CLPOV: Clara's POV

EPOV: Edward's POV

CAPOV: Caleb's POV

Chapter Four

CLPOV: I was busy pretending that nothing ever happened. That gorgeous seventeen-year-old Edward was not in love with my forty-three year old mother. Had not kissed said mother. That he was not a vampire. That Dad was not a werewolf.

I was decidedly not taking it well. Mom let me stay home from school, and I curled into tight ball trying not to think of any of this. Poor Caleb was beyond confused, but my mother's face became steely when I asked if we were telling him. No was her definite answer. He needed no mixing up in this shit. And I was wishing that I'd never asked.

My entire world was not what it seemed. Monsters were a reality. People lived forever. Vampires lived forever. Werewolves, too. That explained why Aunt Leah looked as young as she had looked when I was eleven. She looked barely older than I did!

I had always though it was just really good aging, but now I knew better. And Uncle Seth. But after he met his girlfriend Maria, he started aging again. Something to do with "imprinting" or some shit.

I was alone though, which creeped me out in this world of monsters. Mom and Caleb were at school, Dad at the shop. The mysterious Cullens being at school placated me a little. I wondered what the hell was going on right now.

EPOV: As I wandered blankly into my B day ninth period English class, I was busy trying to figure out ways not to kill Clara, change her, or… Fall in love. But for once, I wasn't betting on Alice. I could save this girl from the terrible fate Alice promised. I saved Bella, right? Without nearly killing her though… As I sat down, the teacher gasped, and I looked up, pulled out of my reverie.

There she was, looking as beautiful as ever, smile lines, soft pale skin, long brown hair, delectable scent. But she was old. More than twenty-six years older than I.

I shouldn't have wanted to rip off her clothes, then fuck her senseless. She was married, for God's sake! And it would be so wrong to defile her like that. Ungentlemanly. But that didn't stop me wanting it.

She was scowling at me, cheeks flushed. Undoubtedly wondering what the hell I was doing here. Junior English - I was a junior, again, after all. She taught well, but whenever she looked my way, caught me staring, she would stutter, flushing, that beautiful blush spreading, the hot blood seeping beneath her thin skin, filling the air with its heady scent.

I wanted blood, and I wanted her body. Who knew - kinky teacher fantasies for grumpy, old-fashioned Edward.

Class finished, and the students trickled out, done for the day, but I had business to attend to. She was erasing the board, and I came up behind her, closer than I should have. I heard the scandalous thoughts of the students behind me, but I didn't care.

"Bella, don't ignore me," I growled quietly. The back of her neck flushed, and she stiffened, cringing away from me. The hole in my heart flared dangerously. She was repulsed by me. The class was empty now.

"Bella, I'm so sorry for kissing you yesterday. It was wrong of me to do, but I want to tell you that I still love you. Even though you love the mutt-I mean Jacob-remember that." She twirled around, scowling fiercely.

"Still love me? Bastard, you left me! And for God's sake, you're seventeen; I could be your mother! Not to mention, I'm married!" Her yell carried, and I heard the curious thoughts of the few students in the hallways. Shit. I clapped a hand over her mouth, dragging her under the desk as one student opened the door. Bella was still; quiet, as the person looked around, wondering who had been there.

I was relishing the feel of Bella on my lap, but as soon as whoever it had been left, she started squirming, rubbing against my jeans. She affected me same as always, but I let her go, helping her up. She was still a lady.

"Go, Edward. I don't want you here. I have Jacob, and you had better stay away from my family." Ouch. I left, contrite, wandering the forests aimlessly, climbing up the cliffs by First Beach. There was a tiny red cottage atop such cliff, and it reeked of Bella, Clara, and mutt. So this was where they lived.

Dark had fallen, and I could here sounds from inside. The clinking of dishes, the murmur of voices. Quiet goodnights. The sounds of the children sleeping. Then the sound I both craved at hated. Bella was sighing as the dog kissed her, moaning as he took off her clothes, pounded his body into hers. I was a masochist, born and bred.

But now, it wasn't just Bella calling me. There was another pull, a smaller pull. Gravity shifted, just slightly. I was an errant meteor, revolving around my Bella, but there was a new moon, pulling me to it. Clara.

Right then, I knew that Alice's prediction would come true. I didn't know the girl yet, but she was like a new Bella, and she pulled me to her, affecting my orbit around my planet. Edward Cullen and Clara Black. I liked the way that sounded.

When there were no more sounds of sex, and all was silent. I approached the cottage, peering into a window. Bella was lying, tangled up in Jacob, naked like I'd always imagined her. Her breasts were pale, their pink peaks silvery in the moonlight.

Jacob was inside her, but I ignored that, soaking up the beautiful sight. But that wasn't what I was here for.

I looked away, ashamed of myself. Reduced to spying. What a pervert. The next window over was what I had been searching for. Clara was lying in her bed, wearing a tee shirt and flannel pants. She hadn't been in school today - recuperating from her discovery.

Gently, I unlatched her window, slipping in. I sat in a familiar rocker in the corner, watching her sleep. She looked troubled, once-serene face clouded, and she mumbled something.

"No… Don't hurt me… Wolves… Vampires…" She was tossing around, upset by some terrifying dream, and I slipped to her in the dark, running one hand down the side of her pale face. She opened her eyes and screamed.

CAPOV: I was woken from a deep sleep by the sound of Clara screaming. Who was hurting my sister? I burst out of bed, sprinting to her room. There was a pale boy standing over her, his stench foul, and I knew he was bad.

Some innate part of me hated him, and rage filled me, clouding thoughts. My eyes turned red, and I roared, shaking with anger. My body ripped open, exploding as I charged him. I had a four paws and a mouth full of fangs now, but that was menial, trivial.

This creature was hurting my sister. I barreled into him, pushing him out the window and into the night. My teeth ripped into his granite flesh, and he screeched in pain, throwing me backwards into the heather.

I heard another yell, then my father came crashing through the window. He leaped at the creature, exploding into a huge wolf midair. He tore at it, and I helped, biting the shrieking beast.

Kill was the only thought in my head, but a scream from the window interrupted us. Mom was yelling incoherently, but I could make out the gist of it. Stop.

The rage left me a little, and I backed off. The wolf next to me did, too, but he still growled. The thing-that-was-not-human pulled its arm off the ground, holding it to its shoulder, letting it fuse back. Urgh. Disgusting. It put itself back together, like a gruesome puzzle, face a grimace of pain.

A gasp from behind made me spin around. Mom was trying to climb out the window, and had sliced her hand on the glass in the process, crimson blood oozing out of the small cut.

The creature stiffened, and I growled warningly. She wiped her hand on the fabric she was carrying, flinching at the scent, but she held it out to the other wolf.

"Please, Jake. Phase back." The wolf whined, but then reared on its hind legs, shrinking, fur melting into flesh. Dad pulled on the pants Mom handed him, then turned to me.

"Caleb? Can you change back?" I whined in confusion, shrinking away. Why was my father in on this? Clara was running from the house to us, and I bounded over to her, seeking protection from whatever craziness was going on.

She yelled in fear, cowering away from me, and Dad grabbed her pulling her from me. Why was she afraid of me? What was I? The horrible creature-that-was-not-human chuckled dryly.


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