Choosing My Own Way of Life

This takes place at the beginning of season 3. Everything happened, except Chris and Lorelai never slept together at the end of season 2. Chris and Sherry did break up, and she was never pregnant. Anything else will be explained throughout the story.

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Ch.1 – Back to Chilton

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Beep, beep, beep….

Rory Gilmore groaned as she heard the annoying persistent sounds of her alarm clock. It was the first day of her senior year at Chilton, a day she had been thinking about since she was 4 years old. She slowly got out of bed and pushed back her hair that had come out of her ponytail sometime during the night. When she got to the kitchen she saw her mother Lorelai sitting at the table with a cup of coffee and a strawberry pop tart.

"Good morning sweetie" Lorelai said, sounding a little too perky for Rory's liking.

"Morning mom"

"Well isn't someone grumpy this morning, here I thought you would be excited for your last day at the hell hole you call Chilton" Lorelai replied, while standing up to refill her coffee cup.

"Well I'm defiantly excited that I'm finally a senior, but I'm not ready for summer to end. It's not fair, Logan doesn't have start school until next week." Rory told her, smiling at the thought of her newest friend.

" Ahh yes, I suppose Logan and his friends still have another week of summer to drink and party" Lorelai said, her voice filled with animosity.

Rory rolled her eyes and headed off to the bathroom to shower and get ready for school. She started reminiscing about the past few months and everything that had transpired.

It had been a very interesting summer to say the least. After kissing Jess at Sookie's wedding, he and Rory decided that they were much better off as friends. Dean wasn't too pleased, and after weeks of hearing Rory and Jess discuss bands, books, and authors that Dean couldn't even pronounced, he broke up with her. At first Rory was heartbroken and tried to change his mind, but she quickly realized that it was for the best. Dean would never be the great love of her life, they were too different. And besides she had a whole summer in Washington to look forward too.

Washington was defiantly a once in a lifetime experience. Rory spent the first week or so attending seminars, lectures, debates and classes. Her mother called her at least 5 times a day telling her repeatedly that it wasn't too late to make things right with Dean. She was having a harder time letting go than Rory was. It had been fate when she literally ran straight into Logan Huntzberger while leaving a coffee shop just down the street from the hotel. She spilt her coffee on the street and Logan had offered to buy her a new one. Logan was in town with his father working at a newspaper that he had recently acquired. Rory and Logan started hanging out whenever Rory wasn't busy with the leadership conference. Logan and his two best friends Colin McCrae and Finn Morgan showed Rory an entire other world of bars, and night clubs and just letting loose and having fun. Throughout her time in Washington Rory had changed. She was no longer an innocent, naïve bookworm, but rather started to act like a teenager going to parties, and drinking and having fun. At one of the parties Rory and Logan got wasted and ended up sleeping together. It wasn't exactly how Rory had pictured her first time, but she didn't regret it either. Logan had become one of her best friends and she trusted him completely. They slept together quite a few more times in Washington and summed it up as a summer fling when they returned back to Connecticut. Lorelai, of course, noticed the changes immediately and didn't bother to hide her disapproval over Rory's new attitude, friends, and clothes. She was quick to blame Logan's influence over the change in her daughter. The once perfect relationship between mother and daughter quickly deteriorated. Lorelai just couldn't accept Rory's new life, and how easily she fit into the world that she ran away from, and Rory didn't feel that she was doing anything wrong. Rory had only been home for a few weeks when her father, Christopher Hayden, came for a visit. Apparently his great uncle had passed away recently and had left his entire fortune to Chris and Rory. After days of consideration Rory decided to accept the money that had been left to her, this angered her mother even more.

Rory walked back into the kitchen dressed in her uniform with her hair in slight waves and a light layer of makeup on her face.

"So I should be home by dinnertime. Paris couldn't wait until at least the second day of school to have our first student council meeting" Rory told her mother while grabbing her backpack and new Gucci sunglasses.

"Paris, you gotta love her" her mother said laughing

"Yeah, well… how about we meet at Luke's at 6, and I can fill you in on the first student council meeting with President Gellar"

"Sounds good, have a good day at school"

"I will, bye mom"

Rory ran out the door and into her brand new silver Ferrari F430, courtesy of her father and Logan. The two of them decided to take it upon themselves on which car Rory should buy for herself. When Rory had first picked out a Mustang the two of them had laughed and told them she needed something much faster.

Rory drove into the Chilton parking lot blaring Avenged Sevenfold. As she stepped out of her car, the kids on the parking lot all started staring. Rory figured they heard about her new found fortune through the Hartford society grapevine. She paid them no attention as she walked into the school to her locker with an air of confidence that she didn't have before.

"Rory!" Paris yelled. "It's about time you're here, you'll never guess who's here"

"Who?" Rory asked while opening her locker.

"Hey Mary" Rory heard a very familiar voice say, "Miss me?"

Rory turned around, stunned, and was met with two crystal blue eyes staring at her.

"Tristan Dugrey"