Well the story has come to an end I hope you guys have enjoyed this story I know ive enjoyed writing it for you guys, if you like my laurane McDaniel stories I have written two others till death due us part the untold story and Katie's story both are good, please tell me how you enjoy them, and here is the epilogue to don't wait till angels close your eyes.


The sun rose bright and high in the Nappanee sky the air was chilled as often it is in

December, Leah sat at the table snapping sweet peas; her stomach was starting to swell

now and it was apparent she was pregnant, yes she was with their forth child, this one she

hoped was a little girl, so far Ethan and her had were three boys, Jacob, Jonah, and Neil.

"Ma Jonah took my bear" Leah frowned took in a deep breath and yelled out the door,

"JONAH GIVE NEIL HIS BEAR!" the seven year old nodded and handed his two year

old brother back the ragged bear that'd been sewed over once too much. Ethan pushed

open the door his hands full with more firewood for the slowly dying fire, behind him

trailed Jacob named for his grandfather with a single stick, even through he was only

seven he tried to be just like his father, strong and hard working, his twin Jonah tried in

the area of his fascination, his Dad's workshop. "Bed time you guys" Leah said as the

clock struck nine, "you guys are helping your dad in the fields tomorrow so daylight

comes early" ushering the kids into their room Leah looked in on the twins, she put her

hands on her hips, "I thought I told you to get into bed?"

"yeah mom but me and Jonah are seeing who can get into bed the slowest" Leah smiled,

"last one in is grounded" she said both the boys sped it up, "night love you two"

"Night mom!" they both called going in to their room Leah got into her night cloths and

sat up in bed, Ethan shut out the lights and got in as well he kissed her, she giggled softly,

"Ethan what are you doing?" he smiled, "tonight's a special night my love" Leah smiled,

"and theirs no one I'd like to spend it with more then you"

"happy Anniversary honey" they kissed and for the first time this winter the bed creaked

and the two Amish couple both knew in their hearts their family and their spouse were

the only things that mattered nothing else