A/N- Stop. Do not pass 'Go'. Do not collect $200. ;)

I have so many people to thank.

First off, RosalieHale38- you helped me bring Dr. Emily Beeland to life. StantonDemitriCullen- for your many…optimistic and sometimes…threatening reviews.

Twilightlover1918-for being there in real life; thanks Emmett.

Tommy's My 21- for hounding me to hurry my lazy butt up. ;) Thanks.

silly livy loves twilight- for being so…there for me.

xxScarletteCullenxx- for being a lovely constant for me.

Elven at Heart- for your sweet enthusiasm.

BellaMarie310- for telling me that my writing doesn't suck, and for your smileys. :)

And to anyone else who read and reviewed! To LEAH TWI-FAN: contact me through a pm and I'll be happy to help you.

I will make all of you a deal: if I get over 1000 views by tomorrow and/or over 50 reviews, I will post TWO chapters of the sequel on Monday- give me a break, tomorrow's Easter. But, I will put ONE up tomorrow, just because I love you all so much. The title will be 'All Grown Up'.

Thank you for making Love Is A Funny Thing such a success- I hope that the sequel will be even more popular. (trying to beat 127 favs, and 130 alerts.)