Summary: What will happen if the Dark Prince Edward Montague fell in love with the Princess Isabella Capulet? The Montague's rule the Kingdom of the vampires. The Capulet's rule the Kingdom of the mortals. They are sworn enemies. Romeo and Juliet AU.

This is a bit of a change from the storyline Romeo and Juliet, but essentially the forbidden love is still there. It's somewhat similar to Romeo X Juliet in the beginning.

Minor changes from the lore in Twilight: vampires can have children among themselves. The children age normally up to the age of 20, and remain looking like they are in their prime the rest of their existence. They are considered more noble in lineage than humans who are changed into vampires.

I hope everyone enjoys the story! It's my first Twilight fic, so here we go.

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"Two households, both alike in Dignity…"- Romeo and Juliet

The Beginning: sixteen years ago…

It was a stormy night in the Capulet Kingdom. Thunder boomed off the castle walls. The rain pounded heavily on the stone. There was no light that could be seen outside the castle, except the bright bursts of lightening that hit every few minutes in the sky.

"It's an ill-omened night…" murmured a guard looking out the window of the castle's watch tower.

"Aye, that it is." murmured the other guard standing to the wall opposite of him. There was a chill in the air. "Just be lucky we aren't the ones standing post outside in this blasted weather…"

The guard nodded his head in agreement,

"As long as we don't encounter those nasty devils that drink blood, I'll be happy."

He shivered at the thought of them. "I've only seen one of those things; once seven years ago…and I never want to see one of 'em again!"

"I highly doubt that we see any of them tonight…" The other guard sighed, looking away from the window.

At that moment, screams of men filled the night, following by an eerie growl of an unearthly being. The noise reverberated off the stone walls and lingered in the air.

"What the bloody hell was that!?" the guard yelled, falling back in horror. The other guard ran up to the window and looked out.

"May the Lord help us!" moaned the guard staring out the window in disbelief. He could see the horrifying events displaying before him despite the harsh weather. "There is a whole clan of vampires coming towards the castle! Hurry sound the bell to warn everyone!"

The other guard quickly pulled the rope to sound the bell. A loud clang echoed through the heavy storm air.

"May God save us all!"

In a chamber inside the castle, there was two year old Isabella playing with her doll happily. She had beautiful brown hair that curled at the ends. She looked like her mother, but had the personality of her father.

She wasn't afraid of the thunder that shook the castle.

Her father, King Capulet, was watching her in amusement in a chair by the hearth. He was a kind and gentle father, but he still grieved for the loss of his wife.

Little Isabella giggled with excitement when her play companion, her maid, rushed into the chamber. She was a very robust lady in her forties. Little Isabella ran over to the maid with her arms outstretched, but stopped a few feet away. Little Isabella was confused at the scared expression on the maid's face.

"Forgive me, my king, for barging in like this." The maid said hastily, catching her breath. Her hands were gripping tightly at her chest where her heart was beating heavily. "But I heard news that there are vampires here in the kingdom! At this very moment!"

"Vampires? Are you quite certain?" The King Capulet asked, rising up from his chair, with a worried expression.

"Aye, my lord!" The maid said, breaking down into tears.

Little Isabella tugged the edge of the maid's dress, wanting her to stop crying. She had no idea what horrors were happening in the kingdom at that moment. She was too naïve and young to comprehend the very concept of a vampire.

Suddenly, the bell from the watch tower rung, giving the alarm that something has trespassed into the kingdom, or was attacking… The tolls of the bell lurked in the room.

Hordes of vampires were in the castle, killing every mortal within its walls.

"Hurry! Take Isabella and flee with the lieutenant of the guard!" The king commanded instantly, taking little Isabella into his arms, and kissing her on her forehead.

He whispered into her ear, "My beautiful Bella. I'm afraid I must leave you for awhile, but you will be safe with your maid and the guard who will be there to protect you. I love you, my darling, Isabella…"

He gave Isabella into the arms of the maid. He called for Lieutenant Veracious, who stood watch in front of the chamber.

The guard Veracious entered the chamber and knelt down,

"My Lord, I heard a moment ago there are a large number of the immortals. The heavy rain makes it impossible to light a fire to burn the remains of them, so they continue to regenerate. They are overwhelming us greatly, and we are completely taken by surprise. I fear we don't have much time left till the come here. I know the King Montague is leading them. We must make haste!"

The king replied sternly,

"I want you to take Isabella and her maid and flee far from here! I will remain here. I will not abandon my kingdom. Your duty now to the kingdom is to protect the Princess Isabella."

"But, please, my lord! What will the kingdom do if their king is slaughtered!?" Veracious yelled, clutching the hilt of his sword, ready to fight to save the king until his death.

"I command you, Veracious, as your king, do as I wish." The king forcefully stated. His brow was furrowed with determination.

Veracious stared straight at the king, "Aye, my lord."

"Veracious, take this." The king said, undoing the sword from his belt and handing it to Veracious. "This is the Capulet sword. Let Isabella accept it when she comes of age, so she may take her birthright to rule the Capulet Kingdom when the time comes."

Veracious grabbed the sword from the king's hand and tied it in his belt.

"Come, we must take our leave quickly. There isn't much time to spare." Veracious announced to the maid, gesturing her to him.

The maid nodded her head and placed a cloak over her shoulders. She held Isabella tightly and headed with Veracious out of the chamber.

Isabella started crying when they crossed the threshold; she was reaching out for her father.

"Shhh, Isabella." The maid said softly. The wooden door then shut behind them.

The King stood still in front of the hearth. Ten minutes passed until the door was smashed open. Wooden fragments and splinters scattered the floor.

"I hope they will escape safely…" The king thought to himself.

There in the threshold of the door, stood Montague clad in midnight robes, the King of the immortals. Several other vampires walked into the room, his personal guard.

"Ah, King Capulet, How long has it been since we last met?" Montague asked with a devilish grin, walking gracefully into the room. His boots crunched the wooden splinters as he walked.

"Lo, King Montague, what brings you here to my kingdom at this hour?" King Capulet asked with venom in his voice. He was backing away from Montague.

King Montague made a clucking sound with his tongue, "Now, that isn't the way to treat a guest in your castle. Where are your manners, Capulet?"

Montague walked over to the hearth and stared into the embers. The flickering light cast a demonic shadow of Montague on the floor.

"My, this conversation is tiring." Montague sighed, kicking the doll lying on the floor into the hearth. Its woolen body caught fire, smoldering in the heat.

"I see that you've gotten old and your youthfulness left you, old man." Montague laughed. "Even though I'm your elder by four hundred years…My son is even older than you…"

"What do you want, Montague?" King Capulet asked.


In a heartbeat, Montague drew his sword and stabbed King Capulet in the chest. Montague was holding King Capulet with his sword.

Montague whispered to his ear, "Fare thee well, Capulet…"

"Damn…you…Montague…I swear you shall burn in Hell for all eternity…" King Capulet groaned. His breaths became short and laborious

Montague shoved the sword further into the king's chest. He then pried the sword from the chest in a swift motion.

King Capulet fell to the stone hard, dripping blood on the cold stone. A pool of blood surrounded him on the floor.

A rumble of thunder boomed in the room.

"Make sure no one leaves the castle alive. Capulet has an heiress, makes sure she dies." Montague said with no remorse in his voice, still staring at the dead King.

"Humans are so pathetic and frail." Montague sneered with disgust. He turned his heel away from the body and was walking to leave the chamber.

The vampires were eying the blood around King Capulet. Montague noticed their thirst and nodded his head. They swarmed around the body, like a pack of ravening vultures and began consuming the blood...

Montague took out a cloth to wipe his sword.

"The Kingdom of Mortals is now mine…" Montague laughed, "This was too easy."

"We shall never have hunger again…"

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