Season 2, Episode 26: "Twin" (alternate ending)

Fi's blood ran cold as the door slammed shut in front of her. She took a few steps forward and jiggled the handle; the door wasn't budging. She heard her aunt's voice on the other side, frantic.

"Fi? Fiona!" Now feeling a chill all over her entire body, Fi tried harder to open the door, unable to shake the feeling that something was coming. In a futile gesture, she pounded the steel with her fist, but froze when she saw the brick wall next to the door cracking open to reveal an otherworldly light.

Suddenly, the wall gave way to reveal three black robed, faceless wraiths. She gave a cry as she felt pure, unadulterated fear flooding her veins. The beings before her were the very essence of evil. She turned and ran; she needed to get as far away as she could. She stopped when she reached the edge and turned around to see the wraiths closing in.

"Who are you!? And why are you doing this!?" she screamed, but threw up her arms to protect her face as they flew at her. She felt an immense force and was lifted off of her feet, tumbling over the edge. It was her last second instinct that saved her; she grabbed the ledge and held on, realizing that she was hanging off of the top of the building. The scream she gave shattered the air.


As soon as she finished singing the line before the guitar solo, Molly swung her head up and felt an overwhelming sense of fear as, somehow, she knew her premonition was coming true, just like it had the night Rick had left.


Fi started to panic as she hung by her fingertips from the stone ledge.

"Help! I'm gonna fall!" she called, trying to gain a foothold on the smooth stone. Somewhere below her, she heard her aunt calling out, along with…Jack?

"No…" she said between breaths, feeling her fingers slipping. A series of startled screams escaped her mouth as she slipped more and more until she fell.

Her heart stopped in the same moment she did.

She looked up to see a hand grabbing hers; one that belonged to a spirit who was becoming solid. It was…

…her father.

"Daddy?" She said, almost overtaken by the relief she was feeling. Her father's hand pulled her up until she was standing in front of him. She couldn't believe it; after all this time searching, here he was. He faded into a more spectral form as he stood in front of her.

"Is it really you?" she asked.

"Yes, baby, it's me," he said. Overcome, she stepped forward to hug her father, but stopped when she realized that she was passing through him.

"Daddy, what's happening?" she asked, taking a few deep breaths.

"There are forces on my side that are jealous of the living. That was one of them. They can't hurt you; not with me protecting you. That's what dads do, right?" he asked, smiling slightly. They both whirled to look at the brick wall, which exploded outward with the same ethereal light as before.

Time seemed to stop as she felt the evil again, but this time, she knew it wasn't coming for her.

The wraiths exploded out of the void, flying through the air to swoop down on Rick. He was hit, knocked over the roof as she had been. In the seconds that he fell, she saw her father reach out to her.

"Fiona! I love you!" he said, and she dived toward the edge of the roof. He vanished, and the wraiths went back into the wall, burning a message into the brick as they left. She stepped forward to read the text, and balled her fist when she saw that it was in her father's code.

"Next time, it's you," she read aloud, and the text vanished as Rachel and Jack burst onto the roof.

"Fi!" Jack said, running over to his sister with his aunt in close second.

"Fiona! What happened?" Rachel asked, but Fi turned to her brother. She took a few steps forward and threw her arms around him, weeping. He was surprised, but he put his arms around her as well.


"Hey, Molly, that was a great performance and a great interview!" Molly sighed; the overeager producer she'd had to work with was throwing false praise her way again.

"Not now. I have to go find my daughter," she said, throwing her coat on. Ever since she'd "seen" Fi go off the roof, she couldn't shake the feeling that something bad had happened and she'd been stuck in some studio singing. She'd never forgive herself if something happened to Fi.

"Irene! Have you seen Jack?" she said, running over to the blond woman.

"No, why?" Irene replied, looking at Molly.

"Did he take the cell phone with him?" Molly asked, anxious to find out where her son was.

"I think so," Irene said, nodding thoughtfully. Immediately, Molly looked around and saw a payphone. After fumbling with change, she dialed the number.

"Hello, Jack? Where are you?"


Molly pushed open the door to the roof where Jack said he was to find her sister-in-law, son, and daughter, all standing there.

"Jack, what happened?" she asked, and Fi pulled away from her brother to embrace her mother.

"Mommy…I saw Daddy," she whispered, feeling her mother reluctantly returning her embrace.

"You what?" Molly asked, holding her daughter.

"I saw Daddy," Fi answered.


Fi lay in her room, watching the night go by as the bus sped back to Hope Springs. She'd been so close to finally talking to her father, but he'd been taken away from her…again. Bricriu had been right; those spirits had been involved in her father's death, but she knew that they had almost gotten her as well.

Her father had been onto something, and she was afraid of what he'd found. If it had cost him his life, maybe it wasn't worth it.

She couldn't let it rest, though; they had taken her father from her, and she needed to know why. If it took the rest of her life, she'd find out.


Molly sat awake on a bench in the front of the bus, thinking about what Fi had said to her. She had seen Rick…so had Rick been the one to pull her up? She tried to recall her vision, and she knew that she had felt a wave of relief and seen Fiona being pulled to safety, and it was entirely possible that Rick had saved her.

Then again, with all of the weird things that had been happening, plus what she knew about the things Rick used to investigate, it wasn't outside the realm of possibility. The last two years had been…interesting, to say the least, and she'd seen some things that defied reality. She had been so worried when Fi had first started investigating paranormal things, and now that she was having visions again, it almost felt like she was in danger of losing her daughter as well. She let out a sigh and picked up her cell phone, dialing a number. She heard a few tones, and then the other end picked up.


"Hello, Ma. I think we need to talk," Molly said.