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This is the sequel to "Respect is Earned" and "From Respect to Friendship." You don't really have to read the others to understand what will be going on, but some references will be made.

This takes place about 5 months after "Destroyer," the last episode of the series. Or in other words, a few months after the Epilogue of "From Respect to Friendship" for those who read it. Enjoy.

---The Double Edged Sword---

By: Mists


….It has long been said that the strength of words is not contained within their form. More, it is the emotion in which they were written, that gives them power. Such words as these were found by the Elders of Oa and the Disciples of Fate ... at the Beginning of Time.

Within the palm of Creation's very hand… the orders found something they did not expect…

There, at the Dawn of Time, stood an archway made of stone…suspended in space itself.

Carved into this door to the unknown, a prophecy was written.

Its words knew no language, but their message universal. The mere sight of them was enough to ascertain their meaning.

These words were written with such power and intention that their meaning resonated throughout the whole of the cosmos. They were so powerful, in fact that the Elders of Oa and the Disciples of Fate nearly did not return alive.

It was then decided that a universal law be made, that no other being ever witness the Beginning of Time. What their group returned with…. was knowledge. The prophecy is known throughout the Green Lantern Corps as the greatest secret they keep.

And this is its translation:

Born of god and mortal, so shall come the three…

Past, Present, and Future will they be…

Forged from their souls…the fate of eternity....

What were thought to be one are two…

What was thought to be two is one……

The Guide, born of the Past…shall forge a way to the future.

The Phoenix will rise, as the old age dies…

All that was hidden, shall be revealed…

The Child of Choice…will then decide the fate of all.

So it is written on the Door of Time…so it will come to pass.

So Fate Demands! So Death Demands! So Life Demands! So WE DEMAND!!

-Flashback -

The year was 537 A.D. Morgan Le Fey watched in elation as the sun slowly set behind the symbol if her pain, Camelot.

How poetic it was.

The embodiment of all her suffering; fading spectacularly from view like the dying sun.

It sent chills of triumph down her spine.

She let the tent's curtain door fall gently back into place. Slowly, Morgan turned towards the bed that rested at the back of the tent.

She weaved her way between the battle plans, mugs of forgotten ale, and blood drenched weaponry, and came to the foot of a bed that held the form of a lightly sleeping child.

The sorceress sat down on the edge of the bed and lovingly caressed the child's face.

Yes, little her puppet had become quite strong. He was her weapon. Her vengeance. And so through him, she would rule the mortal realm.

Her left hand clenched the bed sheet in an iron grip. Finally, her birth would be avenged.

"Hush, child, the darkness will rise from the deep,
And carry you down into sleep
Child, the darkness will rise from the deep,
And carry you down into sleep."

"Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty, loyalty
Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty only to me."

"Hello, mother," said Mordred as he sleepily awoke from his nap. "Is it time for the battle?"

"Just about, my knight," whispered Morgan as she gently kissed his forehead. "Your kingdom awaits you."

Mordred made an annoyed face at his mother, "About time, I feel as if I have waited for an eternity."

A small laugh left Morgan's lips as she pulled the covers off her son.

"No, but eternal shall be your rule, my son."

"Guileless son, I'll shape your belief
And you'll always know that your father's a thief
And you won't understand the cause of your grief
But you'll always follow the voices beneath."

"Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty, loyalty
Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty only to me."

"Is that why you placed that spell on me?" he asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Yes dear, you are immortal and will retain your eternal youth. Just as I," said Morgan sweetly as she got up off the bed.

"But I don't want to stay a child forever mother," whined the youthful heir.

"Tis only for a while," replied Morgan, lying through her teeth. "Now, get up and get ready to go. We leave for the castle soon."

"I shall kill father this night, right mother?"

Morgan answered, "Of course dear one, thou art my avenger."

The child leapt to his feet excitedly. He parried and thrust at an invisible assailant.

"His life shall be retribution for his sins. I, the great prince, will make him pay with the point of my sword, right mother?"

"Yes dear, Arthur will die and his throne shall become yours," she said with an indulgent smile.

"Guileless son, each day you'll grow older
Each moment I'm watching my vengeance unfold
The child of my body, the flesh of my soul
Will die in returning the birthright he stole."

As she turned to leave, Mordred whispered, "And then, you will be happy…right mother?"

"Nothing would give me greater joy."

Her sincere statement sent Mordred barreling into her with a strong hug.

"I shall not disappoint. I-I love you mother."

Morgan smiled at this and replied, "And I you…little one."

-The Present-

Morgan snapped out of her reverie and threw her hair brush at the mirror. It shattered into a million pieces. As the fragments tinkled to the ground, her aged hands clenched tightly around her masked face.

Mordred exhaled roughly, acknowledging the sound.

Since Mordred had purposely broken her spell of eternal youth, his body had reverted to its actual age.

Her child had now been reduced to a drooling, ancient man.

It just added to her long line of grievances.

Her beauty. Her pride. Her kingdom. And now, her son. All of which had been stolen from her.

And at the heart, it was all the fault of-

But no, no. She would not dwell on that now. Once she fed on the youth of some useless mortal she would feel better.

She would find away to restore her son's lost youth. Morgan was a patient woman. Eventually, she would find a way. For unlike some, she had all eternity.

"Hush, child, the darkness will rise from the deep
And carry you down into sleep
Child, the darkness will rise from the deep,
And carry you down into sleep."

"Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty,
Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty- "

Her day would come, and when it did, the world shall be brought to its knees.

"-Loyalty, only to me."

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