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Barbed Wire

Part I: Discoveries


Summer at Balamb was unbearable.

It shouldn't be half as hot as Esthar, but Esthar with all of its high-tech equipments and that huge protective barrier could get rid of the heat quite easily. Gotta give it to Laguna to run the city as smoothly as he did. But here at Balamb, all we students and teachers could do was to wear as little clothing as possible, which wasn't easy considering our uniforms were all long-sleeves and we're required to wear pants, not shorts, except for the females. Why did they get to walk around in those my-god-I-can-so-see-your-underwear mini-skirts, despite their obvious sexiness, while us men had to be stuck in this sticky, hot piece of crap?

I sighed and dried my hair with a towel. I had just finished training in the Training Center with a huge T-Rex. Is it just me or those T-Rexes are getting bigger and bigger and hurt more each time I fought them? I barely defeated it with Diablos and Alexander combined, whereas only Diablos would suffice before. Leveling up sure has its downsides.

I put on my pajamas and jumped into bed. I didn't dare leave the window open, even though I desperately needed the air. Only hot steam would soar in, not cool night air you would expect in Deling City. Now that's a good place to live in.

Call me biased. Hey, I spent most of my nineteen years there. There's gotta be a bond forming simply from that. I wandered around to Galbadia Garden sometimes, but my home didn't belong in Garden. If it did, wouldn't you think I'd be a SeeD already?

Suddenly I heard a groan coming from next door. Hah, Squall's getting it on with Rinoa again. Wait a minute, he couldn't be. Rinoa was in Deling City right now; she said her father called. Well, she didn't exactly use that term, but it's the same person, only different names. So who's Squall banging right now? From the sound of it, it seemed pretty good.

Actually, I wouldn't know. What's "good," I mean. Believe this or not, I'm still a virgin. Yeah, shocking, huh? Everyone here thinks I sleep with someone different every night. Yeah, right. So I flirt and hit on people like crazy. Hey, it's fun. But I had never touched a girl. Or guy, although I am pretty positive I travel down a straight road. It's usually guys giving me the eye, not the other way around. But try to tell these things to any of my friends and they'd laugh in your face. So I just quit after a while. The only person seemed to believe me a little was Quistis. But just a little.

Anyways, these walls at Garden were not very soundproof. When Rinoa first came here, I could hear them as clear as anything. It's annoying. People do want to sleep, you know? But after about three months or so, it stopped. Just suddenly Rinoa stopped coming to Squall's room. They still kissed and hugged and all that in the hallways, but no more night action. I didn't ask. Someone's private life is a dangerous ground to be walking on. Especially Squall's.

Another groan. Geez, I think I'd sleep better in the Training Center with Grats and T-Rexes roaring beside me. Maybe I should move my bed. Oh, wait, these beds were nailed on the floor. Dang it.

I was about to knock on the wall to silence them at least a little until I heard a new voice. My hand froze in mid air and my eyes widened. This voice was male, and it's not Squall's.

It's male and it's not Squall's.

I blinked. Huh. I sat up straighter and continued to listen. Maybe I could figure out who the other guy was by his voice. Dude, that sentence just sound so weird. Squall's gay?

Maybe that's why Rinoa stopped visiting him. The hallway display was just for show. He became headmaster now since Cid retired. He probably needed a normal image. And banging guys in the middle of the night is not quite normal for the average minds.

Me? I don't give. The world is a weird place and whatever he wanted to do is none of my business. Unless, of course, he's keeping me up and I really really wanted to go to sleep.

They're calling out each other's name now. Great. Please stop. It's not like there's nobody else besides me and them in this sector. Oh, wait, there was nobody else besides us in this sector. Squall, being headmaster, had his own sector. The only reason I was here was because I joined the Garden relatively late and they ran out of dorm rooms. They couldn't put me with the junior classmen. I didn't see nothing wrong with that, of course. But some rules said something about it. So I had to share the place with Squall.

And with whoever was banging Squall really good right now. I could hear everything so clearly, except for the person's name. Jesus, come on. At least I should know who was depriving me of my sleep!

I put my ears to the wall. I could hear the other person's voice as clear as anything now. But names, people, names! The voice was a rich baritone. Think. Who had a rich baritone like that here? I assumed it was someone from Garden because no civilians could get in at this hour. Or should.

Whoa. Hold on. I heard it.

I heard it very vaguely. But, but I was pretty sure that's it.

But . . . that's impossible. It couldn't be. Not him!

But . . . .

But . . . .

The name from Squall's lips was "Seifer".


"Oh God . . . Seifer . . ." I groaned. I didn't know how loud I was. I didn't care. The heat from his body and the surrounding atmosphere was driving me insane.

He kissed me hard on the lips. I struggled under him vainly; knowing him being both taller and heavier there's no way I could escape. And why would I want to? After all these years of tension between us, we finally figured out where it was coming from.

I had always seen Seifer as my ultimate rival. Within good reason, too, considering whenever we saw each other it always ended in fighting. Just look at my scar, and his. And the entire Ultimecia incident did not help much, either.

But after her defeat, everything changed.

I guess Time Compression forced back all of our memories. I could remember things back when I was five years old and living in the Orphanage with Matron. Sis would be watering the flowers in the garden and talking with Quistis. Zell and Selphie and Irvine would run around, playing chase or tag, and Zell would somehow trip and hit his head or scrap his knee. Then Matron would come and patch him up. Seifer would pick on him then, and I would always defend him. And there goes another fight.

We really hated each other back then. I mean, how much do you know about your sexuality when you were five? I always wanted to beat him, to surpass him, and he thought of the same thing of me.

When exactly did things start to change? I didn't know exactly before. GF erased my old memories and my old feelings. But after I got it back . . .

I really did thought I was in love with Rinoa. We seemed to be perfect for each other. I actually thought of proposing to her a few months after the defeat of Ultimecia. But then those feelings rushed back. Feeling acquired when I was in the early teens. Feelings that I no longer remembered I have, or thought I ever had.

I tried ignoring them for a couple of weeks. I thought they're just hormones running wild. Nothing more.

Wrong. Dead wrong in the center.

"You're gone again," Seifer's voice brought me back to the present. "How many times do you do that each day?"

I smiled at him. "I was thinking about you."

"Oh really?" His eyes danced mischievously. "What about me?"

"How you were so mean to Zell when we were little," I ran my fingers down his chest. "And how I hated you back then."

He pushed my hand away. "So what changed?"


A sudden seriousness crept into Seifer's eyes. Those beautiful eyes ranging from blue to green, I could get lost in there.

He sighed softly and pushed himself up, off of me. He started to walk toward the bathroom.

"Was it something I said?" I called after him.

"No," He replied. "It's too hot."

It indeed was. The bed cover was pretty much soaked with our sweat and other stuff. I felt icky just lying there. Unfortunately, I only had one clean sheet. I didn't know Seifer's casual visit would turn into this.

Seifer reemerged from the bathroom wiping himself with a towel. Another towel was draped on his shoulder. He threw it at me. "Clean up. You look like you've been attacked by a Blobra."

"And whose fault is that?" I wiped off my sweat while climbing off the bed to search for my pajamas. They were somewhere in this room, I was sure. I just needed to find it.

"Aha!" I exclaimed as I successfully retrieved my clothing. They were dry, thank goodness. I couldn't imagine wearing something wet to sleep. That bed alone was enough.

"You're not planning to sleep in that thing, are you?" Seifer asked me as he pulled on his pants. "It doesn't look too comfortable."

"What am I going to do about it?" I asked back.

"You can sleep in my room," That mischievous smile was on his face again.

"Right. And tomorrow morning all of Garden would know about us. Can't allow that to happen."

"And why not?"

"Because it can't." I said exasperatedly. I did not feel like explaining it to him again. He wouldn't understand anyways.

"Because you're scared of what people'll say?"

"Because some things are best left unknown." I stripped the cover off my bed and threw them in the corner. Laundry day would have to come a day sooner.

Without warning, Seifer grabbed both of my wrists, forced me to turn around to face him, and backed me up to the wall, hard.


I pushed his hands above his head so he couldn't resist or hit me. His face was full of surprise and he instinctively tried to break it off. No way he's backing out this time.

"That is bullshit," I told him clearly. "You're not gonna get away with that answer right now. Tell me the real reason why you want to keep this under. Because I am so fucking tired of hiding."

His blue-grey eyes burned into mine. Great, he's talking without talking again. It happened many times before. No wonder he thought I wouldn't understand. Would you be able to understand what someone's trying to say just by looking at his eyes? Short answers, maybe. But not long complicated explanations like the one he needed to offer me. And he needed to offer me it right now.

"Squall!" I exclaimed. I knew my hands were hurting his wrists, but he needed to talk. He had to talk. With his mouth.

"I . . . it . . . can't be helped." He managed.

"What can't be helped!" I was getting very angry. This was one of the few things we argue about now. But it got to me every, single, fucking, time.

"Seifer, I can't."

I growled. I felt like slapping him, but I didn't. Heh, maybe I did change like he said. I knew if this were three years ago, he'd be bleeding and bruised and lying on the floor. But he's fine and standing. And I still couldn't get crap from his mouth.

Did I change for better or worse, I don't know.

"Seifer, please . . . " his tone changed. Oh, shit, don't do that. Don't look at me with that look in your eyes. The half-begging half-hoping look. I can't stand it. I never had to stand it before because he never looked at me that way before. I always picked on him, and he always looked defiant and stubborn. Then we'd fight like hell. Then Quistis or someone had to break us up like hell. His eyes never carried that look at me. Ever.

Until a year ago.

Until I got my memories back. And he his. Every single piece of memory, whether I wanted to or not. Sometimes I still curse at that bitch Ultimecia and her damn Time Compression. Not because she brainwashed me, but because she gave everything back to me. Everything. Including . . .

Well, let's leave it at that. This year felt like heaven. Seriously. I never thought I'd feel this way about anyone. Or would ever feel this way, period. But, I did.

Squall was hesitant when I first found him. He had just been made Headmaster, and the pressure was still at its peak. He didn't want to get tangled in something so complicated yet. So he didn't. Plus, Rinoa was still his very close girlfriend. But after a while, I guess he finally accepted it and they distanced. They're still close to the untrained eye, but I knew better.

I should know better, damn it. I knew the exact date when they stopped sleeping together. And I remembered the exact hour when he called me into his room.

Now that's heaven.

Made me wonder what he saw in Rinoa in the first place. It always made me wonder, since he deserved better than that slut. Yes, slut. And I'm being generous at that term giving that she hadn't done anything to deserve the title "whore" yet.

I mean, come on! When I first met Rinoa, I thought she's wonderful, like any other young man would. She's delightful and sweet and energetic. And she got a nice body. What's not to love? Unfortunately, her attention-giving habit was like a constant thing, and not at one person, I'll tell you that.

I went to Timber's TV station and risked my head for her cause. It's a good cause, I admit. But I did that for her. Noble, huh? Well, then, a few days later, she thought I was dead. Actually, Squall told her I was not dead, but still, what did she do? Ran straight into my archenemy's arms. Literally. I mean, I deserve a little bit mourning time than that, don't I? Days?

So that pissed me off. Her flirting with others after her thing with Squall was not nonexistent, either. Irvine told me this when we're just talking about stuff. Yeah, I get along with all of them people pretty okay now. Anyway, her attempt to "scratch" Irvine to death was not what you call clean. He told me himself, and coming from a guy with a reputation like his, that's pretty bad. I've also noticed her behavior around Zell. Subtler, yes, but still noticeable. Just watch the way she put her hands behind her back, lower her chest to show off her pretty nice cleavage, and then attempt to have a conversation with Zell. Yeah, right, he's not that stupid. Nobody's that stupid.

Squall didn't say a word about all those. I know he knew, but chose to ignore it. I don't know what Rinoa's trying to accomplish. Did she plan to get inside the pants of all of us guys from the orphanage because she felt left out or what?

I tore myself away from these random thoughts and found myself facing those eyes again. Damn him. Damn him. Stop.

I felt my hands lightened up on his wrists. I wanted to kiss him so badly right now, for he looked so vulnerable. Squall looking vulnerable, since when? But since when did I become so softhearted?

My lips brushed lightly against his. Then I gave in and kissed him with full passion. After we were both rendered breathless, I let him go and turned toward the door.

"Seifer –" Squall started. But I raised my hand to silence him. I knew what he was going to say. I didn't need to hear it again.

I slowed my breathing down, then I picked up my nightshirt and walked out.


A door clicked somewhere down the hall. Then light footsteps followed. Who would be up at two o'clock in the morning?

My hearing had improved greatly these days. Probably because of Siren. She's junctioned to me all the time. We each had our designated GF's now, instead of switching between members. Mine were always going to be Siren, Leviathan, and Doomtrain. I like this combination. It's very well balanced. And the only side effects were positive ones like the improved hearing. Memory loss was no longer an issue. Time Compression altered many things, including the nature of GF's. How odd yet useful.

I waited until the footsteps passed my door before I opened a crack and peeked. It was Seifer. Coming from Squall's room, I guess.

Yes, I know many things that were going on in this Garden. I know the way Squall and Seifer's friendship were going that it's becoming more than friendship. Although they hid it well from the rest of the student body, it didn't go past me. From the heatless eyes of Squall whenever he was with Rinoa, and vice versa, I could tell she knows, too. Of course she knows. She's not naïve and Squall, being as self-conscious and guilt-ridden as he normally is, would have told her already.

Rinoa wouldn't care that much. She had given herself many other fresh opportunities around here. That I know, too.

I sighed slightly and went back to sit on my bed. I was having a severe case of insomnia. For what reason, I didn't know. My mind somehow wandered to the couples of our little orphanage group. Irvine and Selphie. Zell and his girlfriend, what was her name again? I could never remember. Then there's the complicated triangle between Squall, Seifer, and Rinoa. I hope they sort it out.

A sudden case of loneliness enveloped me. I was still alone. Yes, even though I always had the Trepies worshipping me like I'm some kind of goddess. How ridiculous. They admired my skills as a fighter and a few men admire my beauty. Ha, I know what I look like and it's nothing special to be pondered about.

And I also know there were plenty of other students who nonchalantly gave me the nickname "The Bitch from Hell." I knew my own reputations here, too, and not just the good ones.

Dr. Kadowaki had asked me to become her assistant in the infirmary. I agreed. I felt useless anyway after my demoting to SeeD from instructor. Now the Sorceress was gone, SeeD had really become the Elite Mercenary that we once put up as a cover. Dr. Kadowaki was going to retire soon, after the footsteps of Cid. I had a feeling the future doctor of Balamb Garden would be me.

That scared me more than anything else. Me, a doctor? I'm a warrior, not a caregiver. At least I did not think so.

I shivered despite the sweltering heat. Oh, I longed for an arm around me. Strong arms where I can hold on to and a chest where I could put my head. And feel safe.

I remember when Squall went to rescue Rinoa. It doesn't matter what happened to them now, but then, they loved each other. I still remember that single thought when Squall rushed in the Sorceress Memorial and broke the machine with his Lion Heart: I wonder if anyone would do this for me That was the only thought I had in my mind then. It's selfish, I know. I should be happy that they pulled through and everything was all right. I should be happy for them, but I couldn't.

I couldn't.

I felt so empty. Watching the two lovers fell in each other's arms, I could only feel the stinging and empty pain. Not because of my affections for Squall. But the sight and my vacant heart did not mix well.

I chuckled softly to myself. How could I even think of being a doctor? Doctors need a lot of emotional training, especially in a place like this. I couldn't even take the simple emotion of rejection. Rinoa would be better at this than I am. She took Squall's rejection exceptionally well. She had back-ups, perhaps, but still.

Such pain. Such pain.

I rubbed my pounding temples with my fingers. Insomnia could really mess you up. I needed a break. I couldn't handle being here, in the Garden, anymore. There wasn't much for me to do, considering Dr. Kadowaki was still here and SeeD missions decreased drastically after the return of peace. In an atmosphere like this, one tends to think too much.

Perhaps I should go visit Matron and Sis down at Centra. Oh, pardon me, they're known as Edea and Ellone by now, right? I could never change the habit of calling them as we called them when we're little. Those were the carefree days. I loved it. I longed to travel back in time, but, after Ultimecia time travel seemed to have lost its luster for all of us.


The ring of my videophone jolted me out of thought. I glanced at the address; it was from Deling Ciy. Who in the world would call me at way past two in the morning from Deling City? It's probably even later than that over there, considering the time zone change. I reached lazily over to the phone and switched it on.

It was Rinoa.

"Speak of the devil," I murmured under my breath. She couldn't hear me because I hadn't hit the "accept" button yet.

"Quistis?" She asked.


"I, uh, I have a problem."

And she decided to tell me at this hour? Ugh, why do I have to be so mean to her naturally? I forced my tone down to a pleasant scale and asked, "Okay, what is it?"

Rinoa nervously twitched her necklace. "My, uh, that man, um, no, actually, that woman, well, anyways, I need to talk to Squall."

"Then why don't you just call him in his room?" I frowned slightly. Squall had a videophone, too.

"I . . . can't." She was really stumbling. "I need to talk to someone about him, and then I can talk to him."

"About what?"

Then she told me something that I nearly fell off the bed.


"I need to marry him,"

I watched my words take its toll. Quistis' eyes were wide as saucers and she nearly tumbled down on the floor.

I didn't blame her. My own reaction was worse than this. When that woman told me, with that man, that I needed to marry Squall, I was screaming "What!" on the top of my lungs and backing away. They expected that reaction, so they weren't spooked at all and continued to talk in super steady voices. I needed to marry Squall.

Why? I asked them.

Why, isn't that what you always wanted, dear? That woman said to me in her false lovely tone. He is your true love and you like to marry him some day, right? Why not now?

They didn't know about us. I never told either of them about our, or our lack there of, emotions. Squall was gay. Period. He was in love with Seifer. Period. I was a decoy so the students at Balamb Garden wouldn't look at him funny and lose their respect for the headmaster. Period.

Nothing else.

I wasn't hurt as badly as I thought I would be, which was surprising. In fact, I found myself a new boyfriend only months after our break-up. Nobody knows him. He kept his mouth shut about everything, so I know I can trust him. Squall didn't even know he existed until I decided to tell him because, well, I should. His mind was too focused on Seifer.

I can't marry him. I don't love him anymore! I yelled at those two people. And neither does he!

That woman narrowed her eyes. She looked so evil when she does that. You have to marry him.


Because you have no choice.


Then she told me why. And I froze. I couldn't believe my ears. No way. No way!

No way! I exclaimed at her.

Yes. It's true. I know it's true. You have to marry him. Or else.

"M-Marry him?" Quistis' voice quivered. "Why all of a sudden you decided you need to marry him?"

"I didn't decide it! Those two people decided it!" I exclaimed. I was frustrated. And scared. Quistis didn't understand.

"Your father and your stepmother?"


"They don't know?"

I sighed. "I never told them anything. They couldn't take it. The reason they want me to marry Squall is so I can stay at Balamb and never return to Deling City. That woman hates me. I'm not a SeeD. So the only other choice was to become the Headmistress. Or they'll have to support my life when I get back here." This was true. But it's not the main reason.

"But, but you know Squall won't marry you, right?" Quistis's eyes were darting everywhere but at the computer screen. She was lost. Heck, I was lost myself.

"He has to, one way or another," my voice sounded steady and calm all of a sudden. This was it. News breaking time.

Quistis noticed the difference in my tone. She narrowed her eyes and stared at me. Then she seemed to realize something and stared at me in disbelief, but I knew she believed every part of it.

She's quite keen about everything. No wonder they called her the child prodigy.

"You're pregnant, aren't you?"

I nodded silently.

"You stepmother found out about it, didn't she?"


"It's not Squall's, right?"


"But you didn't tell them. And no one else knows. Does the father know?"

No. I didn't know until she told me.

"So they're forcing you to marry him. And you have no choice but to do that. Because if you don't, what'll happen?"

"They'll invade the Garden and punish Squall for getting me pregnant."

Quistis laughed ironically. "Wonderful. Wonderful. Have you considered telling them the truth?"

"I can't. They won't believe me. They don't know anything that's been going on for the past year. Nothing."

She sighed heavily. "Well, what do you want me to do now?"

"Can you come to Deling City soon? Bring Squall and the rest of our friends and we'll meet somewhere and then we can discuss the matter. Please?"

They were my last hope. I didn't know what to do.

"Who's the father?"

"Ryan Sullivan."

Quistis nodded slightly. "I know who he is. He seems to be very responsible. If he finds out, do you think he'll do anything irrational?"

"No, of course not." Not Ryan. I know Ryan. And he knows me.



"Okay, I'll see what I can do. Then I'll contact you."

"Thanks." A lot.

Quistis reached over and turned off the receiver. But right before the screen faded, her expression suddenly changed into shock. Her face turned toward the door as if listening to something. Then she bolted out the room.

What's going on?


The first thing I saw on my desk was a pile of letters. Kinda late for delivery, ain't it? The one on top was from Ma.

Ma? She didn't need to mail me nothing. I could just drop by whenever. I mean, it's Balamb. It's seriously not that far.

Then I looked at the letter closely. The handwriting didn't look like Ma's. But it was definitely from my house. Frickin' hell?

I tore the letter open. Ah, it's from Big Bad Rascal's Mom. What did he do this time? I betcha it's some big mess that I gotta fix again. That boy just couldn't stay out of trouble. And I was always the one who fix it. Me.

Kinda ironic, but hey.

I plopped down on a chair and started to read the letter. It's all written in red ink. Urgent, I guess.

Dear Zell:

This is Rascal's mom writing in place for your ma. Hurry and get here. She didn't listen to you and went to get the clover herself and got stung by a bite bug. I can't cure her. This seemed to be a very high level bug that requires some urgent magic. I don't know what to do and she's not in good shape. Help. NOW.



I scanned the letter twice before it dawned on me. Ma!

"Ma! NO!" I screamed loud and jumped up. Damn. Damn!

Why didn't she listen to me? Good God why? She needed the clover to mend my gloves. I told her I would get it myself! I told her! No, she gotta go by herself. Now look what happened.

I growled angrily and threw my fists around. I grabbed some stuff quickly and bolted out the door, slammed it behind me.

I know it's after Garden hours and I shouldn't go anywhere. I didn't care. I really didn't give a damn anymore. Ma's sick and I needed to get there.


"Zell!" Somebody's yelling behind me.

Sorry, I ain't gonna slow down. I must go straight home.

"Zell! Where are you going? What happened?" It was Quistis.

"I gotta go home!" I yelled back at her.

"Why?" She caught up with me. "What happened?"

"Ma got sick. I gotta go! Don't stop me!" I was halfway down the hall by now. Don't try to stop me. Please.

She didn't. Instead, she ran along side with me.

Oh, yeah, she's the doctor assistant now, huh? This counted as emergency, right?

"HEY!" Another shrill voice sounded far behind us. I think it's Selphie. Geez, my outburst must've pretty damn loud. Oh, well.

Couldn't care less now.


If I didn't wake up the whole school, she sure as hell did.

The door was right in front of us. I zoomed through the security bars and crashed out into the yard. Come on, faster!

"What happened?" Quistis asked me between breaths of air. She's still keeping up with me? Daw, girl.

"Ma got bitten by a nasty old Bite Bug," I answered.


Nothing more. We flew out the door and onto the road. Balamb, ten minutes away. I bettah make it in five or else.

The night was pretty quiet besides for one or two bugs buzzing around. Those damn bugs. I swear I'll kill every single one of them when I get the chance. Just ya wait.

There's the town. Man, my leg's gettin' tired. Come on, man, you can do it!

I felt like the streets blurred and then I crashed into my door. "Ma!" I yelled out and dashed to my room.

"Shhh! Zell!" Quistis warned me. Oh, yeah, Ma could be sleepin'. Oops. Where is she?

"Zell! Thank goodness you're here!" That's Big Bad Rascal's mom. I stepped in the room where her voice generated.

"Where's Ma?"

"Upstairs," She led me quickly toward my room.

"HEY! GUYS!" Selphie's voice shrilled downstairs. How did she get here so quick?

"Up here! Shhh, Selphie!" Quistis called down there. I looked at the person lying on the bed, and stumbled backwards.

Ma looked horrible.

Her skin was so poisoned it looked blue. Sweat dropped off her forehead. There was a huge bruise on her left arm, probably where the damn bug bit her. She was twisting and turning. Her body was feverishly hot.

Good God help me.

"Ma?" I knelt down beside her. I used Esuna magic and a couple of Remedies. No change at all.

"I tried all the store-bought drugs. None worked. What is going on?" Rascal's mom asked worriedly.

"Mega mega bummer," Selphie exclaimed. "This doesn't look good."

No shit. What was I supposed to do? I felt something hot rolling in my eyes. Then it fell off my cheeks. Jesus, can't cry. I can't cry.

Quistis knelt beside me. She took out a bottle of Elixir and tried it on Ma.


Damn it all!

Damn it all!