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Chapter Three

Town Center, Verona

Bella's P.O.V

I ran down the streets, my shoes pattering on the stones ground. The old gypsy crone frightened me; her milky eyes lingered in my mind along with her haunting crow laugh.

What she talked of made no sense to me at all. I didn't want to know either. I came back into the crowded part of town, searching for Angelica or Veracious, just some to be protected by. I was foolish for following that witch.

I stopped for a moment to catch my breath and to collect my thoughts. I wouldn't dare speak of what had just happened to anyone. I knew quite well I would be punished greatly for such an act. I was aware of my mistake, and I knew well not to repeat it again.

I glanced up to the sky, seeing the golden sun spilling into the blood red horizon. The sky was a magnificent crimson, which streamed across like rubies. It was a sign that a storm would come tonight. Red skies at night always meant a thunderstorm would come.

The dull roar of thunder rumbled off in the distance.

I jumped at the sound, my mind some how tuned in to a distant memory, or what it a dream? I couldn't tell.

The walls were stone…The thunder boomed off of them.

A fire? I could smell the smoke and charred material filling my nostrils.

I was being carried by someone… I felt like I was moving.

Loud voices yelled and screamed. I wanted to cry hearing their wailing.

Someone was whispering to me. It was so soft that I could barely understand, except for two words alone…Capulet & Montague.

The cry of laughter brought me back to my senses. I shook my head, and walked quickly into the crowd, attempting to forget the memory, or what I assumed was a memory. The sun continued to set while I walked away. It didn't need me to watch it for it to continue to drown under the hills.

Another rumble of thunder growled off in the distance.

Outside Verona's Town Walls

A group of three traveling men whispered loudly among themselves. They seemed like a pack of greedy wolves talking animatedly about a recent discovery.

"Did you see that lass in the town?" whispered one of the men, he was middle aged and had a scruffy mustache.

"Aye, that I did. Didn't she seem like a beauty?" answered the second man, he was more heavy set and had a well trimmed beard.

"That she was, but besides that, didn't she make you think of someone else?" asked the third man, who was scrawny and clean shaven. His nose reminisced of a crooked crow's

"I'm not sure what you speak of," replied the second man, his hand stroking his beard in thought.

"What year did the Kingdom of the Capulets fall, you old fool," said the third man.

"That was only sixteen years ago, I suppose," rejoined the first man, now keenly interested.

"Now, the princess was only how old that time?" asked the third man. He was increasingly looking more excited as each second passed.

"My guess she was just an infant, perhaps two years old. But we all know the Capulets all died off that night the Montagues stormed the kingdom, so why should this matter?" The first man answered, looking confused.

"Ah, how should we know if she truly died that night?" The second man chimed in, "She did have the chocolate brown locks and doe like eyes of Lady Capulet. She would be the right age, wouldn't she if she had lived to see sixteen years after the attack?"

The third man cleared his throat, "Men, I admit, when I first saw that lass I noticed her beauty and how she would fit quite nicely with the other concubine of the Montague Kingdom. I didn't see her resemblance to the Capulet's yet though. I noticed something quite peculiar first. What I observed was the man who came in front of me blocking that lass.

I must let it be known though, I did once work in the Capulet Kingdom. I was a close person to King Capulet; I was his trusted personal advisor. I, after all, led the vampires into the kingdom unbeknown, did I not?"

The man stopped to snort a small laugh and continued in a humorous tone, "That man, I know was once Lieutenant of the Guard under King Capulet. I recognized him full well, despite some years passing him. Now what would the Lieutenant of the Capulet's guard be doing protecting a young lass in the safe haven of a town Verona? Hmm? Shouldn't he have also perished that night in the kingdom with the rest of the Capulet guard and loyal servants? Wasn't it confirmed quite well that no one escaped alive? If he escaped alive, then the princess might have as well. I have no doubt in my mind that the lass is of Capulet blood."

The two other men sat in silence. The second man thumbed his beard in thought, while the first man stared in shock.

"What shall be do then? Take her to Montague?" posed the first man, with the same shocked expression.

"I'm quite sure we would receive a handsome reward in gratitude for retrieving the lost princess," added the second man.

"But, what if she's not the Capulet princess? Would we die by his blade? Have ye thought of that?" asked the first man, now realizing the risk.

"We will have to test her blood. The Capulet's have a distinct blood," responded the third man in confidence.

"Hmm. Let us take her there under the employment of a maid under the Montague's and see what may become of it. For if we are false, we shall surely die from just being an inconvenience to Montague…" spoke the second man.

"How shall we go about this scheme and receive a profit from it then?" asked the first man.

"We shall capture the lass and take her to the Montague kingdom, and then, we shall enlist her under the services as a maid to one of the Montague's. That is what we must do first, to have her confined and trapped in the kingdom. We shall get a profit from her, but not just yet. We must be certain of her identity prior to revealing her to King Montague," the third man spoke slowly, each word thought out.

"How may we be certain of her identity?" questioned the second man.

"Now, that won't be easy," cleared the third man's throat. "It's her blood that's the key, but I'm quite certain that Lieutenant Veracious, knowing the cunning fox as he is, had some witch place an enchantment to mask its scent and taste. That little trick has been performed countless of times in the past to protect the Capulet's whereabouts during their travels. This time would be no different, if not more powerful, because the lass has yet been discovered after all these years. I must find a way to unfasten it, because that is the only way of revealing her to Montague, and us receiving a hefty profit in our efforts."

A moment of silence drifted between the men.

"So, shall we follow this plan?" inquired the third man, a devilish grin tugging at the sides of his mouth.

"You better be damned certain she is the Capulet Princess, or it's your neck that will be hung," mumbled the first man.

"I am greatly certain, or why wouldn't I dare propose this? I've always dealt with things that are the best interest and are never faulty. You can not prove me wrong in that," the third man spoke.

"Aye, let us proceed," responded the men in unison.

A loud boom of thunder shook overhead of the men sealing the pact.

Later that evening…

Bella's P.O.V

It was dark out and the festival continued on with torches blazing away in the darkness. The festival became even more rowdy and lively now that the ale and wine were being drunk.

I could catch glimpses of lighting off in the distance, bringing in a roll of thunder.

I sighed in annoyance as I heard the girls around me whisper and giggle in excitement. I knew what they were whispering about. It was no secret. Every year in the evening all the young ladies would participate in playing 'catch the maiden'.

It was a silly game I thought. I was always forced to play it against my own will. The rules were quite simple. All the girls had to run away, while the boys tried to catch them. If a boy caught a girl, the boy had permission to kiss the girl.

I've made it my deepest objective not to get caught this year, like all the previous years.

However, there are girls who get caught on purpose because they are fond of a particular boy. I've never fancied any boy, and didn't expect to find one here. I already had my knight in shining armor drawn up all in my mind. I did not want some boy to sully it all up for me. I wanted my first kiss to be with my knight in shining armor.

"Now, let us play 'catch the maiden'! Come' on!" laughed the mistress of the leader of the town. She was a wild sort of woman despite her age. She had a reddish rust hair that was pulled up in a bun on top of her head. She was quite a muscular woman and big boned. No child dared to play any tricks on her.

All the girls began to giggle madly, while I remained in my annoyed disposition. I was about to attempt to pry myself away from the crowd when the mistress suddenly grabbed my arm with one of her beefy paw-like hands.

"Bella, look happier for goodness sakes!" commanded the mistress, pushing me out where the other girls were walking. I could smell the ale on her breath, and I cringed at the stench.

"Aren't I too old to play this children's game? I am eighteen years old," I questioned, wrinkling my nose in dissatisfaction.

"Oh, pish-posh! You aren't married yet! There are quite a few lads here who are your age! Wouldn't you like to be taken by one of them? I could very well find you a suitable lad," retorted the mistress.

My face burned bright red and instead of answering her question I walked where the other girls were gathering. The one thing I did not want was the mistress playing match-maker for me. Firstly, I would hate to discover the results. And second, I already had my knight in shining armor in my mind. I could wait my whole life for him, not even that, I was content with just the thought of him.

I crossed my arms and attempted to block out the other girls animated mood around me.

This was not my idea of amusement. My idea of amusement was to go out in the countryside and ride horseback, or swim in the lake, not this.

"Alright, lassies! You have a moment's start before the lads run after to steal a kiss from you! You may run!" yelled the mistress, her cheeks ruddy from the ale.

A scatter of girls flocked around, trying to find a place to hide. It was surprisingly amusing to watch all the girls run around like headless chickens.

I was the fastest due to the fact I had the strongest determination, and probably the most agile. I was cheating by stepping outside of the boundary limits and hide for the rest of this ridiculous game.

I could hear the boys holler in excitement and I could tell they began to chase some girls because of the girl's laughter.

I ran down the alley and stopped abruptly, knowing that I was safe at this distance away now that I was out of the boundaries. I could hear moderately the loud laughter and music.

I felt a raindrop fall on my face, and then another. I watched as I saw the rain drops falling on the ground, creating little splotches in the dirt. A crack of lighting flashed in the sky, illuminating everything so clearly as if it was day. The thunder soon replied to the lightening by a deafening boom. I actually preferred being in the storm than having to some boy kiss me.

I exhaled nosily and spoke to myself in relief, "At least I wasn't caught."

"No, ye' have," snorted a gruff voice in back of me.

I tried to turn around quickly, but everything just dissolved into darkness.

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