I should not be feeling like this. It's not in my programming. I protect. That is my main function. Maybe that is why I dislike his spending time with her. She is a security risk. She is not always telling the truth. But I can not tell John that. He'll just ask how that makes her different from me. He doesn't understand. He has to be protected at all costs. Nothing can stand in the way of that. Not even the truth. I am programmed to protect, but how do I protect him from himself? But the more I spend time considering what to do, the more I realize that it's not just because she poses a security threat. She poses an emotional risk. To me. And that is why I can not choose a course of action. Nothing should pose that kind of risk to me. I'm simply not programmed for it. Emotions are not part of my programming. Or, at least, they should not be. But than again, John, my John, was working on ways of controlling the code better. Maybe he programmed me with these feelings. Maybe he thought it would make me better equipped to "blend in". Or maybe she was malfunctioning.

Self-Test…………Functioning in normal parameters………..Test complete. Report: Operations normal.

No that was not it. Then why do I feel like this. I should not care for you this much. Not this way. How can I protect you this way? How can I when I care more for your happiness then your safety? When I would allow a girl, who is obviously a threat, into our home just because she gives you what I cannot. She gives you a sense of normality. And I know I can never tell you. Machines don't have souls. How many times have I been told this? We can't love. So what do I call this? If it's not love, what is it? I do know this. I can no longer protect you effectually. I…care too much. But I also know I cannot leave you. So I will do what I can. Because, although I know it's impossible, I love you. So I will do all I can to make you happy. Even if it means I can't have you.