Scroll Nine - Amaya's Curse!: Stage One: Night of the Full Moon!

-Uncle Kakashi's house, about an hour after moonrise-

I sigh deeply as I lean against the wall in my room, the light from the full moon slowly washing over me.

"[You can't hide in your room all night,]" Frost calls from her spot on my bed on the other side of the room.

"I can as long as Uncle Kakashi doesn't-dammit," I grumble as I leave my room. Uncle Kakashi had called for me the moment I had said his name.

"[Wait up!]" Frost says as she runs out of the room and jumps up on my head. "[I'm not about to miss this show.]"

"Yeah, I wish I could miss it though."

-Kakashi's POV-

"Amaya, come down here," I call to my niece from the kitchen. "I've got a letter for you."

"I'm coming, I'm coming," she says from the hall as she reaches the doorway to the kitchen. I look over at her and my eye widens a bit.

"What?" the teen snaps, her bluish white wings and matching wolf-like ears and tail twitching dangerously.

"Who are you?" I ask cautiously, the blue haired girl's dark green eyes being the only thing recognizable about her.

-Amaya's POV-

I sigh and sit down at the table across from my uncle. Frost jumps down onto the table and lays there laughing.

"Uncle Kakashi, it's me, Amaya," I tell him. 'Shut it Frost.'

~It's funny though.~

"How is it you? You look completely different."

"It's part of a curse I got back in Azarni. I'll only look like this for tonight," I explain, motioning to my wings, off-colored ears and tail, and wavy dark blue hair.

"Ok, but why did you change? And how did you get the curse anyway?" Uncle Kakashi asks, curiosity lacing his voice.

"It's a full moon. I change into this thing every month on the full moon," I sigh unhappily, folding in my wings. "And as for how I got the curse, let's not go there. I made a wish to not be a demon anymore about a month after the last time I lost control but something went wrong so now I'm a half-demon with a curse."

"Alright, that makes some sense. You'll be back to normal by morning I suppose?" Uncle Kakashi asks and I nod. "Good. Anyway, this letter came about a half hour ago by way of an arrow. It's addressed to you."

I take the letter happily, already knowing that it was from Mina.

`May, please come home! It's boring without you here! Anyhow, what's it like in Konoha? Who're you staying with? I sensed a third chakra with yours and Frost's when I started writing this. You're ok, right? Right?! As long as you're alright, what're the people there like? That Neji kid and the creepy Lee and his sensei were annoying but that Tenten girl seemed pretty cool. Oh yeah, have any fanboys yet and are there any really cute guys(not counting that idiot Neji of course)? Write back soon, ok?



p.s. don't let the full moon bother you too much ok?`

"Anything wrong?" Uncle Kakashi asks when I shake my head laughing to myself.

"Mina's just really random and hyper, that's all," I say laughing.

"I didn't think you could laugh," Uncle Kakashi states with a raised eyebrow.

"I can, I just usually don't have a reason to unless Mina and I are doing something stupid," I reply simply as I scoop Frost up into my arms, Mina's letter held securely between her teeth. "Frost and I are going to bed," I yawn.

"Alright," Uncle Kakashi says. "Sleep well so that you're normal by morning."

"I will. Night Uncle Kakashi," I say and kiss his cheek before going back to my room and going to bed with a small smile on my face. It felt good to know I have a real family again and not only a best friend whose family considers me a part of their own.

Scroll Ten - The Academy: Hated Once Again. Or Not?

I yawn and stretch as the morning sun finally decides to come through the window. I look over at my alarm clock and frown.

"Only six o'clock?" I mutter and go back to writing a letter to Mina.

"[Why'd you get up early when you're not a morning person?]" Frost asks from her spot on the bed.

"Not sure really," I shrug as I tie the letter to the arrow Mina had almost killed my uncle with yesterday.

I attach a chakra target next to my window so Mina's return arrow won't nearly kill Uncle Kakashi again. I fire the arrow and set the emerald green bow engraved with gold vines that Mina had gotten me for my birthday last year on my desk. I gather up a few notebooks and some other things I would need for my first day of class at the Academy.

"[All set?]" Frost asks as she jumps atop my head.

"Yeah," I nod and go downstairs to see if Uncle Kakashi's home. I sigh and leave for the Academy after finding out that Uncle Kakashi had already left.

Frost and I reach the Academy a half hour early and wander around until we find the right room. I rest my elbows on a windowsill near the middle of the room and gaze out at the mountain side I had learned is the Hokage Monument.

"[No walk through the forest this morning?]"

"No, that's this afternoon so I can find a training spot," I whisper as I glance behind me at a raven haired guy around my age opening the door to the classroom 'Frost, let's keep our conversations telepathic when people we don't know are around, ok?'

~You mean everyone except Naruto, Kiba, Uncle Kakashi, and Mina when she decides to visit?~


~No problem but you gotta admit the raven in the seat diagonal from where we're standing is kinda cute.~

'You're sitting on my head so it doesn't count,' I glare up at her before glancing at the guy. 'He's not that cute.'

~You're right. He's not cute, he's gorgeous. Mina'd agree on that one.~

"Stupid fox," I mutter under my breath, making the raven look over at me. 'His eyes are like ours only he's hidden the pain and suffering a lot more that either Mina or Naruto ever have.'

~Looks like you found a twin.~

'Shut it.'

The raven and I lock eyes and we study each other by our eyes for a few minutes. He blinks and looks at Frost while I glare at her as she chases her tails atop my head.

"What is that thing doing?" he questions.

"Going crazy apparently," I sigh. "And she's a two-tailed fox, not a thing," I add, an edge to my voice.

The raven 'hn's and goes back to glaring a hole in the front wall. I sigh and look back out the window. By the sun, it's about quarter after seven and class'll be starting soon. I smile a bit as I see Naruto and Kiba enter the classroom through the reflection in the window. At exactly twenty after seven, the teacher shows up.

"Class, we have a new student with us. Please make her feel at home," the brown haired Chuunin says as he motions for me to come stand by him. "Everyone, this is Tenshi-Okami Amaya," I flinch slightly at my last name, some of the students whispering immediately afterwards.

'Here we go again,' I sweatdrop as my new sensei points to a seat near Kiba and Naruto. I look straight ahead as some students glare at me and others continue to whisper. A pink-haired girl raises her hand as I near her seat, mine being only two rows behind hers.

"Iruka-sensei," the girl calls, "why is the Hokage allowing someone from a clan of bakemono to attend the Academy?" I lock eyes with her for a few seconds before continuing to my seat.

"The Tenshi-Okami clan is not a clan of monsters Sakura," Iruka-sensei informs the pink haired bitch girl and everyone else that had been whispering other old rumors about my clan. "The Tenshi-Okami clan was one of the clans that was willing to sacrifice everything to help protect Konoha during the war. You should show Amaya and her clan some respect."

"But that clan is filled with blood thirsty killers!" a girl with light blonde hair and blue eyes adds in.

I glare at the blonde and instinctively bite my tongue, literally, as I take my seat in front of Kiba and Naruto. Those girls have no idea how much those words sting.


"S-she's a monster!" a Cloud Jounin shouts.

"Y-youkai!" an Azarni village calls.

"She's no different from the other monsters in her clan!"

Everything comes back into focus as I feel the villagers staring at me. I had blacked out and apparently killed one of the Cloud Jounin that were trying to raid the temple ruins. I hadn't realized what I'd done until I see the blood of the dead Jounin on my katana.

-End Flashback-

"So what?" Kiba's voice pulls me out of my thoughts. "Amaya's clan's got a bad history but that doesn't mean she's like those other members of her clan."

"Kiba," I smile back at him gratefully, my voice unnaturally quiet.

"That doesn't mean she can be trusted," the same blonde girl says. "She's got her clan's demon traits."

"So she's different, big deal! Amaya's really nice and caring so don't talk about her like that!" Naruto shouts from beside Kiba.

"Naruto, Kiba, thank you," I whisper. 'Maybe this won't be so bad after all.'

~Just ignore those idiots.~ Frost advises from her spot on my lap.

"Who cares about what those losers say!" the blonde girl shouts. "People in her clan that have the marks of demons are known for killing! She's got the demon marks and has probably killed someone already! She's here so she can kill us!"

"That's enough Ino," Iruka-sensei states calmly. "I'm sure Amaya can be trusted so there's no need to worry."

"But sensei-" the blonde Ino starts.

"I said that's enough," Iruka-sensei says sharply and Ino and Sakura fall silent. "Today's lesson is a review on the basics of chakra."

I sit quietly and listen to Iruka-sensei's lesson, hoping it'll drown out the whispering from around the class. The lesson doesn't help any though. I had been taught how to be a shinobi as soon as I could walk and had taught Mina this stuff when we met to try and put my clan's massacre out of my mind.

~At least not everyone hates you.~

'True but I'd rather have the guys hate me instead of having them drooling while calling me a youkai and bakemono but it's better than nothing and at least I've got Kiba and Naruto on my side.'


'Too bad Mina's not here though.'

~Yeah, someone'd be dead with her temper.~


Scroll Eleven - A Promise: A Secret About Mina

-midnight, three weeks later-

"What are you up to?" Uncle Kakashi asks and I freeze on the spot.

"Nothing, just going for a walk," I reply innocently. Years of practice getting out of trouble for pranks helps a lot.

"So you're trying to sneak out at midnight for a walk, eh? Nice try."

I sigh and walk away from the door. I've been in Konoha for three weeks and I know my way around perfectly. I sit down in the living room across from my uncle.

"Can I go out for a walk, Uncle Kakashi?" I ask sweetly.

"Not at midnight when you've got school in the morning," my jaw drops and I pout cutely. "I know what you're trying to find out about Mina."

"W-what?" I ask, a bit worried that Uncle Kakashi knows why I've been sneaking out. 'I'm gonna be killed.'

Uncle Kakashi sighs, "I'm not supposed to say anything but I will tell you that she was born in Konoha and that her twin brother still lives here."

"Wait, what?" I ask, not believing what I had just heard. "Say that again."

"You heard me but I never told you that, you used your bloodline to probe someone's mind on accident."

"No problem," I say smiling. "Thank you Uncle Kakashi but wh would you tell me and risk getting in trouble?"

"Because it's better than risking you getting locked up for sneaking into the Hokage's office almost every night. You promise right?"

I smile and nod. "You rock Uncle Kakashi. I swear I won't say anything to anyone until Amaya comes to visit."