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Chapter one-If Only

Emily Young smiled sympathetically at her cousin Leah Clearwater as they walked along the sand of First Beach. It was a cool, rainy, evening at the Quileute reservation where Emily was visiting from the Makah rez for the weekend. In some ways it was also a very tense, very unsure evening. We had walked down to the small gathering on the beach where some of Leah's friends were only to discover that Sam Uley, Leah's ex was there.

Only a week ago he ripped her heart out when he broke up with her for what seemed to be no good reason. Poor Leah I Thought to myself. We had only been here an hour and already I could tell she was uncomfortable and smiling and laughing fakily just to show everyone she was okay. Hopefully, she wouldn't crack under all the scrutinizing stares and questions and want to go back home. It was my first time to really get to hang out with the others in La Push.

We walked around until Leah came to a halt at a small fire that had several pieces of driftwood around it. She looked at me "you want to just sit down for a while?"

I nodded "sure its fine" I reached into the small beach bag I'd brought with me and pulled out a large beach towel and draped it over the log before I sat down which was met with a few snickers and smirks from the others.

She stood while she introduced me around the group before she sat down heavily next to me

and immediately jumped into the conversation with the others about strange tracks they'd been seeing in the woods.

I listened intently to them looking for some way to jump in. I sat there listening until I heard them mention the prints looking like bear tracks." Are you guys sure its ok to be out here if there's bears?" I wondered aloud, earning a few laughs.

Little Jacob Black smiled at me 'you're fine here."

I felt my cheeks grow warm knowing everyone thought for sure now I was dumb. I looked down towards the ocean side where another group of teenagers were hanging out away from ours. Leah followed my stare and waved over to them.

Leah leaned over towards me "Do you mind if I go over and say hey to some people from school real quick?"

Without waiting for an answer, she stood up and took off quickly. I stared after her for a minute before I realized why she left so fast. Sam had joined our little circle and was staring daggers at her.

Wondering if I should follow or not , I bit my lower lip and frowned slightly in the direction she'd went in. The younger guy that was with Sam gave him a grin as he flopped down in Leah's now empty spot. "So I hear your gonna come stay in the rez this summer after the last semester ends at your school?"

I blushed lightly at being addressed so fast by this guy I didn't even know. "Yeah maybe, if Sue and Harry are willing to put up with me for a couple of months".

The boy laughed "you mean if you can stand Leah that long " he rolled his eyes "she's such a bitch lately"

Sam elbowed him in the side and gave him a look, which surprised me.

The boy glanced sideways at Sam "Sorry" he mumbled.

An uneasy silence followed., I tried to think of something to say to ease some of the tension , but he beat me to it. "I'm Jared by the way" he held out a huge hand for me to shake.

"Emily. Emily Young. But obviously you already knew that".

Jared nodded :yeah I've heard Lee Lee talk about you before, I figured out who you were when I saw you guys show up together"

Saying that earned another glare from Sam. Gee, I can't even make any friends here because of stupid Sam Uley I thought to myself. The glare didn't seem to mean too much to Jared though as he started chattering next to me, only needing a few prompts and nods to keep him going. I finally started to relax a little and let my guard down as we talked about all the summer activities on the rez for the tourist .

The entire time I noticed Sam was staring at us. I glanced at him and met his eyes expecting him to look away but he didn't. hmmm, he's definitely not bad looking I thought to myself I should feel bad for even thinking that. I couldn't help but move my eyes downwards at his chest noticing the way his shirt hung to him. He definitely had a great body. I wonder how old he is, and why he keeps looking at me like that. Jared frowned at me for a moment and I finally snapped out of it

"Oh I'm Sorry" I mumbled.

Jared reached over and brushed back a piece of hair that must have fallen out of my long braids I wore and two things happened: I flinched and Sam stood up scowling.

Jared just brushed it off and grinned at me, "So Emily right? You wanna walk over the cliffs with me/ it's got a great view"

I shook my head quickly, I had no intentions of going anywhere with him. I just met him for crying out loud.

"I think I should get going" I said quietly. I looked around for Leah at the group of kids that seemed to be getting smaller and smaller.

Sam spoke suddenly "She left about an hour ago" .

I started gathering my beach towel and jacket and few items I brought with me, I could feel Sam's eyes on me again.

As I turned back around he spoke directly to me "Do you want me to walk you back to Sue and Harry's place? It's late for you to be wandering the woods alone" I

froze for a moment before nodding, surprising myself "Yeah Harry would probably appreciate too" .

Jared smirked as Sam started walking towards a trail that led off into the woods a few paces ahead of me.

As I walked after him I waved bye to the others. Some help he is I thought to myself who offers to walk with someone and then leaves them half way behind while their lugging all the junk?

Finally, once we were out of sight of everyone else, he paused and waited for me to catch up "Here" he mumbled as he took the beach bag out my hands.

"Thanks" I replied back just as softly.

Sam just nodded and started walking again, not bothering to look where he stepped, where I was much slower, scared of snakes and things. The farther we went into the woods on the small path the darker it got it seemed.

I stopped for a moment to zip up my jacket and shivered. I tried to catch back up so he wouldn't notice I'd stopped and felt my foot hit something and gasped scared it really was a snake as I jerked back making myself fall. "Owww' I winced loudly.

In a flash Sam was at my side leaning down on the damp ground beside me "What happened?" he demanded as he helped drag me to my feet.

"I'm fine" I grimaced not wanting to admit my stupid thoughts about tripping over imaginary snakes. I snatched my arm away from him with a jerk.

Sam sighed "You can let me help you up and walk you know".

I shook my head at him angry at him suddenly "The only person you need to pick back up is Leah!"

Like he'd been slapped he backed away. "You don't even know what happened, you don't know what you're talking about" .

I rolled my eyes at him "Let me guess..you did nothing wrong right?"

'I know that you hurt her so much she couldn't eat, sleep, or get out of bed, I finally got her to come out tonight and of course you had to be there to ruin it" I gave him what I hoped was a dirty look.

Sam looked at me warily before he spoke "I didn't want to, I had to for her own good"

I shook my braids and laughed lightly "Well I can really tell you're leaving her did her wonders then" .

Sam shook his head and ran over the top of his short cropped jet black hair "you'll understand soon enough".

I took a few steps closer to him making him raise his arm to protect his self in case I hit him I guess, and snatched my bag from him. "I'll never understand how you live yourself after what you did".

I saw the pained look on his face and almost felt sorry for him. I glared at him "I can find my way back from here". With that I stalked off closer to the dim lights I could make out through the trees.

"Emily!" I heard him call out in that voice that made my knees want to melt out from under me. I kept walking ignoring him completely, knowing I definitely did not need another look him.

If only I had known. If only I had given him the chance that night to explain.