It Must Be Fate

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5 years later…

Every seat in the tennis arena was packed with people who came to watch the tennis match of the year: the Grand Slam finals.

In the tennis court, two individuals were in total focus in winning the match and claiming the title as champion. Both of them had the height, strength and skill to put into the game; neither one of them was ready to back down.

A few meters away from the court, Echizen Sakuno attentively watched her husband.

Her heart fluttered with pride and love as she watched Echizen Ryoma counter every shot that was sent with ease.

But there was also something different about the movement made by the lad. Sakuno noted the way he handled his racket with his right hand when she knew that he would have used his left hand at this point of match.

She looked at the huge video scoreboard and frowned slightly. It showed the score with Ryoma leading four games to one.

Sakuno looked back at the match as she heard the announcer declared, "Game. Dmitri, two games to four."

Even though Ryoma was leading, the opponent was catching up.

"Damn it!" Momo cursed, clenching his fist. "What is he doing?"

"Nya! Could it be that Ochibi has lost his touch?" Eiji placed his hands on his face, with a horrified expression plastered on his face.

"It seems that there is something wrong with his left shoulder," Inui pressed his glasses closer to the bridge of his nose.

"You're right," Oishi leaned on his seat and take a closer look over Ryoma's movement.

"What do you think about Echizen's performance, Tezuka?" Fuji tilted his head to face the former captain.

"His focus is wavering," Tezuka simply replied with his arms crossed.

"Just as I thought," Fuji smiled and then returned his attention to the match in front of them.

"Eh?" Momoshiro looked at his former senpai. "What do you mean by that Fuji –senpai?"

"Just shut up and watch," Kaidoh groaned in frustration over the noise made by his former tennis teammates.

All the Seigaku senpai, including Tezuka, came to "support" Ryoma in competing in the final match and they had managed to force Ryoma to give them the tickets for free –which he did reluctantly.

"Shut up, Mamushi!" Momo –senpai clenched his fist and glared at Kaidoh.

"What did you just say?" Kaidoh grabbed Momoshiro by his collar.

"Shut it you two!" Ann and Tomoka thwacked their husband's head to settle them.

Momoshiro had proposed to Ann a few years ago. Kaidoh also proposed to Tomoka after that.

Both of them (Momoshiro and Kaidoh) refused to back down in who will get married sooner which resulted in a double wedding to avoid any conflict between the two.

Tomoka and Ann were more than happy to get married on the same day since it took both men a long time to propose to them.

Sakuno giggled at the sight before she turned her attention to her son who was tugging her dress.

"Yes, Ryuu?" Sakuno caress her five year old son.

Echizen Ryuu was the exact replica of his father except for his auburn hair which he inherited from Sakuno.

"Daddy looks hurt," his eyes full of worries. "Is it because of this morning?"

Sakuno smiled at her son. She remembered the incident that had happened earlier at their home.

Apparently, Ryuu had inherited Sakuno's clumsiness. Ryoma was just in time to save him before Ryuu fell down the stairs, hurting his left shoulder.

Ryuu blamed himself after that even though Ryoma assured him that he was okay and it wasn't Ryuu's fault.

Even after he said that, Sakuno knew that Ryoma was trying to keep the pain to himself. She noted the way he was trying to lessen the burden on his left shoulder and cringed whenever he tried to lift his shoulder above his head. But knowing Ryoma, he wouldn't admit that he was hurt.

"Don't worry," Sakuno caressed Ryuu's cheek assuring him. "He will be all right."

Sakura reached over her seat and patted her twin brother on his head. She was the female copy of Ryoma but like Ryuu, she inherited her auburn hair from her mother. Like her father, she had a blank expression on her face and rarely showed her emotions like her twin brother but everyone knew that she cared for her family.

"Saku –chan," Ryuu looked teary-eyed at his sister.

Sakura smile slightly and then she watched their father as he returned every shot to his opponent.

"Game," said the announcer. "Echizen, five games to two."

Suddenly, the sky rumble and then rain followed slowly after that.

The announcer immediately informed that the match would resume as soon as the rain stops and Sakuno watched as Ryoma went towards the tunnel he exited through between periods.

After a few minutes of waiting, it was apparent that the rain wasn't going to stop anytime soon.

"Echizen Sakuno?"

"Yes?" Sakuno glanced up at the man standing behind her chair and rose to her feet.

He wore a simple black trousers and blue t-shirt and a name tag pinned to his left pocket on his chest.

"I'm Gabriel Macauly-Leak, personnel for Echizen Ryoma. He asked me to come and find you."

"Umm," Sakuno glanced at the twins and wonder if she should bring them with her.

She knew that the place was full of reporters and was afraid that they would harm the children.

As if reading to her mind, Ann and Tomoka step in and take Ryuu and Sakura in their arms. "No worries, Sakuno," Tomoka assured her. "We'll take care of them."

"Yeah, Sakuno," Ann smiled. "We'll take care of them."

"Thank you." Sakuno bent down to kiss her Sakura and Ryuu on their head before she followed Gabriel inside the stadium.

They walked on thick, spongy rubber mats as they took a right and moved through a big room with a draped partition.

"We're almost there," Gabriel told her as they headed down the hallway.

Worry knotted her stomach, afraid that something has happened to her husband.

"Follow me and try to keep up."

Sakuno nodded and walked faster, catching up to him, and saw the men in security uniforms. As soon as they saw Gabriel, they nodded and then Gabriel ushered Sakuno to walk in front of him, passing the security.

Before she could go on any further, someone grabbed her wrist none too gently and stopped her movement.

Sakuno looked back at the person and saw someone who was wearing the same uniform as Gabriel, but then she realized that he was a reporter in disguise.

"Excuse me, miss," he said quickly. "Do you have a relationship with one of the tennis players? Is that why they allowed you to enter?"

"Sir, you are not allowed in this room," the security man said to the reporter.

The reporter gripped on to Sakuno's wrist with what felt like every ounce of his impressive strength. She sucked in her breath as dizzying pain seared through her arm.

"Excuse me…do you think you can let go of my hand, please? You're crushing it." Sakuno barely got the words out, trying to break free from his hold but the reporter pay no heed to her words.

"Keep your hands off my wife," Ryoma suddenly appeared behind her, grabbing the reporter's wrist and give him a death grip in return and pulled Sakuno to his chest as soon as the reporter releases her hand.

"Wife?" the reporter shouted animatedly. "Is it true, miss?"

Ryoma groaned for his carelessness and reached for Sakuno. All these time, he had been trying to keep his family away from the media. "Please escort the man out."

With much resistance, the reporter finally agreed to leave the place with the security guard dragging him towards the exit.

Ryoma scowled and wrapped his arm around Sakuno's waist and he led her to his changing room.

As soon as the door behind them closed, he lifted Sakuno's arm closer, to examine the reddening skin around her wrist and further up, near her elbow.

"He hurt you." His voice was throaty and there was a slight anger on his voice.

"I'm okay," she assured him.

Ryoma cupped her face and caressed her cheek gently.

She leaned into his touch and closed her eyes, enjoying the warmth that he was emitting.

She took off his familiar Fila cap and placed it on the table nearby, and then wrapped her arms around his neck and flattened herself against him.

"I'm getting you all sweaty," Ryoma said, smiling down at her.

"I don't care," she replied back with a smile. "I've missed you."

"I've missed you too."

After a moment of silent, Sakuno asked him, "How's your shoulder by the way?"

"So, you've notice?" Ryoma laughed sheepishly.

"Of course I noticed. Who do you think I am?"

Ryoma chuckled and hugged her back. "My little worrywart wife."

Sakuno narrowed her eyes at him, waiting for his answer.

"It's getting better," he finally replied. "Where's Ryuu and Sakura?"

"They're with Ann and Tomoka –chan," she replied, burying her face on the crook of his neck.

"Thank God," he replied. "I don't want my children to be corrupted by my senpais."

Sakuno gave him a twinkling laugh and he smiled back at the person he loved most.

"Sakuno?" Ryoma breathed in her scent.

"Hmm?" She lifted her head to look at him.

"I want more babies from you," he said bluntly.

Sakuno felt the familiar heat rushing on her face and she was speechless by his sudden proclamation.

"If we have one more addition to our family then I can play doubles with the children," he smirked.

"B –but I can play tennis with the three of you and we can still play doubles together," she mumbled.

Ryoma chuckled before saying, "I love you to death, but you're just clumsy."

She pouted at his statement and sighed.

He smiled and then he lifted her onto her toes and kissed her senseless.

Ryoma bunched the hem of her dress and slipped in one fist, holding them up as he shoved her silky panties down her thighs to her knees.

"N –Now?" Sakuno shuddered as he slid his fingers into her slick flesh, feeling herself slowly propelled toward climax with each caress.

"Now." He pulled down his tennis shorts and pushed his cotton briefs showing his arousal.

Ryoma lifted her and she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

"I thought your shoulder hurt?" she teased him.

"Not that bad." He smiled and then wrapped his hand around the shaft of his penis, nudging her slick opening.

Then, he forced her down as he thrust upward inside, stretching her and wondering if the voluptuous head of his arousal was hitting her womb. Both of them groaned as he withdrew, and then buried himself deep until there was nothing but intense pleasure.

The penetration was so powerful and complete, his knees buckled and for one tense moment she feared he might drop her, but he didn't.

His grip on her hips tightened; he withdrew then plunged into her again deeper.

"Sakuno," he gasped as his powerful body crushed her against the wall.

His chest heaved as he fought to pull air into his lungs, and his uneven breath whispered across her temple, the sound of his passion and pleasure were all the same.

Sakuno heard her heartbeat in her ears as he hammered into her, over and over, pushing her closer to orgasm with each thrust of his pumping hips.

She felt weightless as tremor upon tremor shook her, rippling across her flesh, and robbing her of her breath.

Her back arched and she clutched at his shirt. She opened her mouth to scream, but the sound died in her dry throat. His strong arms crushed her against his chest, his big shoulders shook, and he held her tight as wave after luscious wave continued to roll through her.

Her spasms had barely slowed when his began. A deep groan rumbled in his chest as he plunged into her.

He whispered her name one last time before he cried out as his seed spurted from him and filled his wife's body and, he hoped, her womb.

Saints, never had a woman loved a man more. His sunny wife had warmed his cool heart and brought light into places he'd not known were dark.

Until she'd touched him.

Gabriel led Sakuno back to her seat and was greeted by the mischievous smiles from her friends.

"W –what?" she blushed as she took her seat.

"It took you long enough to come back here," Tomoka smiled playfully while Ann nodded in agreement.

"It –it's just that there were reporters and…and…" Sakuno said defensively.

"Whatever, Sakuno," Ann laughed quietly. "We believe you."

Sakuno let out a sigh in defeat. There was no use in arguing, knowing that she wouldn't win in the conversation.

The weather had cleared up much to everyone's relief. It would be a few more minutes before the match continued.

Sakuno took a deep breath and then she blushed as she recalled the event that had just happened when they were in Ryoma's changing room.

She remembered the feeling of safety and pleasure in her husband's arms, and his masculine body and…

"Mama!" Ryuu shouted to call her attention.

"Y –yes, Ryuu?" Sakuno alarmed.

Ryuu pouted, crossing his arms and said, "I've been calling you for a while to ask about Daddy but you weren't listening!"

"S –sorry," Sakuno ruffled his hair. "He's fine, don't worry about it Ryuu."

"Yeah, Ryuu –chan," said Tomoka. "Your mother must have done something good since your father is catching up with his opponent."

"Tomoka –chan!" Sakuno blush furiously.

"Mama?" Sakura looked up to her mother and pointed her small finger at Sakuno's neck. "You have a mosquito bite on your neck."

Sakuno instantly reached her neck in a reflex action and blushed.

"Yep," Ann agreed and snickered. "Ryoma –san won't have a problem winning this game."

Before Sakuno could reply back, the speaker boomed and they announced that the match would resume in two minutes.

Sakuno spotted her husband as she saw him coming out of the tunnel. She smiled as she saw the sly grin on his face and the confidence that he released. And she was sure he would win the match.

"Go Ochibi!" Eiji and Momoshiro shouted excitedly.

"Fifteen love!" The chair umpire shouted as the Ryoma managed to strike the tennis ball over the net of the opponent's court.

"See, Ryuu –kun," taunted Tomoka. "You don't have to worry about your daddy after all."

"Mou Tomoka –chan," Sakuno sighed and blushed furiously.

The tennis match resumed with Ryoma scoring every shot that had been thrown at him.

"Twist serve!" Ryuu raised his hands in excitement.

Sakura clapped her hands as she saw her dad's most notable shot. It was actually the first technique that Ryoma taught his children.

"Game, set, match!" the chair umpire announces as the match ended. "Echizen; 6 games to 3."

The walls of the arena shook with their enthusiastic response. Thunderous applause rolled through the arena, chased by a maelstrom of several thousand cheering fans.

"He won!" Eiji and Momoshiro jumped on their seat.

Sakuno and the other senpais laughed and clapped their hands as Ryoma shook his hand with Dmitri and then with the person sitting on the chair umpire.

Then the personnel set up a podium at the end of the tennis court where the tennis players were given the winning trophy and medals.

Ryoma lifted his trophy and the crowd applauds. The trophy was made out of pure silver with finely etched decorations on the side.

Afterwards, Sakuno and the rest went to the Dressing Room to congratulate Ryoma only to be greeted by hordes of reporters.

He stood there with a blank expression on his face as the security guard protected him.

"Echizen –san!" A reporter shove his microphone to him. "Is it true that you're married?"

There were a murmur of agreement between the reporters and they tried to get the answer from him.

Ryoma sighed and when he turned to his right, he immediately saw Sakuno and his friends.

Eiji and Momoshiro had a mischievous glint on their eyes and then shoved Sakuno to Ryoma's side.

Ryoma caught her in his arms before she fall down to the floor and glared at the two.

"Is this your wife, Echizen –san?" one of the reporter asked.

Ryoma glanced at Sakuno and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, giving her a reassuring squeeze.

Sakuno nodded and understood what he was about to do.

His private life would be known publicly after this interview but they would protect each other and their children. They knew that they could do it as long as they had each other.

"One question at a time, ladies and gentleman, please." Ryoma raised his free hand to bring everyone to order, and she noticed how his relaxed tone of voice set everyone at ease.

The reporters immediately formed an arc around him. Ryoma gave them a look and they went scattering back. They remained a safe distance away from him, hovering like slavering hyenas as they bumped each other shamelessly in an attempt to capture both him and Sakuno in the same frame.

He went on to agree to answer three questions. After which he was sure they'd all want to get away.

He got them in the palm of his hand, Sakuno realized. The female reporters were practically panting to be first to ask him questions. They might as well have called out, 'Choose me! Choose me!' she thought tensely as a forest of red-gloss-tipped hands shot up.

How were they supposed to resist Ryoma's wicked smile when it was sending seismic signals through her own system?

Sakuno frowned. 'This is not the time to be jealous of them.'

The first question came from a young woman, who moistened her lips and arranged them in a pout before asking him, "So is it true that she is your wife?"

"Yes, she is my wife."

The reporter try to wait for more information to come out from Ryoma's mouth only failing to do so.

"For how long have you been married?" the same girl pressed. "And can you please elaborate further?"

"That's your second question. Don't you think you should give someone else a chance?" Ryoma replied coolly, sending her a glare at the same time.

Reluctantly, the girl stepped back.

After that, a well-known wily reporter from a national television-station stepped forward and asked the same question, with more relaxed laughter.

"We've been married for five years now," Ryoma glanced at Sakuno lovingly and elaborated no further.

"Have you got any children?" The reporter waited patiently for Ryoma to reply while the rest held a collective breath for they knew that was the last answer that they would get from him.

As if on a cue, Sakura and Ryuu ran to them hand in hand. The senpais gave the family a thumbs up and left them with the reporters.

Ryoma smirked as he lifted Ryuu up and straddled him on his hip while Sakuno carried Sakura, and then he said, "I've got two beautiful children…and counting."

Then he grabbed his wife's hand using his free hand. "I've answered your questions, now please leave us alone."

After the family had disappeared into his private room, the reporters were still reeling with surprise that the famous recluse had come out.

Ryoma, of course, was completely unmoved, and continued his verbal jousting as if nothing unusual had happened.

"What do you mean by counting, daddy?" Ryuu asked, still in his father's arms.

"It means that we're going to have another brother or sister," Sakura replied as soon as Sakuno let her down on the floor.

"Really?" Ryuu asked excitingly at no one particular.

"Really really," Ryoma replied as he let his son down. "If your mother allows me to play with her that is."

Sakuno blushed at his statement and punched his arm playfully. "Mou, Ryoma!"

"Play?" Ryuu asked innocently. "Is it like playing tennis, daddy?"

Ryoma ruffled his son's hair and replied, "More or less like tennis."

"Is it fun?" Sakura asked curiously.

Ryoma was grinning from ear to ear. "It sure is."

The twins hummed and nodded in understanding.

"Mou! Ryoma!" Sakuno flailed her hands in the air. "Stop corrupting their brains!"

"I'm not corrupting their brains," Ryoma winked at his wife. "I'm merely speaking the truth."

Before she could snap at him, Ryuu and Sakura asked their father to show them his new move, which he complied gladly.

Sakuno sighed but then she smiled when she looked at the scene in front of him.

Ryoma was showing their children one of his skill, Drive B.

Unconsciously, she reached for her slim stomach and smiled at the idea of having a baby again.

She wanted his child. To bear him fine sons and daughters and make their house ring with their laughter.

'Maybe getting pregnant again might not be a bad idea after all.'


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