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by artist-chan

The sound of chalk scraping against the chalkboard steadily repeated, lulling the classroom into a drowsy silence. Seconds ticked by, seeming to lengthen with each flash of the clock. Naruto felt his mind wander pleasantly, a slight buzz droning out the monotonous voice of the teacher. His eyes focused on the head of dark hair next to him while it rested sleepily on the pile of books beneath a calm face. Strands of onyx hair floated gently over closed eyes as the broad chest rose and fell slowly.

Yeah, right. Naruto grinned to himself, immediately realizing the teme was faking it. Slowly, he stretched his leg out and kicked the long legs resting under the desk.


His grin growing larger, Naruto kicked again, slightly harder. Sasuke didn't even flinch, his eyes remaining fully closed.

So that's how you wanna play it, Naruto thought devilishly, and began kicking repeatedly, attempting to get a rise out of Sasuke. Students around him pointed and laughed softly as Sasuke slept on, ignoring Naruto's attempts to arouse him and even a direct question from the teacher.

"I know you're awake, Sasuke-teme. Just pay attention, would ya?" Naruto whispered with a twinge of annoyance as the teacher moved on to another student.


Anger jumped in Naruto's chest as the teme let out a fake snore. He opened his mouth, ready to yell in the pale ear of Sasuke and-


Naruto's choice words were overruled by the glaring school bell. He stood up, ready to drag the teme out of his chair if necessary. He placed his hands on Sasuke's books, leaning over to yell once again.

A flash of black suddenly obscured his vision. The books under his hands vanished and the next thing he knew he heard a sharp SMACK as his head collided with the cold, hard desk. Dizzy, Naruto raised his hands to his head. A huge smirk covered Sasuke's face as Naruto muttered obscenities under his breath. A ringing sound filled his ears and he shook his head. The soft tap of feet replaced the ringing and Naruto felt a frown cover his face as Sasuke waited impatiently.

"Faster than that, dobe," Sasuke nearly shone in glee. "You wouldn't want to miss the short bus."

Short bus... Naruto felt his cheeks turn pink as Sasuke's insult registered. He spun around and grabbed his books, attempting to retain some pride. He heard Sasuke follow behind him, practically glowing in his insane happiness. Teme...

Houses sped through Naruto's vision as the bus drove along his route. The ride was eerily quiet, the two friends' normal conversation halting as Naruto refused to talk. His mind barely heard Sasuke's questions as they rode along. Naruto's mind raced nearly as fast as the bus. Why had Sasuke's ignorance bothered him so much? It's not like it didn't happen all the time. It was just...

The bus slowed and Naruto realized it had reached his stop. He bolted off, not even stopping to say goodbye to Sasuke. A frown covered his face as he trudged up his driveway to his house.

Naruto sighed heavily as he flopped onto his bed. Thoughts buzzed angrily through his head, causing a pit of worry to form in his stomach.

Only three hours until swim practice... Naruto closed his eyes, attempting to calm down his raging mind. A furious blush covered his cheeks as Sasuke's gleeful smile floated into his consciousness. His heart picked up in pace slowly as the back of his neck heated.

"Teme!" he grunted angrily and punched his pillow. Why was Sasuke getting such a rise out of him? Sasuke had insulted him plenty of times before, so what was different?

An image sprung unbidden from the back of his mind. Sasuke's deep obsidian eyes gazed into his own, boring holes through him. The pale, masculine face was framed by shocking black hair, contrasting his features handsomely. His lips curved upward in a sly smile and his eyes brimmed with an unspeakable power that drew Naruto forward until he was lost in pools of swirling ash.

Shocks of electricity fizzled down Naruto's spine as the image glued itself in front of his eyes. His face heated and his breathing ceased. The imaginary Sasuke lifted a pale hand to Naruto's face, seemingly touching the skin with intangible fingers. Fire trailed across Naruto's cheek where the fake fingertips brushed.

He sat up quickly, shaking his head to dissolve the delusion. A fiery blush covered his face and he felt his heart quicken. A nervous laugh escaped his mouth.

"That teme..." he mumbled, covering his face with a shaking hand. "What did he do to me?"

I just have to act like nothing happened, Naruto thought to himself the next morning as he waited for the bus to arrive. Nothing happened. Sasuke is still the same teme he's always been. Just a highly attractive teme-

Naruto cut off his thoughts as they wandered dangerously. Thankfully he heard the telltale diesel engine of the bus as it arrived. Putting on his best smile, he climbed on the bus with his usual amount of enthusiasm. Spotting Sasuke staring passively out the window, he scrambled over to the vacant seat next to his best friend. Act normal, he reminded himself mentally.

"Sasuke!!! So last night at swim practice we did this terrible set..." Naruto began to talk at an almost inhuman pace. He found himself rambling about anything and everything as he realized his knee was brushing up against the teme's legs. Suppressing a blush, he talked faster as Sasuke's eyes became glazed and wistful. He's probably imagining me shutting up... Naruto thought to himself with a laugh.

Naruto felt his vision blur at the edges and realized he had failed to breathe since he began his monologue. Stopping suddenly, he began to fill his lungs with oxygen when-

"So, I'm excited for the lab today,"

The lab? Naruto paused, thoughts racing. There's a lab today? A vague memory of the teacher mentioning a lab surfaced from the depths of his mind. Oh yeah! Lab! He felt the excitement bubble in his chest at the thought of performing chemistry.

"Um, I mean..." Sasuke stuttered as Naruto snapped back to awareness. The teme looked lost, the usual stoic mask missing from his graceful face. A smile spread itself across Naruto's lips, an inexplicable happiness rising from his chest as he saw the true face of Sasuke.

"Yeah! Today we get to light magnesium and..." Naruto began rambling again, amazed at the relief that washed over Sasuke's face as the worry was replaced with the ever-present stoic shroud. Naruto felt his forehead crease slightly, his mind trailing off. Sasuke was not a lab person. Why was he so excited?

The day passed quickly as Naruto blurred through his classes. Spanish blended into math into art into English. His mind raced, exploring every possibility as to the cause of Sasuke's sudden interest in the chemistry lab. Usually all the teme did during labs was read a book. Definitely not that exciting. Naruto was lost in his thoughts, not realizing chemistry had come until he stood in front of the door, staring blankly into the classroom. His excitement returned as he walked in, grabbing the necessary items directed by the teacher. He watched the door anxiously, waiting for his lab partner to appear in his usual bored fashion.

Naruto shoved the safety goggles on his nose, anticipation building. His mind still buzzed with thoughts of Sasuke. What was so interesting about this lab?

Suddenly, the handsome figure of his lab partner appeared in the door. Naruto's breath caught in his throat at the sight of the glossy black hair, the soft white skin, the sturdily built body- all belonging to the remarkably unexcited-looking Sasuke. However, the bored look fell off the handsome face when Sasuke's gaze fell on Naruto. The dark obsidian eyes gleamed with the same brilliance Naruto had seen in his delusion the previous afternoon. He felt a blush creep up his neck and tried to suppress it.

The lab flew past, each new reaction causing Naruto to gaze on in wonder at the burning magnesium. He snuck glances carefully at the usually-passive face of Sasuke, each time staring in wonder at the excitement on the teme's face. It seemed like seconds rather than minutes until the lab was finished. Naruto made his way lazily to his desk, the chemistry buzz calming down.

He heard the soft rustling of paper towel from the lab tables. Turning around he spotted Sasuke mindlessly twirling paper towel into a long cord-like shape. Laughing quietly, Naruto stood up and sauntered back to Sasuke, who seemed to be lost in his daydreams.

"Looks like I'm not the only one who will be writing the short bus today, teme," Naruto laughed, elbowing Sasuke in the ribs playfully. His stomach jerked strangely as he saw a faint pink cover the bridge of Sasuke's nose. Embarrassed, he looked at the paper towel in Sasuke's hands. "and what are you doing with that piece of paper?" he asked, snatching it from Sasuke's idle fingers. The paper was wrinkly and rolled up loosely.

An idea exploded inside Naruto's head. He was already laughing at his own chemistry humor as he said, "I think it was a bracelet you were trying to create!" Gleefully he grabbed Sasuke's surprisingly warm hand in his own, tying the paper towel rope around the strong wrist of his best friend. "There, like a chemical bond," he exclaimed, internally laughing at his own nerdy joke. "We're friends forever!"

A smile covered Naruto's face as a peculiar fuzzy sensation traveled down his spine at his own words. He slowly dropped his hand down Sasuke's, lingering a little too long for friendly contact. Suddenly, shocks traveled up and down his arm as he felt Sasuke's fingertips grab onto his own, if only for a second. Naruto felt his heart nearly explode as he felt hesitation in Sasuke's movements.

He dropped his hand and Sasuke tore the paper from his wrist. "Weirdo," was the reply he received. His heart sank slightly as Sasuke walked back to his desk as if nothing had occurred. Had he imagined the slight grasp of Sasuke's hand? Was it another delusion?

He dropped his gaze as he blushed slightly. Surely he had imagined the whole thing.


He looked tentatively at his dark-haired best friend. His heart took off as he saw the crumpled end of a paper towel cord peek out the top of the teme's pocket. His head filled with a pleasant buzz and a silly grin settled on his face.

Yeah, forever...

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