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by Sasuke loves L

Sasuke's eyes were shut and his cheek pressed firmly into the plastic of his binder. He didn't notice the glare the teacher had so pointedly placed upon him. He did, on the other hand, feel the steady thumping of a shoe on his shin growing increasingly persistent as Sasuke fought the urge to open his eyes already and give that dobe what he wanted (a good pound to the annoyingly blond head). Internally gritting his teeth against the urge to yell and the overpowering desire to crack up, Sasuke kept his eyes shut and face as passive as ever.

The teacher was much more willing to abandon the attempt to wake Sasuke and transfer the question to another student then was that blasted Naruto, who had started up a stream of whispers.

"I know you're awake, Sasuke-teme. Just pay attention, would ya?"

Sasuke emitted the tiniest of fake snores, just about sending Naruto over the edge. Luckily for him though, the bell sounded at the exact moment he let loose a string of rather choice swears and sprung out of his chair at Sasuke. The fuming blonde placed his hands on Sasuke's books, leaning over his dark-haired best friend.

With the swiftest of movements Sasuke sat up and snatched his books to his chest. Startled, the fuming Naruto didn't catch himself in time to prevent his tanned forehead from colliding with the not-too-soft desktop.

Sasuke watched gloatingly as the dobe reeled, grumbling and clutching his forehead, the silky gold cascade of his hair swept back and extremely frazzled. Sasuke pretended to tap his foot impatiently while Naruto tried to clear his mind with a shake of the head and a small pout.

"Faster than that, dobe," Sasuke moved in for the kill, "You wouldn't want to miss the short bus,"

It took a moment for Sasuke's jibe to penetrate Naruto's mind. But as soon as he understood he grabbed his papers and huffed out of the room with Sasuke (who was not the least bit bothered) smirking and close on his heels.

Although the two friends usually talked together on the bus ride home, trading stories from school, Naruto chose to remain obstinately silent. He answered Sasuke's inquiries about other classes or other friends with shrugs, grunts, and the shortest sentences he could get away with. By the time Naruto (whose stop was before Sasuke's) gloomily descended the stairs off the bus and Sasuke watched him trudge up his driveway, Sasuke was beginning to regret the way he had behaved earlier in class.

He was startled by the feeling of guilt that was pooling in the pit of his stomach. This was a new sensation for the cool and collected boy, who had treated that blonde idiot far worse often enough and never regretted it one bit. When he got home he skulked up to his room and brooded. He did have to admit it, he did rather enjoy Naruto's spunky, outgoing, ramen-obsessed personality. Well, maybe excluding the weird ramen fetish. Sasuke stopped at that, not allowing himself to consider the luscious hair that never looked wrong on Naruto's tanned face, no matter if he had just rolled out of bed. He tried not to think of the lovable pout and crease lines that appeared when his friend was upset. Sasuke brushed his hair back, simultaneously trying to sweep these endearing thoughts of the dobe out of his consciousness. Naruto was no more than a friend, Sasuke told his wandering mind, more of an annoyance really. Even as he thought these things Sasuke could not deny that he was trying to convince HIMSELF of these truths more than anyone else.

He glared at himself in the mirror, saying sternly, "No more than friends!"

Even so, Sasuke reconsidered his actions. He would make it up to the retard in class tomorrow. There was a lab day in chemistry, and that infernal blonde loved doing labs. Sasuke rolled his eyes at the thought and rested his head on the headboard, sighing.

Sasuke could tell all was forgiven when Naruto bounded onto the bus the next morning in usual high spirits, sunshiny hair bouncing tantalizingly. Sasuke turned his face coolly towards the window as Naruto's happy-go-lucky self plopped into the seat, his body angled to face the dark-haired boy. Naruto's knee was pressed against Sasuke's in his eagerness to tell his friend about how swim practice had been the night before.

Sasuke's mind wandered dangerously far from the scenery whizzing past his eyes, instead seeing an image of its own creation. A clear blue pool with a smooth, glassy surface as Naruto approached the edge, ready to dive, his reflected self just as beautiful as the live thing. Naruto diving in, gold hair fanning ever so slightly, tanned skin and toned body cutting smoothly through crystal clear-- Sasuke caught himself there and threw up barriers in his mind, closing out such an enticing and taboo daydream. Was it so wrong, Sasuke wondered sadly, to enjoy Naruto's company for more than friendship?

Returning to his senses somewhat, at any rate, Sasuke heard Naruto inhale a long breath after a long stream of talking.

"So," he interjected, "I'm excited for the lab today,"

Oops, that one sure threw him off, Sasuke thought as Naruto forgot to take the breath he had stopped for. Naruto's eyes crunched and he let his mouth drop the smallest fraction. The blond was at a total loss for words.

Good god, he has an adorable surprised face, was Sasuke's first thought, closely followed by SHIT! What now? Sasuke scrambled to cover up his complete loss of character. "Um, I mean..." Sasuke's voice stuttered and trailed off.

Naruto was quick to recover and, although still looking slightly puzzled, launched into excited banter about magnesium strips and the like while Sasuke admired the inexplicable force the blasted dobe exuded and marveled at Naruto's soft face, so illuminated by enthusiasm. Disarmed by the incident on the bus, Sasuke was eager to separate as Naruto headed jauntily to Spanish. Sasuke slid gratefully into his economics class. Aside from the initial relief however, separated from the amounting force of his friend- his best friend, Sasuke felt even more distracted then ever. He passed the remainder of the day in anticipation and fear of the impending chemistry lab.

Don't be ridiculous, Sasuke scolded himself. There is nothing confusing about this situation. I hate labs and I hate that dobe, simple as that... if only. Sasuke allowed himself a snort.

When last period arrived and Sasuke walked into the chemistry classroom, Naruto was already behind the lab bench, equipment out and dorky glasses on, impatient to get started.

Sasuke was surprised to find he enjoyed this particular lab. Must be all the things we're burning,he considered. But Sasuke never noticed the flame or the bright light of the magnesium igniting. Sasuke never missed a change of expression on Naruto's face, from concentration to wonder. Sasuke felt his heart melt a little when Naruto smiled at the reactions or when the very tip of his strawberry-pink tongue emerged from between supple lips in concentration.

When the lab was finished and the table was cleared and wiped clean, Sasuke slipped into distraction, absent-mindedly twisting a paper towel in his fingers. Naruto, who had already skipped back to his desk, finally noticed his friend. Chuckling, he sauntered back to Sasuke's side.

"Looks like I'm not the only one who will ride be riding the short bus today, teme," Naruto joked, playfully nudging Sasuke in the ribs.

Fireworks exploded in Sasuke's head at the touch and he jerked his head down to the floor, grimacing. This was all too much.

"And what are you ding with that piece of paper?" the beautiful boy pried the piece from Sasuke's fingers. The paper was all rolled and wrinkled. Naruto contemplated the thing while Sasuke felt his hands sizzling and popping with sensation wherever Naruto's warm fingers had grazed. The blonde laughed, saying, "I think it was a bracelet you were trying to create!"

Before he had time to think, to register, to retort, to escape- Naruto's hand had caged Sasuke's wrist with a burning grip. Naruto clumsily tied the paper into a loose loop around Sasuke's arm. "There, like a chemical bond," the dobe beamed innocently. "We're friends forever!"

Tingling sensations engulfed his arm as Naruto's hand fell from his wrist, to his palm, to his fingers. Sasuke curled his fingers so they caught the pads of Naruto's fingertips and squeezed them ever so slightly. No one but Naruto could ever have noticed Sasuke's hesitation to release him. Sasuke tore the paper off of his wrist and glared at that moron who he loved so much.

"Weirdo," he spat and returned to his seat. Sasuke made sure no one was watching, especially Naruto, and slid the broken bracelet into his pocket.

Forever, he thought with a smile.

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