"You can't defeat me! I am eternal!" Malefor, the Dark Master, roared. He opened his jaws wide and unleashed a wave of Convexity at the two young dragons before him.

Spyro and Cynder retaliated using their own power. The two opposing sides grappled for power. The younger dragons were already exhausted from constant battling over the past several days. Cynder began to fall back, beating her wings frantically to keep up with Spyro.

"Just...hang...on!" Spyro cried, trying to fight back as much as possible.

Hearing his fatigued voice gave Cynder the extra push she needed. She forced more energy out and Malefor's eyes grew wide. The young dragons knocked the dark master out of the air and sent the massive dragons bouncing across a crystalline surface.

Malefor shook the stars from his head and rolled onto his feet. No one had been able to match his power up until then. He leered at the young dragons with killing intent. Spyro and Cynder braced themselves for the attack.

Suddenly the ghostly figures of the guardians rose from the crystal. Malefor looked around in surprise. "What is this?" He demanded. Spyro and Cynder glanced at each other. Neither had any explanation for the other.

The guardians dove towards Malefor. The Dark Master felt himself sink into the crystal. "Noooo!" He bellowed. He tried to claw himself free but to no avail. Spyro and Cynder watched as he disappeared from their view and into the crystal. The surface shuddered and the crystal began to break apart.

Spyro and Cynder landed on the last remaining ground of their dying planet. They gasped heavily and Cynder staggered over to Spyro. "Spyro...I'm sorry." She shook her head sadly, tears nearly ready to spill at any given moment. "I'm so sorry."

Spyro smiled at her, though the feeling wasn't fully there. "Don't be. It's over now." All around them, the planet was disintegrating in large chunks.

Cynder looked around. "So this is it?"

Spyro sighed and closed his eyes. He began to concentrate as he heard Ignitus's voice speak to him.

"Spyro. When a dragon dies, he does not truly leave this world. His spirit lives on. Binding itself with nature. Offering hope, for the future."

Spyro's eyes snapped open. He turned to Cynder, know this may be the last chance she would have to get out alive. "I know what I need to do. Just get out of here Cynder."

"Spyro no!" Cynder protested desperately. "You don't have to do anything!" She shook her head, pleading for him not to do what she thought he was planning. "Let's just go."

"Where Cynder?" Spyro thrust his head around. "There'll be nothing left! The world is breaking apart. But I think that I can stop it." He sighed as he came to terms with his destiny. "I think I'm meant to."

Cynder stared into his purple eyes. She sighed and smiled to herself. This was the reason she admired Spyro the most. He was never willing to give up without trying.

"Then I'm with you." She nodded, determined to stay by his side.

Spyro's eyes widened as he saw how she stared at him. He closed his eyes for perhaps the last time and spread his wings wide. He felt his power flow freely for perhaps the first time ever.

Cynder smiled at him and a single tear rolled down her cheek. Spyro, as tired and worn out as he was, looked like he was completely at peace with himself. The dragoness suddenly felt at peace with herself. She may not have another opportunity in a matter of moments.

"I love you." She whispered.

Spyro's energy flowed from his body at a rapid pace. The purple aura spread outward and formed a barrier around the broken chunks of the planet. The masses of land stopped where they were and began to draw back in towards the two dragons. As their planet began to reform itself, Cynder found the area around her and Spyro closing in. She sighed and moved closer to him, but was careful enough not to break his concentration. There was a loud crack and the crystal Malefor had been sealed in broke apart. Cynder watched as the shards were expelled from the planet, never allowing the Dark Master to be revived, ever again.

The black dragoness sighed easily as the planet soon became whole again. The only remaining light was coming from Spyro's body, but even that was beginning to fade. Cynder moved closer to Spyro and curled up at his feet and let the darkness take over.

"Cynder." The black dragoness twitched her eyelids. "Cynder, wake up."

"Spyro?" Cynder mumbled in her sleep. "Spyro, is that you?"

"It's me Cynder. Open your eyes." Cynder blinked. Her vision was blurred and it took several minutes for it to clear up. She looked up into the smiling face of Spyro the dragon.

"Spyro?" She raised her head and looked around. They sat in the middle of a grassy field surrounded by wild flowers and puffy, white clouds overhead. "What's going on? Are we dead?"

Spyro laughed. "No Cynder, we're not dead." The dragon looked at him curiously. She had just woken up and already her head felt like it was about to explode. "You're fine. Trust me." Spyro nuzzled her slightly. "Everything is just fine."

18 Months Later

Ember sighed as she lay against Flame's chest. The young guardian sighed happily and his heart began to beat faster.

Ember chuckled to herself. "You're comfy." She nuzzled his chest with her cheek before turning back to gaze up at the night sky.

"And you're still beautiful." Flame leaned down and gave her a kiss on the muzzle. Ember giggled childishly and blushed. The two dragons took in the sky above them. The stars were clear and shining like millions of gems in the blackness.

"Look!" Ember pointed a talon as a star shot across the night sky. "Quick! Make a wish!" She urged Flame. The fire breather twisted his mouth as he thought quickly. He could only think of one thing and he closed his eyes as he whispered it in his mind. Flame opened his eyes to see Ember looking at him. "Did you make a wish?" She asked excitedly.

"Sure did." Flame nodded.


"It's come true so far." Flame smirked and bumped her nose with his.

"You're so sweet." Ember rolled over on top of him. "I'm sorry I didn't notice you before."

Flame shook his head. "All I care about is that I have you now." Flame stroked her cheek. "And that's all I ever want."

"Even more than being guardian?"

"Being what?' Flame chuckled. "I'm sorry I was too busy noticing how stunning you look under the starts."

Ember smiled. "I love you Flame." She leaned in and pressed her lips to his. The two dragons enjoyed the feeling until Ember broke away. She rolled off of Flame and snuggled close to him.

"I think it's your turn." Flame thrust his head towards the sky as another star shot across the darkness. Ember closed her eyes and began to think. She had just made up her mind when Flame spoke. "Wow!" The pink dragoness opened her eyes to see another star go flying by; then another, and another.

"Amazing!" Ember gasped as the stars flew by. As they watched the show, the stars began to glow with purple light.

"Now there's something you don't see every day." Flame raised his brows.

"I'll say." Ember nodded. They continued watching in silence then Ember squinted up into the darkness. "Flame?"


"Does that one look like it's getting closer?" Ember got to her feet, still squinting into the distance.

"I dunno." Flame got up beside her and followed her eyes. Over the distant mountains came a faint purple glow. The dark sky began to reflect the color as the meteorite drew closer. The ground began to shake and the air grew hot.


"I know." He nodded. "We should probably move. That one's probably going to land close by." The guardian spread his wings and took to the air with Ember close behind him. They hadn't been flying five minutes when the star shot over their heads.

"Holy crap!" Ember shrieked and ran into Flame. The two dragons watched as the meteorite smashed through a mountain in the distance with a brilliant purple flash. After a brief moment the shock wave hit Flame and Ember, sending the two tumbling head over heals through the air. Flame leveled out and caught Ember.

"Well that just killed the mood." Flame snorted smoke from his nostrils.

"Yeah." Ember nodded. "Nothing kills a romantic moment like a falling star falling too close to you."

"You think we should check it out?" Flame looked at her as he let her go.

Ember scrunched her mouth up. "I don't think so. I'd rather just get some sleep. We head home in two days. And we still have one more village to visit."

"Fair enough." Flame shrugged, somewhat disappointed. He knew his guardian duties came first. "It'll be good to see Spyro and Cynder again."

"Then what do you say we find some place nice and quiet to bed down for the night." Ember put on her flirtatious smile. She let her talons run along Flame's spine as she flew past him, causing him to shiver.

"Hey! I thought you said you weren't in the mood!" Flame called after her.

"I never said that." Ember giggled over her shoulder. "You did!"

"What!" Flame took off after her. "Get back here you little minx!" Ember squealed and increased her pace. The last noise was the sound of the two dragons laughing in the distance.