Babysitting Hina-chan!

Hello ppl! This is my first attempt at a Gaara/Hinata fic. If you don't like the pairing then don't read. This is gonna have a few chappie. Maybe. I need reviews if you likie the story kk? When and if I get around... 5? Maybe less if you guys are nice. It's supposed to be a bit fluffy! Hinata is 18 and Gaara is 19 but Hinata takes form of a 18 week old tiger so shes very playful. There is a pic of a 18 week old tiger cub on my profile.

Summary: Hinata is hit with a jutsu that changes her into a white tiger cub. And Tsunade decides to play matchmaker! And Gaara just so happens to get the cub dumped on him, but he doesn't know it's Hinata! Will they bring out the best in each other? Or Maybe the worst?

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"Tsunade-sama! We have a problem!" Shizune yells as she runs into her office with a relatively small white tiger with a purplish hue.

"Huh? What is it Shizune!" Demanded Tsunade looking pissed as she was interrupted form her nap, a little drool was on the papers she had been napping on.

"Hinata is back from her mission." Shizune said.

"How is that a problem?" Demanded Tsunade as she began to get agitated.

"Well... This is Hinata." Shizune said presenting the tiger to her, setting it gently on the desk.

"Hinata?!" Tsunade said looking skeptically at the scared tiger. It gave a slight nod and lowered its eyes, Tsunade's bare feet seeming to be very interesting. "Yup. It's her." Tsunade said nodding her head. "What are we going to do with you." Tsunade said sighing as she began to stroke her behind her ears, earning a purr. After a moment her eyes lit up and Shizune groaned with dread as she could practically see the light bulb lighting itself over her head.

"Hokage-sama. You summoned me?"

"Ah, yes. Gaara-san. I have a mission for you!" Tsunade said brightly as she looked at him picking up Hinata. "This tigress here is... Like royalty!" Tsunade said, making it up as she went. "And to strengthen the treaty I would like you to take care of her for a little while!"

"Are you drunk?" Gaara asked bluntly.

"No! Er, maybe a little... Anyway! Here ya go! Take good care of... Hina-chan! Yeah, take care of Hina-chan until her owners come back to get her." Tsunade said dropping a shaking Hinata into the Kazekage's arms. Then she pushed him out the door. "That is all! And you will be heading back to Suna tomorrow morning at dawn!"

"Tsunade-sama..." Shizune said looking at the hokage warily. "Are you sure Hinata-chan will be okay?"

"Yes. Now get back to work!" Tsunade barked, as soon as Shizune was no longer in the room she took out her sake and began pouring herself some.

With Gaara and Hinata.

Gaara began to walk back to his room at the inn with the shaking 'animal' in his arms. He began to stroke her awkwardly as she continued to shake. "Whats the matter with you?" Gaara asked her in frustration. Speaking to her only made her shake more. The scene from the chunin exams of him killing kept replaying itself in her head. No matter that he had changed so drastically since he had become the kazekage.

Once Gaara was at his room at the inn he set Hinata down as watched in frustration as she scrambled under the bed and curled into a ball there, with seemingly no intention of coming out.

Well. If I'm going to have to take care of her for, who knows when I might as well try to get her to like me. Gaara thought as he asked room service for some salmon and milk in hopes of making peace with the feline under his bed. When it arrived he set it near the bed and sat in a chair to read. Though his eyes were trained on the plate, waiting to see Hina-chan inspect her food.

And soon enough she did come out stiffing her food. Once she deemed it edible she began to eat, though her eyes were on the kazekage, ready to bolt back under the bed if he made any moves that she deemed hostile. Gaara moved tentatively to Hina-chan, when she noticed this she stopped eating and stared at him with large lavender eyes. Gaara slowly placed his large hand on her head and began to stroke her behind her ears, he was pleased when she began to purr softly.

"Don't run away on me okay?" Gaara said softly to her as he crouched next to her as she resumed eating. Later that night when Gaara attempted to sleep he was awoken by something small and soft curling into his side. He stiffened for a moment but when he realized it was only Hina-chan. He softly stroked her head and soon they were both asleep.

Almost to soon it was morning and Hina-chan seemed to have quite a bit of energy as she woke, streched, and jumped on Gaara biting at his hands and growling trying to get him to wake. It seemed strange to Hinata, for she had never acted this way. It was almost instinct that made her do it, and to her surprise she was having fun.

"Alright, alright. I'm awake." Gaara grumbled as he pushed the tiger cub from him, she fell off the bed and landed with a thump on the ground, but she soon sprang back onto the bed and began to try once again to drag the tired kazekage out of the comfortable bed.

"Gah, the sun isn't up, so I shouldn't either! Leave me be!" Gaara once again groaned as he batted her away. But she was determined and attacked him with more vigor. "Fine." Gaara grumbled as he got up and went to the door to see who was there, they hadn't knocked yet but Hina-chan was growling at the door and pawing at it.

"Yes?" Gaara said coolly, it was one of his guards.

"We will be leaving soon, would you like me to get you something for breakfast?" The guard said nervously under his steely stare.

"Green tea. And milk and some cat food, if you can get some, for Hina-chan." He said, but then added, "The cub about to pounce on your foot in Hina-chan."

"Ah!" He yelled in alarm as Hina-chan began to bite his foot and batted at his cloak.

"She won't hurt you." Gaara said.

"Y-yes Kazekage-sama!" He said as he tried to shake her off, but this only encouraged her.

"Enough with the formalities. Call me Gaara... Please." He said, though his stare did not soften. Gaara picked up Hina-chan so he could leave. She began to bat at his face with her small paws as he walked back into the room dumping her on the bed. But she simply bounced right off the bed and into his lap as he sat down at his desk gathering his stuff. Only to have Hina-chan bat it right out of his hand.

"You little-" Gaara began but cut himself off with a sigh as she looked up at him with big curious eyes, waiting for him to finish. "You're ridiculous." He stated shaking his head picking her up and setting her back on the ground. Only to have her jump back into his lap and curl into a ball there, signifying that she won't play with his papers any longer. Or at least for now.

"Kaz- I mean Gaara-sama. I got the cat food, tea and milk." The guard said as he opened the door, but did not enter.

"What is your name?" Gaara asked his cool stare once again making him nervous.

"Yagi." He said looking at Hina-chan as she jumped into the air trying to get Gaara's sash, but only to have Gaara take it out of her reach. Frustrated she ran to the other side of the room and barreled back to Gaara leaping on his back and perching herself on his shoulder. Yagi laughed as the kazekage glared at the tiger cub on his shoulder as she just stared back not so innocently.

"Thank you, Yagi." Gaara said giving him an awkward half smile.

"Your very welcome, Gaara-sama." Yagi said bowing as he handed him the food and took his leave.

"That is mine. You get the milk and cat food." Gaara said pulling his tea away from Hina-chan's face before she could taste it. She soon jumped from his shoulder back onto the bed waiting for him to put down the milk. She showed no interest in the cat food. When he put it near her head and took the empty bowl of milk she gave him a look that clearly stated, 'What the hell is this?'

"Eat it." Gaara commanded. Hina-chan gave it a sniff and tasted it but soon spit it back out turning over the plate with her paw looking disgusted and then she glared, 'You eat it!' was what her glare said. Gaara laughed at this. "Okay then, no more cat food. We'll have to find something else you like. You can't live off milk for to long"

Soon they were leaving Konoha and Hina-chan was looking over his shoulder glaring at Tsunade who had a drunken grin on her face as she waved gleefully at the duo.

"Gaara-sama. I will take the hair ball from you. She must be a burden. We can have her stay at a kennel." One of the guards said glaring disdainfuly at the feline who resided in Gaara's arms. Hinata replied with a hiss and she batted away her hands, her claws out. She had ever intention to rip the hand to shreds. This notion scared Hinata but it was very appealing no less.

"You will call me Kazekage-sama. And Hina-chan with be staying with me." Gaara said in a cold voice as he glared at the girl.

"Bu-" She began but was silenced by another hiss from Hina-chan and a glare form Gaara.

"Yagi." Gaara called.

"Yes, Gaara-sama." Yagi said appearing next to him and gave Hina-chan a scratch behind the ear.

"Just Gaara. You are older then I, and more experienced. You have to need to address me in such a way." Gaara said, "What is her name?" He asked nodding his head in the direction of the sulking woman.

"Ami." Yagi said.

"That is all. Thank you." Gaara said as he let Hina-chan jump from his arms and onto Yagi's shoulder where she rode for a few miles. Soon it was midday and they stopped to rest and eat.

"Whats the matter Hina?" Yagi asked the young feline as she began to growl loudly in the direction of a dense forest. "Somethings there!" Yagi yelled and everyone jumped to their feet, but it was Hinata who was the first to attack. She landed on the intruder and sat on him just looking at him with her big lavender eyes.

"Oi! Gaara! Get this thing off me!" Kankuro said trying to get Hinata off him, only to succeed in getting his hands bitten.

"Hn." Was all Gaara said as he pulled Hinata from his brother.

"What the hell is that beast?" Kankuro demanded as he glared.

"The 'beast' is Hina-chan. I am to take care of her to strengthen the treaty apparently. I'm pretty sure Tsunade was drunk when she gave me the mission though." Gaara said placing Hina-chan at his feet, and she proceeded to curiously sniff at Crow. Soon she found a loose wrapping and began to try to get it into her mouth. After a few minutes of getting herself tangled into the wrappings did Crow become unwrapped and fall on Hina-chan. This earned a hiss from her and she bolted to Gaara hiding behind his legs looking at the 'monster' on the ground.

"Oi! You little hair ball!" Kankuro yelled glaring at her. Though his shouts were silenced by Gaara and Yagi who had become fond of her.

"Your fault for leaving the wrappings undone." Gaara shrugged turning on his heal and they began on their journey back to Suna. Hina-chan was chasing bugs and chasing after whatever she could find.

"Where'd the fur ball go?" Kankuro asked.

"Somewhere." Gaara replied vaguely, though silently he wondered the same thing. It was then that they heard a muffled yowl from said fur ball. Hinata was stuck in a tree with no way down and was yowling in hopes of getting someone's attention.

"Ha! Thats what'cha get! Stupid animal." Ami jeered up at her, and with a burst of anger and courage Hinata sprang from the branch and landed on Ami's head. Ami screeched and fell over trying to get Hinata out of her hair. "Get away from me!" She screeched, Gaara smirked at this but did not laugh, though Yagi and Kankuro laughed at the scene before them.

"I changed my mind. I like you cat." Kankuro said grinning as he bent down and stroked her. "Never liked her. She only became a guard because she thought Gaara was hot."

Silently Hinata snickered at the thought. Gaara obviously didn't seem to think the same about Ami. If Hinata was in her normal form she probably wouldn't have thought such a thing, but being a tiger gave her courage to be more happy and playful. Willing to interact with others. Hinata hoped that when she was finally changed into her normal self this courage would stay with her and she would no longer faint and blush so much. She had long gotten over her petty crush on Naruto and realized she only admired him. Though she thought no less of the blond shinobi but she no longer was crushing on him. For she knew he would never look at her in the same way and he had only eyes for Sakura.

And slowly but surely Hinata was growing affection for the red headed kazekage.


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