Lesson One: Humility

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A/N- This picks up right after Selfish Behavior but it is not a necessary to read that first, suggested, but not necessary.

I chewed on the pen. I threw the pen. I tapped the pen on the desk. NOTHING helped.

How did you write a letter like this? Dear Jacob, I did not mean anything by kissing you.


Edward, in my opinion, was taking this dominant side to unnecessary level. He had instructed me to write a letter of apology to Jacob.

Part of me understood his command, but then other part was shocked. Edward, the proud vampire wanted me to apologize to his mortal enemy?

I really should not have said it out loud at the time

"Humility, Bella," he growled, only inches away from my face. "Learn that lesson well."

His answer had shut me up, at least on the outside. It did not silence my internal battle.

As my pen scratched across the paper, which was no just looking like a doodle pad, I was contemplating what words would hurt Jacob less. How I could let him down easily? Was that even possible? Everyone was well aware of the fact that Jacob loved me; it was not an emotion he hid well. Since I had toyed with that powerful emotion, the least I owed him was an apology. To Edward, walking up and saying 'I'm sorry,' was not good enough.

Dear Jacob,

I am sorry I kissed you. I hope your family is well and I hope that you are well.


I presented this to Edward. He chuckled… right before he shredded my handiwork in his hands and tossed it in the nearby wastebasket. I felt like a child and Edward had just thrown away my favorite toy, I stared longingly at the trash can for a few seconds.

"Humility, Isabella," he repeated, though his tone was less of the growling type. "Try again."

Humility? I wanted to humiliate him. I spent all morning writing those 22 words.

I did not dare argue with him, just went back to the desk… fuming.

What exactly did he want, other then humility? Was it not humbling enough that I had to apologize? In Edward's opinion it was not.

So, in my best handwriting, I began again. I could easily put in some fancy words to appease the beast.

Dear Jacob,

I apologize for involving you in my problems. It was not appropriate behavior, and I assure you that I have dealt with and such actions will be avoided in the future.


Actually, it sounded like something I would write without being prompted. An accomplished smile on my face, I approached Edward.

Crestfallen, I returned to my seat, the letter in the bin like the last one.

I felt tears forming behind my eyes. I did not know what was being asked of me. I had no idea what to write for Edward. Why it even mattered? Jacob would forgive me even if I did not apologize. Jacob always forgave me.

"Bella," I felt his breath on the back of my neck, and I almost jumped.

"Y-yes." I stuttered. I really did not want him to know that I was upset.

Great try, Bella. A three year old would know.

"Put yourself in your friend's shoes," Edward explained, fingers touching me tenderly on my neck. They massaged the area with the most tension. "This isn't about your feelings anymore, it is about his. Your feelings have been dealt with accordingly. His have not. If you were him, what would you like to hear?"

His words changed my perspective on the task. Of course Jacob would forgive me with or without an apology, but that does not change the fact I had hurt him. I could never take that back, but I could attempt to ease the pain.

Much to my disappointment, Edward stopped massaging my neck. It was time to go back to reality.

"Oh, and Bella," he paused at the doorway. I did not turn to look at him. "If you bring me another letter like the first two, you will be writing it naked until you produce the desired product. Hopefully that will help you focus."

Focus! My ass! But I tried again.

He had not been joking. When I brought him my third attempt, I watched his brown furrow. Luckily, we were downstairs in the Cullen's kitchen. Grasping me by the upper arm, we moved swiftly back up to his bedroom. I knew what was about to happen.

Edward promptly closed the door behind us. "Strip."

I know I squeaked at him, expecting the command, but still shocked.

"Now Bella."

Trembling, my fingers shot to the hem of my sweater. I did not wear sweaters normally, but Alice had bought this one for me and it was a midnight blue that I could not pass up. Pulling it over my head, I held it in my hands for a few seconds, unsure of what to do with it.

"Toss it on the bed," Edward instructed to my relief. I could not have folded it if I wanted too.

My pants soon followed and HE removed undergarments, making me step out of my underwear like a little girl.

For some reason, I felt warmth between my legs, but I tried my best to ignore it.

"Now," Edward said. He smirked at my hipster panties in his hand then tucked them into his pocket. I thought I must just die. "Maybe you can concentrate on the lesson at hand."

Biting my lip, I obeyed him. Turning towards the desk (probably giving him the view of his life), I sat down. The chair was cold and it stuck to my naked skin, not to mention the hardness was not accommodating to my recently tormented backside.

This time I had to concentrate on what Edward wanted me to learn and I picked up the pen. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath. I knew what he wanted me to write, but I really did not want to write it.

Dear Jacob,

Friend's should not hurt one another. Usually an act that hurts another person involves an act of selfish behavior. In this case, I was the one behaving selfishly. I abused our friendship in a way that was confusing and hurtful. I did not kiss you because I loved you, and I should have never led you to believe that. Do not take this wrong, I love you. Just not in a way that warrants that kind of kiss. Jacob, because I love you, Please accept my apology. I know you are hurt and this might be hard, but I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me and tell me what I can do to make it right again.


Isabella Swan

It took me almost four hours to write, scribble, and then rewrite. Staring at the page, I hoped and prayed that it met to my owner's expectations, because I did not want to face his in creative nature further.

I waited for what seemed like an eternity for him to come back upstairs Not daring enough to put on my clothes to go find him, I decided to wrap myself in a blanket and rest on the bed. Sleep overtook me almost instantly.


Edward's gentle touch awoke me, what I could only assume was hours later.

"Humility," he whispered compassionately. "Is the act of humbling ones self. Putting another's feelings before you own, being willing to do anything for that person, regardless of the problems that it might cause you. Do you understand?"

Nodding, I remained silent.

"I expect you to do that, to make it right to your friend again," he told me, fingers stroking my hair. "Even if he is a disgusting canine."

I reached up to squeeze his hand. I could hear his smile in the dark. I loved that smile, and I told him. "I love you."

"I love you too, Ms. Swan." Large fingers peeled the blanket away from my body. "Now… since you're already naked and ready for me."

He dove forward into a kiss before I could object, and we spent the rest of the night in his bedroom. I forgot about my underwear that had been in his pocket.