It Must Be Fate

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Summary: Ryoma and Sakuno were in love but they were too stubborn to confess to each other. When Sakuno was told that she was engaged with someone, what will Ryoma do to stop the engagement? RxR

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Chapter 1

Sakuno sighed for the umpteenth time that day. She tucked her auburn tresses behind her ear and focused on the movement of the people on the tennis court. She was standing outside the fence surrounding the court, and her mind drifted to the event that had happened last night.


"M – Marriage?" Sakuno gasped as if the words were like venom in her mouth.

Ryuuzaki Sumire shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

The two were currently having dinner in their house. Sumire knew it was a bad time to tell her granddaughter that she was engaged to someone, but she just couldn't keep it to herself anymore.

"Yes, Sakuno," she looked at her granddaughter sadly. "Your parents stated this term in their will."

Sakuno's eyes widened. Her parents died in an ill-fated accident when she was 5 years old. Both of her parents were on the plane for a business meeting in another country when it crashed. Unfortunately, both of her parents died on the spot. She came to live with her grandmother since then.

"B – but Obaa-chan, I'm just 18!" she said, her body shaking uncontrollably; the chopsticks in her hand looked like it was about to snap.

"I know, Sakuno," Sumire sighed tiredly. "But you don't have to do it if you don't want to."

Sakuno remained motionless and was deep in thought.

'If I were to marry someone then Obaa-chan wouldn't worry about me anymore,' she thought.

With determination in her eyes, she took a deep breath and then exhaled.

"All right," she paused. "I will get married."

Sumire was shocked by her decision but remained her composure. "You don't have to do this, Sakuno."

She shook her head. "I want to."

Sumire sighed in defeat.

"So when is the wedding?" Sakuno asked bitterly.

"After you graduate," Sumire replied hesitantly.

Sakuno's mouth formed an "O" shape and she tried to dissolve the information that she just received.

"B – But that is the day after tomorrow!" she shouted.

"I'm not forcing this on you," Sumire said assuringly.

Sakuno put her chopsticks down. An image of a certain dark-green haired boy with golden feline eyes popped into her mind.

'Ryoma-kun,' she thought.

"I'll do it," she said as she felt her world crumbling.

She was too deep in her own thoughts to even realize that her grandma was telling her who her future husband was.

End Flashback…

She sighed again and gripped her hands on the fence. She glanced over at the direction of a certain tennis player. His form was graceful and his skills were top-notch, and he was also in her year.

His name was Echizen Ryoma, the captain of Seigaku Tennis Club. He was considered a prodigy because he was doing so well in his academic and also non-academic curriculum.

Ryoma was named as the captain by Tezuka, the former captain, as he and the other sempais graduated from Seigaku 2 years ago. However, they still come to the school for their morning practice and have a match against each other before going to each other's way.

Most of the girls at their school fawned over him and called him a Prince. He even has his own fan club, and the president was her best friend, Tomoka Osakada, which reminded her of the current situation.

She was surrounded by a crowd of Ryoma's fangirls who were rooting for him to win the match against Momo-senpai. Whenever he would glance at her direction, the rest of the girls' thought that he was taking a second glance at them and would scream more loudly. She thought that she would become deaf sometime soon if they didn't stop. But to her embarrassment, her own best friend was the loudest.

She cheered for him silently and muttered "Ganbatte ne, Ryoma-kun."

The game ended and Ryoma won the game with 6-4, and the fangirls started acting hysterically. Some of them started to come closer to get a better glimpse of 'Ryoma-sama' causing Sakuno to fall onto the hard ground.

"Itai!" she yelped in pain.

She looked at her left knee, and saw that it was scraped by the impact of her fall. There was some blood oozing from the injury, and she was getting dizzy from the sight of her blood. So dizzy that she didn't realize 'Ryoma-sama' was heading to her direction.

Ryoma ignored the squealing and screaming made by his fangirls. He was more worried that his favorite cheerleader was on the ground, and her knee was injured by her fall.

Unconsciously, his body made its way to her side and picked her up effortlessly.

'She is so light,' he thought and inhaled her cherry scented shampoo.

Sakuno blushed at his action, and she could feel the invisible daggers thrown at her by the fangirls.

"R – Ryoma-kun, put me d – down!" she tried to wriggle her way out, but his grip on her was too tight.

Ryoma smirked at her meaningless effort and simply replied, "Yadda."

Sakuno pouted and then she let him carry her to the infirmary. She could hear sniggers and laughter from his senpai saying 'So young, so young.'

She could feel herself blush more when Tomoka shouted, "You go girl!"

When they reached the infirmary he let her sit on one of the bed. She watched him as he took the band-aids and crouched in front of her. He inspected her knee, and then took some ointment. He cleaned the wound first before applying the ointment on her knee.

She hissed in pain and closed her eyes as tears formed behind the lids.

When she opened her eyes again, she saw that he was bandaging her knee ever so gently. She blushed with this action and tried to make a decent conversation with him.

"T – The n – nurse is not h – here," she stuttered.

"She's sick," he replied. "She'll be back within a week."

"A – ano," she wondered. "H – how do y – you know t – that?"

"It's on the board," he pointed at the small whiteboard across the room.

"O – oh," was her only reply.

"Um, R – Ryoma-kun," she stuttered. "A – Arigatou."

He stood up and then leaned closer to her face. He placed both of his hands on her sides, which prevented her movement. She blushed more if that was even possible.

"R – Ryoma-kun?"

Sakuno could feel his sweet breath on her face, and she prayed that he didn't hear the sound of her throbbing heartbeat.

"I want something in return," he said huskily.

"W – What is it?" she stuttered again.

"This," he said and kissed her.

There was nothing tentative about the kiss – his mouth covered hers as his hand cupped her face, and he kissed her fully, holding nothing back, and she felt a tremor dancing through her body, something she'd never felt before. Except in her dreams.

The kiss had been so passionate that Sakuno didn't realize that they were now lying on the bed with Ryoma on top. He managed to unbutton the tops of her uniform and pulled down her skirt revealing her lacy white underwear.

He tossed her skirt on the floor and pressed his body closer to her, trying to feel as much flesh as he could.

Sakuno gave in to the sweet temptation and surrendered to his kisses. She was back to reality when she felt his bare hand cup her breast. The tingling feeling of his skin touching her made her more aroused than before.

"R – Ryoma-kun," she moaned. "S – Stop!"

Sakuno suddenly realized that she was half-naked on the bed with the man that she loved dearly. Her face flushed, and then she pulled at the sheet, covering her whole body.

"Tell me one reason why I should do that." Ryoma took the edge of the sheet, tugging gently.

Ryoma looked at her as she laid on the bed, swaddled like a mummy, her auburn curls tangled around her pale face, and she looked like an angel.

She was the most luscious thing he'd ever seen in his entire life: smooth, creamy skin, smallish breast, and her body were soft, small and sleek. He knew he was in love with her.

"I – I'm e – engaged!" she cried but regretted what she said afterwards.

She peered over the sheet and looked at his face. She could not decipher the expression on his face as it was hidden by his bangs.

"R – Ryoma-kun?" she was scared by the sudden silence.

Suddenly, he pulled the sheet down, away from her body, tossing it on the floor beside the bed. He leaned closer and he made a human cage around her.

"To whom?" he said darkly.

Sakuno was lost for words. She was scared with the man on top of her. His eyes flashed, like lightning, and it was evident that he was angry.

"I d – don't know!" she confessed and closed her eyes.

She opened one eye, cautiously, then the other. She looked at him as he looked like he was thinking something serious.

"Ahh, the hell with it," he swore at last.

She shrieked at his sudden action as he reached for the top of her underwear, pulling it down her legs. He threw the underwear to the floor and then pulled her towards him and put his mouth between her legs.

Sakuno let out a loud shriek but then clamped her hands on her mouth, afraid that someone would hear her from outside.

Ryoma continue to suck her and he was more aroused when he heard her moan so deliciously to him. It was hard for him to admit that he was thankful that his father's magazine had come in handy.

There was once at night when he would learn about women's anatomy and how to pleasure the woman that he loved from those dirty magazines. He would sometimes masturbate in his bedroom while thinking about the woman that he was pleasuring in front of him.

"S – Stop it, Ryoma-kun!" she said, a thread of desperation in her voice. Her hands clutched his shoulders, pushing at him.

"Yadda," he replied as he continued pleasuring her.

He slid his middle finger deep inside her, with his tongue, his lips, his teeth, until she was sobbing, rigid, gasping for breath as she began to spasm, her body contracting in helpless pleasure.

When he sat back on his heels, kneeling between her legs, she tried to curl up, in on herself, hiding her face, hiding her body, sobbing, and he knew if he let her she'd keep hiding.

He covered her body with his and kissed her. He hadn't realized how fucking hard he was. He wanted to touch everything, inside and out, he wanted to take her places he barely knew himself.

In a swift moment, he took all of his clothing off him; leaving him naked and so painfully aroused he didn't know if he'd ever manage to get off.

Then, Ryoma slid tight into her, impossibly large for her. She was crying and trying to push him off her but he wouldn't let her. He plunged into her deeper as he felt the barrier that guarded her innocence.

Sakuno cried in pain and pleasure as he pumped into her, slowly at first, but gathering speed, murmuring sweet nothings to her. Moans and groans were heard in the room as they gave in to the sweet pleasure.

Sakuno didn't really care about her so-called fiancée at the moment. The only thing on her mind was the fact that they've became one. And then she convulsed, screaming, and he emptied the last of him into her, marking her as his, and he fell into her arms, spent and struggling for breath.

Ryoma nuzzled her neck until his breathing slowed and he pulled back far enough to look at her face. He was still embedded deep within her body and they could still feel the fluttery feeling on their stomach.

Carefully, he eased himself out of her. His golden eyes looked into hers, but he didn't utter a word. He studied her for a moment then he began taking all of his clothes on the floor as he put them on.

Sakuno watched him from the bed, feeling battered and exhausted. He'd just given her the most intense pleasure of her life, and now he calmly got dressed as if this sort of thing happened to him all the time. She could feel her tears rising. She was afraid if he said something nasty, like he always did, she'd shatter.

Ryoma took all of her clothing from the floor and placed them next to her.

"Get dressed," he said. "I'll be right back."

He looked at her one last time before he went out of the room. Once she was alone, she started to dress herself slowly, trying to ignore the pain coming from her lower region. She couldn't believe what she'd done. She had wild sex with the person that she was in love with for almost six years, in an infirmary with the door unlocked where anyone could have caught them.

Just as she pulled her socks and shoved her feet into her shoes, the door swung open, and Ryoma entered the room. He had their bags on his hands and he was observing her intently. She had trouble looking at him and stared at the ground, blushing furiously.

"I'm taking you home," he finally said. "I've already got the teacher's permission."

"H – How?" she asked him.

"I told them you're sick."

"I n – need to tell Tomoka-chan I'm leaving."

"She knows already," he replied. "Let's go."

When she took another step, she felt her legs turn wobbly and closed her eyes, waiting the impact of the cold, hard floor. Instead she felt two strong arms circling around her and a hard and firm chest was pressing up on her cheek.

Her mind was practically squealing and screaming with happiness, and her heart was beating in high-speed.

"You are clumsy as ever, Ryuuzaki,' he commented and smirked.

She pouted and then before she could retort, he was crouching in front of her.

"Come on, I'll carry you," he said.

She blushed more if that was even possible but complied and she wrapped her hands around him as he picked her up in a piggyback ride and walked out of the room with their bags in his hands.

The walk to her house was silent but it was comfortable. She rested her head on the crook of his neck and inhaled his smell. She sighed blissfully and savored their moments together.

When they reached her house, he let her down. He gave her bag as she kept her head down, embarrassed and happy at the same time.

"A – Arigatou, Ryoma-kun," she said shyly.

He didn't reply and watched her as she fished out her key to the house and unlocked the door. Before she entered the house, he grabbed her wrist and then turned her around. He leaned down and kissed her, hot and wet and open mouthed, but with unspeakable gentleness.

He gave her one last lick on her lips before leaning on her ear.

"I will not give you up to anyone," he said possessively.

She was dazzled and she could not say anything as she was overwhelmed by his charm.

He motioned for her to go inside and waited for her to lock the door before he walked away to his home.

Sakuno was in euphoria. She didn't believe that so much had happened to her in one day. As soon as she locked the door, she ran her way to the window nearby, trying to catch a glimpse of her prince.

The smile on her face flattened as the reality dawned to her; she was going to be married.

She sat on the floor and pulled her knees closer and hugged herself.

"It's going to be ok," she chanted to herself.

"I give myself to Ryoma-kun," she said convincingly to herself.

"I've already got what I wanted from him all this time."

To be continued…

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