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You Can't Stop the Beat

Chapter 4

Bella bit into the hot dog she had in her hand. She felt so unbelievably happy, she couldn't think of anything that could make this day better. Today was their anniversary. One year together. They had decided to spend the day at the beach celebrating, along with some of the other wolves. The sun was setting however, and the others were just now leaving, she could still see Sam's taillights. So she sat. She sat on the log beside Jake and enjoyed everything around her.

"You know, this is my favorite time of day? When it's really hot and it's not quite light outside, but not quite dark either?" Bella said quietly, nudging Jake in the side.

"I know. What exactly is it called again?" he asked.

"Twilight." Bella answered.

"Hmm. Sounds like the title of a romance novel." Jake said. "Man am I stuffed." he patted his stomach.

"You should be. You and the other guys went through 4 packs of hot dogs by yourselves." Bella laughed.

Jake smiled at her and was silent. Bella stuffed the end of her hot dog in her mouth and wiped her hands together.

"One year together, huh?" Jake said after a moment, partly to himself. "Doesn't seem like that long."

Bella smiled, "You know they say time flies when you're having fun."

Jake looked at her, "You're a cheeseball." he teased.

"What? Just because I speak in cliches?" she laughed at him. "You're the cheeseball," she said, poking him in the side with her index finger, "because, you're the one that insisted we not get gifts for each other."

Jacob laughed, "Okay, okay. About that, I lied."

Bella looked confused. Jacob leaned over and took a little box out of the pocket of his jeans.

Bella looked at him. "Jake. You said--"

Jacob interrupted her, "Yeah, I know, I know. Just open it though." he passed the box to her. Bella rolled her eyes playfully and took the box.

She opened it and stared in shock. "Jake, it's beautiful." she said, taking a beautiful hemp bracelet braided with pink wooden beads into it out of the box.

"You like it?" he asked, taking it to tie around her wrist.

"Of course!" she answered, and waited impatiently for Jacob to tie it on.

"Its, um, well, it's the Quilette equivalent of an engagement ring." he said, finishing the knot.

"Oh, really?" Bella said, holding her wrist up to admire it. "That's nice."

Jacob just stared at her in shock.

About five seconds went by before Bella looked up at him, trying to hide a smile. "I'm just playing with you Jake, of course I'll marry you!" Jacob laughed and took her in his arms. "Only on one condition, though."Bella said, pulling apart. "We are not rushing to do anything. We're both gonna finish school, some college included! Then we can start planning a wedding and whatever." She looked at him.

"Does that college thing apply for me too?" Jacob whined playfully. Bella smiled at him. "Okay okay, college too." Jacob agreed. "Okay, let's get out of here, it's dark out." He said, taking her hand and leading her to the truck.

They sat in the truck for a minute. "Where do you wanna go?" Jake said, sitting behind the wheel.

"Um, Billy is at Charlie's house watching a game. Soooo, let's go to your house." she decided.

"You sure?" Jake asked.

"Mhm. Let's go." Bella said, fingering her bracelet.

Jacob drove them to his house. He let them in and the headed instantly for his room.

"Isn't it weirdly convenient that Billy and Charlie are such good friends?" Bella smiled, flopping onto his bed.

"Yep. They always free up either your or my house for us." Jake said, lying down beside her.

Later, or not all that later actually, Bella and Jacob ended up where they usually do in this situation. Jacob had taken Bella's top off and was playing with the button of her jeans. She let him unbutton them. After sliding them off he crawled back up to her. He slipped one finger under the elastic band of her underwear while kissing her neck.

"This is where you usually stop me, Bella." he said.

"I don't wanna stop tonight, Jacob." Bella whispered back. He looked at her to see if there was confirmation in her eyes. She nodded to him.

Jacob leaned down to kiss her, but he pulled back too soon. "What?" Bella said, playing with the hem of his boxers.

"Um, I'm kinda nervous." he whispered to her.

"Really? Me too." Bella smiled shyly back at him.

"It's like, you look forward to riding the fastest roller coaster ever, I mean, it has loops and everything, and then when you're next in line, you feel like your going to throw up before you even get on." Jacob tried to explain.

"So, you're gonna throw up?" Bella looked at him confused.

"No." Jacob laughed. "Okay, that was a stupid comparison."

Bella smiled " Yeah it was. But you know what the best solution for nervousness is?" she took his face in her hands and brought his lips to hers. "Shut up and take me." she whispered. Jacob needed no more encouragement.

They took turns taking off the rest of their clothes. This was the first time they had ever been completely naked in front of each other. Jake crawled over her and kissed her neck. He slipped one finger between her legs. Bella arched underneath him.

"Are you positive, Bella?" Jacob whispered one more time. Bella nodded, a smile on her face.

Bella held him tight as he slid into her. She flinched as she felt some pain spread through her. "God, that hurts." she whispered, hoping he wouldn't hear.

"You want me to stop?" Jake asked.

Bella took two deep breaths. "No, I'm fine now. Keep going."

Jacob kissed her lips as they started an easy rhythm. Bella had her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensations coursing through her body. She curled her toes. Bella understood it was her first time, and she appreciated Jacob going slow, but now she was enjoying herself. "Mmm. Harder, Jake." Bella moaned, holding him tighter. Jacob let out a small grunt and did as he was asked.

Soon Bella was close to falling off of the edge. Her toes curled and her hips jerked in odd directions. "God, Jake, don't stop." she moaned. She realized that she was louder than she should have been, and was thankful that Billy wasn't home.

Bella screwed her eyes shut, as she tried to hold back the noises she was making. Then she felt Jacob's fingers on her little bundle of nerves. Bella cried out as she came. She jerked and said Jacob's name as she shook. She heard Jacob let out a loud grunt as he thrust once more and started to shake on top of her. Bella let out one last shriek as she clutched Jacob tight.

Jake collapsed beside her. They both lay there, breathing hard and spent. After catching his breath, Jake pulled Bella to him, like two spoons in a drawer. Bella took his hand and held it, bringing it to the front of her so his arm embraced her. They lay like that for a couple minutes.

Bella broke the silence. "I feel like I should say something melodramatic. Like, 'that was better than all the stars and the moon and the sun combined'." she paused. "But all I can say is, 'That was amazing.'" She giggled.

She turned to face him. "Oh god, I'm giggling like a little girl. See how happy you make me?" she leaned forward to kiss his lips.

Jacob smiled. "I love you Isabella Swan." he whispered.

"And I love you, Jacob Black."

Jacob pressed his forehead to hers. And they lay there smiling at each other, like two people in love. After all, they are.

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