my

physical being,

I am fornever yours.

I am fornever yours.

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