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Darien stood watching the waves crash down on one another creating the sounds of deafening thunder around him. The world seemed to rumble angrily. The gray, dark clouds reached as far as he could see and the wind whipped his shirt around his chest in an angry fight. The spray from the waves hitting the rocks on which he stood cooled the exposed skin on his face. The air was not sure if it was cold or warm and yet the storm raged in front of him not yet joined with the rain, reflecting in his deep blue eyes.

He breathed in deeply, feeling the fresh air invade his body. The wind had blown away any traces of toxins. He felt calm. His mind was open and clear, and unusually silent.

He looked behind him when he heard his name thrown into the wind. A whisper of a sound against the onslaught of turmoil. A man in a white uniform walked down from the large white house that sat on a lush grassy hill not to far from the rocks of the ocean. The pillars at the front of the house and the many windows all seemed painted from this vantage point, surreal and unnatural. The tall willow trees swayed dangerously over in the harshness of the wind almost bending in half.

The man reached him and had concern clearly portrayed through his eyes.

"We need to return to the house, there's going to be a storm."

Darien looked back at the rolling waves getting higher and more treacherous by the second. The sound drowned out the rest of the world. It drowned out his mind. He felt free and small and comforted.

He turned to follow the man back to the house. His bare feet moving from the hard coldness of the rocks onto the cold dampness of the flourishing green grass. His black pants brushed the fine needles tracing his feet with soft tickles.

The sounds of the storm followed his every movement making his footsteps seem silent. He felt the wind pick up strongly for a few moments before the mass of the house sheltered him.

When he walked in, the door closed behind him dampening the sounds of the outside world and allowing the world he lived in to crash through his mind once again. He clung to that feeling of calm the storm had granted him, but it could not win.

"Are you alright Darien?"

Darien looked at the woman who had just walked into the room wearing a long white coat. She had her blond hair pulled back and black glasses rested on her nose. She was professional looking with concerned brown eyes.

Darien just nodded.

"Good," she smiled gently. "Then perhaps this would be a good time for you and I to have a talk. Maybe you can tell me why you decided to go out in this storm."

Darien didn't say anything, he just followed her through the hallways to a room at the back. The old house was well lit, but seemed dull like a shadow hung constantly over it. The farther away from the front they got, the quieter the sound of the storm and the louder the turmoil within his mind.

They reach a door with the name 'Dr. Elizabeth Foster' painted in gold letters. She opened the door for him, and he entered the cluttered room calmly and silently.

The room had a large wooden desk piled with files and papers. There were shelves filled with books and a large comfortable stuffed brown leather chair where Darien sat gently. His long lean body was both relaxed and slow. His movements seemed like he had put no effort into them and yet they were smooth and calculated.

The doctor sat close by him in another chair, leaning forward to look at him. He didn't raise his eyes to look at her. Instead he fixed his gaze on the rain beginning to pelt the glass window behind her desk.

"What made you go out in the storm?" She asked carefully.

The storm continued to reflect in his eyes as he quietly contemplated the question.

"Do you know?" She asked.

"It seemed like the right thing to do," Darien said in a quiet calm voice.

"If you think about it logically, does going out in a storm still seem like the right thing to do?"

Darien didn't answer.

The doctor sat back in her chair and opened a folder in her lap.

"You've been with us for a few years now Darien. What would you think of going home?"

"What home?" He asked.

"Your home in the city. You came here to get help, but you haven't had an episode in months. I'm not sure how much more we can help you."

Darien didn't say anything.

"Are you afraid?" She asked.

"I don't know," he answered.

"The world is still out there and it's been living the same life it was when you left. Does it scare you to think of going back to exactly where you left off?"

"I don't remember where I left off." His voice was low, almost whispered. His whole mannerisms where quite, like he had been muted. But his body was straight and tall. He didn't sit slouched. It had never been his confidence that was an issue only his mind.

"What is that last thing you remember about your life?" She asked.

Darien thought about it for a while, trying to think of the time before he came here. Some times he had dreams about it, but mostly they were nightmares. His memories were foggy. He could remember situations without details or people without faces or names. A blond character came into his mind finally. The kind eyes smiled at him easily and he was not afraid.

"Andrew worked at the arcade," he said finally.

"Did you go see him there?"

He nodded softly. "Every morning and sometimes in the early afternoon."

"You and Andrew were very close," she said.

Darien nodded.

"What else about the arcade do you remember?"

"It was always extremely clean," he said. "The floor and walls always shone pure white making it almost to bright for lights but it never smelled like cleaner."

"Was it a place you were happy?" She asked.

"It was a place I didn't have to feel."

"Was Andrew the only one there you knew?"

"No," he said. "There was a girl."

"Do you remember her name?"

"Serena," he said quietly looking down at his hands.

"You've talked about Serena before."

Darien nodded. "She had beautiful blond hair," he said.

"Did you like her?"

"I liked to be around her," he said. "She was different from everyone else."

"How so?"

"She never hid who she was. Every moment you saw her you saw exactly who she was and what she was feeling. I envied that."

"What were you hiding from?"

Darien didn't answer.

"Every time you've talked of Serena you've said you envied her freedom and yet now I'm offering you yours and you're not sure how to feel. Perhaps you should take an example from her."

Darien finally looked at his doctor who sat calmly in her chair, watching him.

"Your friend Andrew will come and pick you up tomorrow," she said carefully.

Darien stayed silent.

"What do you feel?" She asked.

Darien didn't look at her. "I don't know."

"Are you excited to see him again?"

Darien didn't answer.

"You might be able to see Serena again. How does that make her feel?"

Darien just looked away. His dark eyes looked lost and yet full of unspoken thoughts. The doctor watched him closely wondering for the hundredth time what he might be thinking.

"Do you think you want to see her again?"

Darien didn't know how to answer. She was the only face he saw in his mind and truly knew who she was. It seemed she had stayed with him this whole time, shining a light on him so that he never completely lost himself in darkness. And yet who was she? He knew nothing about her other than she turned red when she was angry and wore her heart out in front of her for anyone to see and take advantage of.

"I don't know," he finally said.

His Doctor looked concerned for a moment, and then nodded her head.

"When you do see her Darien, which I know some day you will, I want you to focus on how you feel and tell me about it. All these years you've been here you've told me all about your friends and your life and yet she is the only one you talk about without fail in every session. You were not even friends with her and yet she's affected your life like this. Perhaps that means something."

Darien just nodded.

"Andrew will pick you up tomorrow. Please, do not go out in the storm again tonight."

Darien stood and walked gently out of the door with long easy strides. His white shirt twisted to hang on his thin frame contrasting with his glossy black hair. He helf his shoulders high and his posture was perfect, but his eyes were dark and downcast.

He walked through the large house back the way he came, and then directly back out the front door and into the raging storm. He closed his eyes and smiled as the rain and wind hit him with full force.

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