I was lying on the floor, and I faintly heard him sobbing, but I knew tears would never fall from his forever-dry eyes. I drifted off, and the next thing I heard was the whooshing of a breeze by me. Edward had left. I wanted to tell him to stop and tell him to come back, but I couldn't.

Alice's voice was right next to my ear, and she said, "Bella, I know you can hear me, I saw it. I'm going to change you, because you're almost dead. Edward drank more than half of your blood, but Jasper gave him a more than healthy dose of self-loathing than he already had. He thinks you're dead, Bella. I'm going to change you now, Bella. This will hurt, but if I don't do it, you'll die."

With that, I felt a very sharp pain in my neck, and there was warmth. It seemed so real, as it got hotter and hotter. It felt like I had just laid down on a large grill, and I was being seared and scorched to a crisp. The flames coursed through my body, and I was burning. I'm sure that I was screaming, but it hurt so much.

Time went on, and, second by second, I began hearing more clearly. I opened my eyes and remembered that Alice had changed me. I also realized that Edward had left me. I was angry, hurt, betrayed. It was all Alice's fault. She changed me instead of letting me die. I would not think of my plan until the perfect moment, so she wouldn't be able to see.

The perfect moment came when I was hunting for the first time. With Alice. We were running side-by-side, and I just leapt at her before she even had the chance to see it coming. I tore her apart, limb from limb, and then took out my matches and set her on fire. I sighed happily as I saw her burn, knowing she would never interfere with anything again.

I ran silently back to the Cullen house. Jasper met me at the door, and a crash of different emotions hit me. Relief, lust, happiness, lust, boredom, lust, oh-my-freaking-god-Jasper-is-so-hot, lust for Jasper… you get the idea.

Jasper said to me, "Finally! That controlling, bitchy, shopping fanatic is gone! Thank you, Bella. You just did what I've been trying to do for the past ten years. Thanks!" The smile that spread across his face was unmistakably gorgeous, twice if not even ten times sexier than Edward's lopsided grin. My breath caught, even though I didn't need it anymore.

I knew in my heart that I had never loved Edward. I had always been around for Jasper. And I knew that Jasper had never loved Alice. Jasper and I always were meant for each other, and thanks to him, I was a wonderful actress, so it seemed like I loved Edward. It had been killing us both, but now we could be happy together. Almost.

There was still the tiny problem of Edward looming over our heads, and we would never know if he'd return or not, and if he did, when he would come back.

As if Jasper were reading my mind, like Edward could never do, he said, "Edward…" I sighed, and replied, "I know. We have to kill him. Do you know where he ran off to?"

"He was headed to Vegas… Did you know that he cheated on you with Alice? Alice also played around with Rosalie, but that's another story, and we can't let Emmett find out."

"Find out what?" Emmett asked as he came bounding into the room. I hastily replied, "I murdered Alice, and we're going to kill Edward." I tried to make it seem like that was what he wasn't supposed to find that out, and I guess it worked. He gaped at me, and then said, "I want to help kill Edward! He's such a dick. I always hated him and Alice, and yes, I do know that she cheated with Edward and had her fun with Rose too. It's okay. I was in on it also, if you know what I mean." He grinned.

We made our game plan, did some research and found out that Edward was working at the Pyramid Hotel and Casino in Vegas on the Strip under the name of Masen Collins, and we got fake ID's for each of us.

Killing Edward Cullen… HOORAY!!!