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I awoke to the absolutely fantastic smell of cinnamon rolls and bacon. Mom had really outdone herself this time. After a quick shower, I pulled on some jeans and a T-shirt, not really caring much, even though it was the first day of eleventh grade. I then knocked on Caleb's door, but when he didn't respond, smirked, opened the door, and turned on his stereo full-blast. He jumped, falling out of bed, blinking sleepily, and I cackled. "Up yet?" He scowled at me, throwing his pillow with at me. I jumped out of the way, avoiding it. "Mom's got breakfast. Meet you downstairs." And with that, I went to explore what wonders she'd cooked up this time.

Mom and Dad were kissing, and I gagged, grabbing a plate. "Ew! Get a room. PDA, ten feet away!" They laughed, and Dad gave her another peck, then grabbed his raincoat. "Off to the garage. You guys have a great day at school!" I groaned, and Caleb, just walking in grumbled, "Sure, sure." For some reason, Mom laughed, but I didn't care why. The food smelled too good, and I was hungry! In the middle of his fourth cinnamon roll, Caleb asked, "Hey mom, can we see your teaching schedule?" She chuckled. "I'm really not supposed to show you, but I don't see why not." Lets see… On A days… Oh, great. I had Mom, third period. Couldn't I have gotten her on B days? Junior English on B days was ninth period. Oh well.

"Have a great day at school," Mom promised, grabbing her bag and raincoat. "I'll see you third period!" I groaned at the reminder. Caleb and I left after a he finished devouring every bit of food left over, including my cinnamon rolls. I swear, that boy has eaten so much in the past three days, if he eats any more, he'll explode. Must be some crazy growth spurt or something.

I thought I knew everyone in tiny little Forks, but the shiny silver Volvo that Caleb parked next to was new. Either someone had bought a new car (unlikely), or there were some new students. I hoped for the latter. Forks was boring.

I wasn't disappointed. As early as first period, rumors began circulating about the new students. There were five of them, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and Edward Cullen. But the scandalous part; they were all together. Admittedly, they were all adopted, only Rosalie and Jasper related, but still. Quite shocking, especially for Forks.

And the best part, according to Akira, my best friend; Edward was single. She described him as pale, gorgeous and brooding. Not exactly her kind of guy, but he must have been extremely good looking to merit the amount of gossip I heard. I hadn't seen any of them yet, but I didn't have long to wait.

After a period of being embarrassed by Mom, I had biology with Mr. Johnston. Due to Katie Newton crashing into me in the halls and making me drop everything, I got to class just before the bell rang, cutting it close. By the time I arrived, there was only one seat left, at the very back of the room with an unfamiliar boy. He was bronze-headed, so I figured this must be the famed Edward, but his head was down, and I couldn't verify his good looks. He looked up just as I set my books down, and my heart flipped just looking at him. He was beautiful. He was deathly pale, his copper hair unruly, and his face was that of a Greek god.

"Hi! I'm Clara," I introduced myself, sitting down. He smiled a dazzling crooked smile for only a moment, then a look of disbelief crossed his face, followed by anger and… Hunger? "Hello," he choked out, his voice velvet, even so. He scowled fiercely, his anger black, but so beautiful. Then, I noticed his posture. The tendons on his neck stood out, the muscles in his strong forearms taut. His entire body was angled away from me, tensed, and his long white fingers gripped the desk tightly. I caught my breath. What had I done?

The thoughts at Forks were the same as ever. I tired quickly of seeing myself undressed in so many heads. If they ever really came so close to me… I chuckled at the thought, jaded. After the same old classes, over again, I had biology. Fourth period. First day of eleventh grade. I flashed back to that fateful day, twenty-six years ago. The day I met Bella. I remembered how much I wanted to kill her.

Now I sat alone at the very same table in the back, that sense of danger still repelling the puny humans. Smart of them. With only seconds to spare, a girl rushed into the room. I payed her no mind. Another triviality. She dumped her books on the table, and I looked up, pasting a smile on my face.

"Hi! I'm Clara," She said, smiling widely. No. It could not possibly be. Bella was standing before me. How was she here? She should be 43 by now! And then the scent assaulted me. It was Bella.

That oh-so-tantalizing scent of strawberries, freesia, and the sweetest blood in my century of life. And the most impenetrable mind. She had to be Bella. She was the same. Her mouth, the upper lip still just the tiniest bit too full for the bottom. Those warm chocolate eyes. That tiny worry-crease, just between her brows.

But then I noticed other things. Her skin and hair, two shades too dark. Her brows, thicker, darker. Her nose, straighter than I remembered. But familiar, somehow.

This wasn't Bella. But who? Then, that nose appeared again in my mind, attached to a face I loathed. Jacob. She married the fucking mutt. Got knocked up, too. Right now, I hated this Clara with all I had, for pulling me back into this whole sorry mess. The pain was just starting to dull; now it was amplified. No longer a quiet smolder, this was a roaring fire, licking at the edges of my heart. All this took only a matter of seconds, the whole thought process. "Hello," I growled, trying to appear human. Clara looked a bit shell-shocked, and concerned. Why? I noticed my stance.

My entire body was clenched tight, angled away from her. I saw my face mirrored in other eyes. I was scowling blackly, hatred obvious on my features. I straightened into a more polite seating, gently loosening my fingers from the desk. Five matching divots were scored into the wood, product of my anger. At least it wasn't on Clara. Inconspicuously, I pushed the holes out, my granite fingers smoothing the wood until it was as worn as if it was years old. Erase the evidence.

I wiped my face, making sure my expression was blank. She looked nervous, backing away, sweeping the curtain of her hair forward to block me from her view. I held my breath as the sweet air washed over me, drenching me in its tantalizing waves. I couldn't kill this girl, any more than I could kill Bella. Because to kill her would be to kill Bella. And much as I hated to admit it, I still loved Bella.

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