Part 2

Mackenzie wakes up in her usual fashion.

Mackenzie: I am supposed to meet the gang today at the Circus. I wonder if it's okay if I bring my new detective kit.

She grabs the kit that was on the dresser next to the toy from the training episode.

Handkerchief: For cleaning dust and grime. A gift from Daisy.

Magnifying glass: It shows me what I can't see. A gift from Beatrice.

Gloves: Keeps my hands warm and dry. A gift from Penelope.

Mackenzie: Let's go Funghi.

Funghi: nnf nnf

Go to the Circus Tent. The group is standing in front of a tent. There is a faucet right next to them. Max is the first to speak.

Max: Great, Mackenzie is here. Now let's get to work. Whoever is doing this is covering his tracks well. So we all need to work together. Dexter, go back to the park and keep an eye for anything suspicious.

Dexter: Got it boss.

Max: Chloe. Go talk to the three who had something stolen from them. Maybe we missed something.

Chloe: Ok, I'll be done first.

Max: Casey, head down to the Condominium for boys. Talk to those there and see if anyone knows anything.

Kage: Don't call me Casey.

Max: Penelope, You do the same in the Condominium for girls.

Penelope: Ok, ok, Max!

Max: Mackenzie, check the Circus Tent then talk to our four suspects.

Mackenzie: Sure I'll do it.

Max: I'll be at the Shopping Plaza checking the first scene of the crime. If there are any questions see me there. Everyone got it? Good. Go!

Everyone runs out of there. Mackenzie is left with Funghi. She checks the tent thoroughly. The Circus Master is in the tent next to the fleas. As she approaches him, Mackenzie trips on a loose board. The Circus Master refuses talk to her unless it is fixed so she first put the screw to the board, then use the wrench to tighten it. Now she talks to the Circus Master.

Mackenzie: You wanted the water used in the fountain at the Shopping Plaza to use for water fountains for your circus.

C.M.: Do you see a water fountain outside? Honestly! I was shocked to see the faucet, and angry too. It wasn't you? I'm very busy, but I'll give you this. It was found next to the Faucet. (Gives you an old Medal)

Mackenzie: Thanks. This will be helpful.

Medal: It's a bit rusty. I wonder if I can clean it.

She uses the handkerchief on the medal. There, now I can read it. She looks closely at the writing.

Medal: Second place for best chief. Who won first?

She heads to the Shopping Plaza to find Dover and talk to him. She finds him in his usual spot at the bakery.

Mackenzie: You wanted to use the water for your new trick.

Dover: I didn't cause the drainage though. Penelope loves the fountain. I don't want to cause Penelope any problems. I could get the water from somewhere else. It can't be you. Oh and just so you know, my trick was a daredevil trick. That sounds cool.

Mackenzie: Ok. Well, good luck getting the water you need for that.

Dover: Thanks, you too.

She goes to the park where Barnaby and Shorty are only to hear from Dexter that neither the stand nor the skating rink are open.

Dexter: It's odd because they are usually open by now. I like to be sitting in the rink, eating spicy hotdogs by now. You what?

Mackenzie: I wonder if I should have another look at that pond.

It is way too muddy to check the pond. She pulls on her gloves and shifts her fingers through the mud. She finds the tap to the faucet at the Circus. This might be useful.

She walks to the Condominium for boys and suddenly sees two boys talking. One wears a pair of jeans, a white shirt, and sneakers. He has blonde hair and his eyes are like Mackenzie's only green. That is Kyle. The second boy has long black hair that nearly covers his red, wide eyes, and wearing a black jacket, red shirt, black pants, and red and black boots. His face is pale and he wears a red scarf. That is Ricky.

Mackenzie: Hi, I am Detective Mackenzie. Who are you two?

Ricky: I am Ricky and this is Kyle.

Mackenzie: I thought you don't come out during the day.

Kyle: Every now and then he does. You were just lucky to see him on one of those days.

Ricky: (!) Hey nice medal. Are you in the cooking contest?

Mackenzie: No…it's evidence. I wish I knew what it meant.

Kyle: I could tell you, but I am really thirsty. Get me a drink and I'll tell you what you need to know.

Mackenzie. Okay.

She gives him the water in the clear glass bottle. He takes it gratefully and smiles kindly.

Kyle: Thanks. Okay, Let's get down to business. There is a cooking contest held every year at the Shopping Plaza. Antoinette, Shorty, Beatrice, Katrina, and Barnaby are always the ones that enter in it. Only those five? Every now and then someone like Penelope or Cromwell will enter too. Antoinette always wins and Barnaby is always in last place. Really? I can see why. Everyone gets a medal for trying though. The dates of each contest are etched into the sides of each medal. The dates. Although it doesn't look like it, some people can get really ashamed over losing a stupid contest like this. The next contest is in two weeks. Two weeks? Maybe I should try. That's it.

Mackenzie: Okay. Thanks. That helped out a lot.

She uses the Magnifying glass to check the side of the medal. It is 10 years old. That old? Mackenzie heads to the Shopping plaza and enters the pastry shop. Dover tells her that Antoinette is visiting Beatrice. She thanks him and heads to the Condominium for girls. The rug is gone and the floor is wet. Beatrice and Antoinette are talking. She shows the medal to Antoinette.

Beatrice: Hey, that medal is 10 years old.

Antoinette: Oh yeah, I remember that day as though it were yesterday.

Mackenzie: Can you tell me what happened?

Antoinette: Sure. It was a tough year. Many were joining. The theme that year was hotdogs as it is this year. I made my special chilidogs which of coarse won the contest, Barnaby with his clam dogs was not so lucky. Shorty, Beatrice, Cromwell, and even Katrina all did their best. Dover even surprised us with a special batch of his own dogs.

Mackenzie: Who was second?

Antoinette: Oh, HIM? He was quite furious for losing. His name is…Yeah?

At that point, Dexter comes running in. He slips on the floor and hits the wall. He falls flat on the floor.

Beatrice: Oh dear, is he alright?

Mackenzie walks over to check on him.

Dexter: P…Pene…Penelope….He took…Penelope…

Everyone except Dexter: (!)

Mackenzie: I got to go.

She runs out towards the Shopping Plaza where Kage and Chloe are.


Chloe: Man that guy was really pushy. He just grabbed her arm and pulled her away. Oh-no! Max ran after her. Yay, Max. He told me to tell you if you came by. They went to the Circus.

Mackenzie: Thanks.

Chloe: Lynsey ran off after them before I could stop her. What? Lynsey?

She ran to the Circus and finds Max and Lynsey in the front.

Max: The loon is holding Penelope and the Circus Master hostage.

Mackenzie: Lynsey, Go home.

Max: No, she is perfect. I have an idea, but we need some tools.

Mackenzie: Like what?

Max: Something thick like a bat and the tap for that faucet.

Mackenzie: I have those things.

Max: (!) Great. Give me the tap and give Lynsey the weapon.

She quickly hands the tap to Max and the pipe to Lynsey.

Max: You act as bait to get the guy to come out and we'll do the rest.

Mackenzie: Okay.

She rounds into the back entrance of the tent. A guy in a trench coat and low brim hat who was about the size of Mackenzie was with Penelope and the Circus Master.

Mackenzie: Hey! Over here!

Penelope: Mackenzie look out!

Circus Master: That man is crazy!

The man chases Mackenzie around front. Max turns the faucet on at full blast. The water makes the ground muddy. The man slips on the mud towards Lynsey. It shows a short cut scene of Lynsey hitting the guy in the face with the pipe. The man falls to the ground.

Max: We caught him! So Mackenzie, tell me. Do you know what his name is without revealing his face?

Mackenzie: Yes! It's Shorty! He gained second in a contest 10 years ago in a category he was a professional at. Making hotdogs! The contest was happening again this year so he was stealing ingredients to make a better hotdog that could beat Antoinette's famous chilidog.

Shorty: Alright! Ya got me!

Max: Good call, but why kidnap Penelope?

Shorty: It was to get ya off my trail so ya would wait until after the contest. I would then return her and the water. She would be unharmed.

Mackenzie: Lynsey, you did a good job.

Lynsey: Yay…


Mackenzie, Max, Kage, Chloe, Penelope and Dexter were all at the Shopping Plaza.

Max: You were great Mackenzie. You solved the case.

Mackenzie: You did great too. You had great leadership skills

Max: Thanks.

Mackenzie: I think we all did a great job.

Chloe: I agree.

Kage: We did OK

Dexter: Yeah. Hey! Penelope, want to go and photosynthesize tomorrow.

Penelope: Yeah

Max, Mackenzie, Chloe, and Kage: (!)

Dexter and Penelope: (singing) Oh, the sun makes oxygen…Oh what kind of oxygen? Oh oxygen, oxygen, oxygen. Pink fluffy oxygen.

Mackenzie and Max: *sigh* (Kage and Chloe introduce their right palms to their faces)

Dexter and Penelope had left together. Kage decides to walk Chloe home, which leaves Max and Mackenzie.

Max: I hope we can do another case together soon.

Mackenzie: Of course…(!) It's getting late. I should be home.

Max: Wait look up.

Max and Mackenzie look up in the sky together. A shooting star passes over the two detectives and possibly the two new partners in solving cases.

Mackenzie: Wow, it's so beautiful. Max?

Mackenzie looks around to see Max was gone but soon realizes that she's holding a red rose with a small blue ribbon tied on it. She looks back to the sky alone with a smile on her face.

Mackenzie: See ya, Blue Detective…

Investigation Log: …Let's see…Shorty got in big trouble with the police, but he still was allowed in the contest. He paid off everything he stole and all the damages he made. He is truly an honest man. I was in trouble for getting home late, but Cromwell went easy when he saw the rose. I am getting along well with Max and his friends, and Ricky came to visit one night. I was tired the next morning. Lynsey was quite happy too because now everyone has been congratulating her on capturing the bad guy. My gifts that I got from my friends really came in handy. Well…that's it. The case is solved…(!) Oh and Antoinette and Shorty tied this year with their hot dogs. I came in 5th place. Oh well…

Character info:

Max: He is the Blue detective. He seems to care a lot about his friends and is often running into trouble. He knows more about the law than anyone, including Daria. He seems to have a short fuse where friends are involved.

Kage: Often quiet, polite, and getting on Chloe's nerves. He seems to know things and will often give confusing advice. His real name is Casey. I wonder why he changed it?

Dexter: Just about as weird as Penelope, he is actually very bright and loves to see the world in many different ways. His favorite food is chili pepper and sardine cookies. Weird…

Kyle: Really into the stars, he is often at the Planetarium. He seems like the friend you can count on.

Ricky: Really into the nightlife. He is nocturnal and loves the creepy and haunted but has a real soft spot for cute girls. Tee hee…