Behind A Pair of Cold Dark Eyes By: JDLuvaSQEE

Disclaimer: Don't own OUATIM or Agent Sheldon Jeffrey Sands, so, PLEASE DON'T SUE ME 'CAUSE I'M BROKE!!!!! A/N: One-shot. I've always wondered about Sands' childhood and why the hell he never genuinely smiles happily. Warnings: violence, death, and, duh, cursing is gonna be in here (well, duh, it's Sands), so, you no like, you no read; Simple as that. Savvy? Rating: T (see warnings above) Genre: Tragedy/Hurt/Angst

Crouching behind the couch in fear, four year old Sheldon Jeffrey Sands stares in horror at what he has just seen: his abusive drunkard father, Nathanial, stabbed his beloved mother, Cassandra, to death. Sweet and innocent little Sheldon's dark chestnut brown terror-filled eyes filled up with tears at the terrible loss of his mother. He slid back down behind the couch again, but his father spotted him before he could hide. His father grabbed him roughly by his dark brown hair. Sheldon screams in terror. His father bashed his head against the wall yelling, "You bastard child!!!!!! We didn't even want you!!!!!" "Mommy DID want me!!!!" Little Sheldon replied, tears streaming down his cheeks. His father slapped him hard across the face, then, continued bashing Sheldon's head into the wall. Little Sheldon was thrown across the room and slammed hard into the wall. "Boys don't cry!!! What are you, a girl!!??!!" "I'm just sensitive." Sheldon whimpered. "STOP CRYING YOU GODDAMN SISSY!!!!!!!!!!!" Nathanial shouted at his son. Sheldon did NOT like being called a sissy. "HEY, I AM NOT A SISSY, YOU FUCKMOOK!!!!!!!!!!" Sheldon retorted angrily at his father. Unfortunately, this got little Sheldon many more beatings from his abusive drunkard father that night.

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