{A Lone Wolf's Heart}{InuYasha-Naruto crossover} {Sasuke/OC, InuYasha/OC}

Scroll One: The Last of her Clan: A Special Girl with a Dangerous Gift

-Konoha, Hokage's office-

An old man sits at a desk reading over something. He is known as Sarutobi, or Sundaime Hokage(the third fireshadow). He looks up to see a Chuunin enter his office. The Chuunin has tanned skin, a scar across his nose, and his dark brown hair in a ponytail. He is Umino Iruka.

"You called for me Lord Hokage?" Iruka asks as he bows.

"Yes, I wanted to inform you that you will have a new student this year."

"Who is it and when will they be arriving?"

"Her name is Tenshi-Okami Amaya. She will be returning here on May 23rd, her 14th birthday."

"The Tenshi-Okami clan left Konoha two months before the Kyuubi attacked, didn't they?"

"Yes. Amaya is the last of her clan. Everyone else was killed seven years ago. According to the mayor of Azarni, the only reason she survived is because she was in town buying something for her new-born cousin. The boy hadn't even been named and his body was never found."

"That's horrible-wait, did you say Azarni?" The Hokage nods. "They went there?!That village is built on the ruins of a cursed temple!"

"Iruka calm down. Amaya is from one of our strongest ninja clans. She'll be a fine ninja like her parents and everyone else from her clan. They moved to that village for Amaya's safety. She is blessed with her clan's bloodline."

"The Storm Eyes? She'll be an outcast when she comes here then."

"Yes, but she is strong."


-Azarni, the village of thistle flowers-

A balding middle-aged man watches as the young 13-year-old girl who had become known as the village's lone wolf guardian trains with her sword in the forest. Her long black hair flows gently in the summer wind as her sword glistens in the light of the setting sun, reflecting her dark green eyes perfectly.

"Gathering firewood for the storehouse again Amaya?" the man asks as he walks over to her.

"Hm? Oh, Mayor Ryu. Yes." she replies in her cold voice.

"Let me help." He helps her gather the firewood that she had cut with her sword. "You know you have to leave in the spring Amaya."

"Hai, I know."

-Mayor's POV-

'She hasn't been the same since that day. She used to be so happy. Now she's lonely but she still cares about the village and its people even if she won't let herself get close to anyone. I know she doesn't want to lose anyone else she cares for.' I think as I watch Amaya take the cart of firewood to the village storehouse. 'No one in the village wants to lose her either. The boys drool over her and everyone idolizes her even though she's got the ears and tail of a wolf because of her family's bloodline.'

Scroll Two: Friends from the other side: the portal in the temple ruins

-Amaya's(your-my) POV-

It's sunset and I'm walking towards the shrine at the entrance to the temple, or what's left of it rather, and my favorite training place, the underground remains of the temple.

'Mid-summer...I have to return to Konoha in less than a year according to my father's wishes. I remember a little bit of the place but not much. I know I was born there and we moved while I was still a baby.' I think as I walk past the graveyard. I say I silent prayer for those buried there, especially my family.

-At temple ruins-

"What are you doing here?"a guy calls.

"Training. What does it look like I'm doing?" I say smartly knowing who it is. "I'm guessing the portal opened. So what are you two doing here?"

"We came to visit." he says as he steps into the light that's filtering down from outside through the cracks in the walls and ceiling.

"Don't listen to him Amaya. You know Miroku's only here to-" a little kid's voice says as Miroku puts his hand over the kid's mouth.

"That's enough Shippo," Miroku tells the little fox demon.

"Whatever." I say and roll my eyes as I begin practicing with my sword while Miroku goes off somewhere. About an hour or so later I go to the village gates and continue practicing as I keep guard, Shippo watching from atop the gates.

"You know you should come visit us in our world. My friend InuYasha wants to meet you."

"Then bring him with you next time Shippo. The portal doesn't open from our side remember?" I remind him as I jump up on the gates and sit next to him.

"Oh yeah. Sorry I forgot."

"It's ok."

"Why don't you open up to people more? You're always so anti-social."

"Shippo you know that you, Miroku, and the others are the only ones I've opened up to. I don't want to lose anyone else that I care about. Right, Frost?" I ask and as if on cue my little two-tailed white & black demon fox, who happens to voice most of my inner not-so-polite thoughts, jumps up on Shippo's head and looks at me with her ice-blue eyes. (think of Kirara only colored differently)

"[Shippo's right. You should be more social.]" Frost says happily (her voice is like that of Tony-Tony Chopper from One-Piece. Only Amaya, Shippo & three other characters can understand Frost without the aid of a special device. Everyone else just hears yipps, barks, and growls coming from her).

"That's a very wise observation Frost," Shippo comments.

"Frost! Even you're against me. Ugh. And they wonder why I'm anti-social most of the time." I say as my wolf ears twitch. "Sounds like Miroku just got thrown out again."

"Sounds like it. We'd better go before he gets in anymore trouble." Shippo says as Frost jumps down from his head and onto the gates.

"Alright. Tell everyone I said hello." I call as Shippo goes and drags Miroku from the fanciest restaurant in town and off to the temple ruins where the portal to their world lies.

"[Bye.]" Frost calls after them.

Scroll Three- A Fox's Gift: Precious Memories of Mid-Winter

-6 months later, Amaya's(your/my) POV-

"Frost, are you crazy?! It's 30 below 0 out there and you want to go play?! Not to mention there's another five feet of snow out there from last night's storm!" I snap as I put some wood on the fire.

"[Please big sis? Mid-winter is the best time to play in the snow.]" Frost begs, like she does every winter when it's freezing cold outside.

"Not all of us have a fur coat to keep us warm. Last time we went out in weather like this I was in bed with the flu for a month because someone wanted to go build a snow-ninja."

"[Oh please Amaya? I want to show you something,]" she gives me a puppy dog, er fox cub, pout.

"Fine, but only for a half-hour. It's too cold to be out any longer than that." I say as I get my winter coat and sneakers. I had lost to my fox brat once again. 'This is the last time I let her drag me out into the snow.' I tell myself even though I know full well she'll trick me into it again later.

-outside in the snow-

"F-frost, it's f-freezing out h-here. H-how l-long will t-this t-take?"I ask shivering, my teeth chattering.

"[Not too long. Watch.]"

So I watch as Frost is surrounded in ice and transforms into a huge demon fox like our friend Sango's demon fox Kirara, only Kirara is surrounded by flames when she transforms.

"That's awesome Frost!" I congratulate her, forgetting how cold I am for the moment. "What's with the goofy smile?"

"[That's the happiest I've heard you in years. You actually smiled.]"

"Don't get used to it. You know I'm only like this when it's just us."

"[I know but still...seeing you smile again is the best Christmas gift ever, even if the new collar you got me is handmade.]"

"Glad you like it. I didn't even bother hiding the box since you would've found it anyway, like you do every year." I say, rolling my eyes as I start for the door.

"[Are you going to open mine?]" Frost asks as she returns to her normal size and follows me inside.

"Christmas isn't until tomorrow."

"[So? I already opened my gift and I know how you are Amaya. If I don't make you open it, you never will. Why do you think there are always presents under the tree? Because you let yourself get depressed every time you see the last gift your parents left you from seven years ago that you never opened because they wouldn't be there.]"

"Frost, I told you before. I'll open that gift when we celebrate our first Christmas at home, in Konoha, where we were both born."

"[Oh alright.]"

"Get the gifts. I'll open mine after you put your new collar on." I sigh while trying to get the fire burning again.

-10 minutes later-

"Wow, Frost this is beautiful." I say as I admire the pendant Frost had given me. 'I know the chain is the one I lost about seven months ago while cleaning the house but the crystal charm has claw marks on it so I'm gonna guess Frost carved this herself.' "Thank you so much Frost. You remembered that our clan's symbol is a wolf with angel wings howling at a full moon."

"[You're welcome. It's so that you know that no matter what happens me and the rest of our clan will always be with you.]"

"Who knew a gift from a fox could mean so much to someone who gets called a wolf demon when she's just a normal girl?"

"[You call having wolf ears and a tail normal?]"

"For me it is." I say laughing as I roast some marshmallows on the fire for us.

Scroll Four - A Story of the Past: Ninja's NOT Welcome in Azarni

-Sometime in Early April, Amaya's POV-

"[There's a letter for you from the Hokage.]" Frost says as she brings me a letter. I put away the kunai I had been practicing with and take the letter.

"Thanks Frost." I say before reading the letter. "Great. Due to possible threats on my life I'm going to have ninja escorts to Konoha. They'll be here May 9th so they can rest for a week before we leave for Konoha."

"[Great. As long as they don't attack or cause trouble everything'll be fine.]"

"Tch. If they've heard of what happened when those Cloud Jounin attacked then they'll be too scared to attack. They'll just call me a wolf demon like every other stranger that comes to our village after hearing the story does. Maybe I should hide my ears and tail somehow."

"[It's called turning your ears inside out and wearing a hat while having a jacket tied around your waist to hide your tail genius.]"

"Maybe but I doubt it. That's not like me. I'd rather just be insulted."

-Meanwhile In Konoha, Hokage's office-

A Jounin in a green jumpsuit with a black bowl cut, bushy eyebrows, and a red headband around his waist enters the Hokage's office with his team following him. A miniature clone of himself, a brown-haired, brown-eyed girl in a pink oriental-style shirt and dark blue-green cargo capris, and a guy with long dark hair in a low ponytail and lavender-white eyes wearing a white baggy t-shirt and black shorts with bandages covering his right arm and leg enter the office behind the Jounin and bow to the Hokage.

"You called for us Lord Hokage?" the man asks.

"Yes, Gai. You and your squad will be traveling to Azarni to escort someone here. That is if your squad can handle it," the Hokage tells him.

"I'm sure they can," Gai says confidently. "Don't you agree my youthful students?"

"Without a doubt Gai-senei!" the clone shouts.

"Lee, knock it off," the girl says hitting him. "I'm sorry about him, Lord Hokage."

"It's alright Tenten," the Hokage says smiling at her.

"Who is it we'll be guarding?" the guy with the lavender-white eyes asks.

"Good question Neji. Who is it?" Lee asks.

"A girl about a year younger than you three by the name of Tenshi-Okami Amaya." the Hokage states.

"I've heard of her. The wolf demon that killed a Jounin from the Hidden Could Village when she was eight, right?" Tenten asks.


"Lee calm down," Neji snaps.

"Tenten's right. She did kill a Cloud Village Jounin but it wasn't for fun. Reports from Azarni say it was in defense of a villager and every report says the same thing. She's not dangerous unless you attempt to harm the village or its inhabitants," Gai states.

"This'll be interesting. I'm in," Tenten says as Neji and Lee nod in agreement.

"Good. You four leave May 2nd. You are to arrive at Azarni with a week of leaving. You will spend a week there resting, helping Amaya pack, and earning her trust. You are to be back here by no later than May 23rd. Understood?"

"Hai, Lord Hokage," Gai and his team say as they bow and leave the office.