After the setting the scenes, all italics will be Mackenzie's thoughts This is part one of the Touch Series that me and my sisters created after the first game. We have a total of four stories between the first and second game. After the second game we have a few more stories. We are rewriting them to put them up and they kind of look like a walkthrough to a game. Hope you enjoy!


Setting the Scene: Shopping Plaza

You see a boy with black hair walking around in the plaza. He stops suddenly and looks at the fountain. It begins to drain and everyone gathers around it. They all have question marks. Then it shows a screen of someone leaving the scene.


A dream, and a grudge.

Mackenzie, Penelope, Chloe, and Daisy are having tea; Lynsey is playing with Funghi, while Cromwell is talking to Beatrice. They were Celebrating for Mackenzie since the Detective Acadamy accepted her.

Mackenzie: By the way Daisy, thanks for the handkerchief. I could use it to clean dust off of certain clues. At least it's better than Chloe's pair of socks.

Daisy: Your welcome.

Mackenzie: And Penelope, I can't wait to try out these new gloves. They will be of use too.

Penelope: They're soft, they keep your hands warm and dry, and they are so cute too.

Chloe: I thought Lynsey's gift of hat and bowtie for your bear was cute. I agree.

Mackenzie: Agreed. So cute…

They each sip from their cups when a knock is heard at the door. Everyone is surprised.

Cromwell: Now who can that be? Who?

A boy with dark clothes, eyes like Chloe, and dark hair that almost covers his eyes enters. The four girls on the couch stand up. Who is that?

He looks around and finally talks.

????: Is this the residence of the famous Touch Detective? I don't like that name.

Mackenzie: Yes. I am Mackenzie. What can I help you with?

????: My name is Kage. I have a job for you. A JOB!

Chloe: A JOB! OK! Chloe is on the case. What's up? Is there a robbery? A murderer? What? What? What?

Kage: …

Chloe: Well? Doesn't talk much, does he?

Kage: …


Penelope and Mackenzie start to chuckle.

Kage: The fountain dried up.

Everyone is surprised.

Mackenzie: It dried up! What?

Kage: Yup.

Mackenzie: How?

Kage: Dunno.

Daisy: This I have to see.

Daisy leaves followed by Beatrice, Lynsey, and Penelope.

Chloe: I'll go scope it out too. You finish up here.

Chloe leaves in her usual fashion of zooming out the door


What happened?

Who else saw it?

What was going on?

Never mind

Mackenzie: What happened?

Kage: I was just walking around the shopping plaza when I heard a noise. Then the water was draining like it was a bathtub. Bathtub?

Mackenzie: Who else saw it?

Kage: There were a lot of people along with The Baker Lady, The Fortune Teller, Barnaby, and Dover…(!) Oh, and someone left the crowd quickly while everyone was distracted. Really?

Who was it?

What did he look like?


Mackenzie: Who was it?

Kage: Dunno

Mackenzie: …

Kage: …

Mackenzie: sigh

Mackenzie: What did he look like?

Kage: He was wearing a big coat that covered his face and a low brim hat. Smart.

Mackenzie: What was going on?

Kage: We were having a party. It was just a random party because the Baker Lady had too much supplies. Sounds good. I could use a snack.

Mackenzie: Never mind.

Kage: K…. You can find me at the condominium for boys. I am in room 2-3. Bye…

Kage leaves.

Cromwell: Well, it's back to work again I see. Good luck my lady.

Mackenzie: Yeah, Thanks.

Funghi: nnf nnf