Author's Note: Hey everyone, Thanks for reading my fanfic. It will be my 3rd in general and 1st of Marmalade Boy. Despite reading fics, for ages lol I just want to warn strict Miki/Yuu fans in advance this is not a story for them, although it will deal with them at first. No offense to the pairing, but I personally prefer Ginta :) I would also like to note that the other characters in the story will also not end the same asides from the following. Meiko/Na-chan and the adults so expect lots of drama.

P.S. Although I'll leave to who ends up with who a mystery for now, except of course for MikixGinta.(Ginta himself will explain in later chapters as to why I don't like the MikixKei pairing lol)

Anyways this takes place in the anime's story-line, but before Miki's graduation and Meiko's wedding. Let's put it as right after the whole incident of Miki getting lost in New York and such. In other words in the time-line of the rest of Miki's Senior Year.



Koshikawa/Matsura Residence

*Diary BGM*

Meiko, I don't know how or what to tell you on how these pasts days have been. I just hope I didn't scare you as much as much as I was. Despite all that went on in New York. The troubles and misunderstandings, I'm glad that it's all behind us. Like you told me on the trip back home: "All of those trials between Yuu and me would only strengthen, and make our love stronger." Let's try hard to follow our hearts together. No matter what the future holds I have to be ready for it.

*End Diary BGM*

Miki smiled slightly as she put down her pen and closed her diary giving it a pat. She looked over at the robot recorder and picked it up thinking of what message to leave to her dear friend.

"Meiko lets enjoy our last year of High School" She recorded into it with a smile, and let go of the button. Placing it on top of the diary, she went to finish getting ready.

Thoughts of everything that happened the year's first semester went through her mind as she combed her now short hair. Thoughts of Michael, Anju, everyone in New York including Jinny, and last Kei especially. She frowned slightly.

She did feel sorry for him, in the end; but she told him from the start of their short term relationship that she still loved Yuu. Neither she nor Yuu knew that they were going to get back together at the time. She thought it was best to try to move on.

She smiled to herself, knowing somehow deep in her heart she knew Kei would understand. He had matured from the cocky selfish boy back at Bobson's, even Michael had matured a bit; surprising everyone with the matter. A knock at her bedroom door, broke her out of her thoughts.

"You know the last thing I would think about is you laughing after what happened." Came a muffled reply she instantly recognized as Yuu's.

Not even realizing she had laughed out loud, she turned red and playfully yelled back at him. " Stop scaring me like that Yuu." She *sweatdropped* as she opened the door to Yuu's chuckling face.

"Same old Miki, so child-ish, sweet and not afraid to show her feelings. That's why I love you." Yuu said while still chuckling.

Miki smiled still blushing slightly as she hugged him. "You know it's kind of strange now that the secret is out to our parents, even though they knew all along." Miki said as she laughed. " Still I don't know if that's a good or bad thing." Miki suddenly frowned, nervous with the sudden thought that arose in her mind. "Like if they aren't weird enough the last thing we need is-" She was interrupted of her sentence, by a sudden camera flash; blinding her.

"WHAT THE" Both Miki and Yuu looked towards the flash surprised.

"Awww now this is one for the album. Aren't they precious?" Rumi smiled as she showed the picture to the other parents who seemed to appear out of nowhere.

"I hear wedding bells in the future." Chiako added smiling as she gave a wink.

"Well at least when my baby girl belongs to another man, I know where he lives eh Youji." Jin laughed while nudging Youji in the stomach.

Youji coughed a bit from the rough play, but simply laughed it off continuing the teasing. "Which makes me wonder if we'll need a house with more rooms? You never know if we'll become young grandparents, not that that's a bad thing."

"I hear it's trendy." Rumi exclaimed. "Best part is our soon newcomer will have some playmates." Rumi said excitedly as she and Chiako grabbed hands, jumping up in down childishly.

"No Wait wouldn't they be relatives." Youji scratched his chin as he thought of the family tree.

* The screen being shown as the family tree in that kiddy drawing style*

"Let's see our new baby will make it a brother or that means then." Youji said as he contemplated while his sentence got finished by Chiako.

"That our new baby will be the uncle or aunt of both Yuu and Miki's children, even if they'll be around the same age." She exclaimed as the screen turned back to normal style, and all the parents fainted from hard thinking; only to shoot back up again.

"Well so long lovebirds off to work." They all waved, and were off in unison.

Yuu and Miki who had quit hugging were now with their eyes the size of dinner plates, sweatdropped and beet red.

"A BAD THING" Yuu and Miki both said in unison.

Down in the kitchen as they were finishing up eating, Yuu stared at Miki as he seemed to be lost in thought; barely touching his plate. "Hey Miki, have you opened that gift that I gave you before leaving off to New York."

Miki looked up in surprise at the mere mention of the present. She had completely forgotten about it due to all that happened. "Oh you'll never believe this, but ever since that happened I haven't even had a chance to open it." She quickly got excited, and got up from her chair. "Oh I know I'll open it now before we leave."

Yuu quickly got up, and grabbed her arm suddenly. "No Wait I don't want you to open it yet."

Taken aback by his sudden outburst, Miki stopped dead in her tracks; pulling her arm from his grip. "But you opened yours already."

He sighed as he looked down with a guilty look on his face. "Yeah and I loved it, but uh..." Yuu said slowly, while a blush crept on his face. "Before I left I changed the gift, and I didn't give you what I had planned."

Miki rolled her eyes knowingly. She knew Yuu had always been a poker face, so when it came to handing out gifts; he was always making it harder then it was intended to be. "What do you mean changed it, I'll still like anything you give me."

"Because...because it's just a note." Yuu said between stutters, finally looking up at her embarrassed.

"A note?" Miki questioned, her expression turning into that of annoyed. She hated it when Yuu never fully explained himself; everything seemed like a mystery with him.

"Back when I thought we were half brother and sister. I didn't know that you were going to follow me back to New York, so I wrote the reason why we broke up in that note." Yuu replied, now realizing that the idea was a bit harsh.

Yuu thoughts obviously were right; Miki didn't take the news well. "What! You mean you weren't going to tell me in person, just leave me a note and never see me again." Miki said as her self esteem quickly started to lower.

Yuu knew this would it would play out this exact same way, he bit his lower lip anxiously trying to tie the loose ends he himself had caused. "No ! Please listen I did it for you wouldn't get too over emotional and almost get yourself killed. I know you Miki." His expression turned to a frown as he continued. "And I knew you well enough that you weren't going to open it soon, so I thought that whenever you moved on with someone else. You'd open it then when it wouldn't be that hard for you."

Miki despite still hurt in a way, calmed down and tried to reason with him. "Alright let me go get it" She let out a slight sigh as she returned upstairs to her room. She wasn't happy with the way Yuu had planned to do things before, but she found herself she couldn't blame him; after all what else would Yuu think after witnessing she had gone out with Kei beforehand. She tried her best to cheer up and not let her troubled thoughts ruin what was supposed to be a important time in her life; Senior Year.

Yuu was waiting for her downstairs having already finished up his juice, and put the plates away; he was holding her glass of juice. "I had to do it for you or if not it'll go on your late record on your last year...not that your record is perfect anyways." Yuu joked once again playful.

Miki was about to bicker back when she realized she had no time and quickly downed down the juice, after handing him the gift.

As they were nearing the school hand-in-hand, Yuu suddenly let go of her hand causing Miki to look at him both surprised and confused. She had noticed his silence ever since they left the home, although Yuu was never talkative; he always held her hand all the way to homeroom.

"Miki, listen we need to talk, and we can't with our parents home. How about after tennis practice you meet me in the library." Yuu said plainly with an indescribable expression on his face; as usual a poker face.

Miki simply nodded silently and watched him as he headed quickly towards his class. They used to be in the same classes, but ever since Yuu took that exchange program he now is in a different class along with Meiko. The only friend she still has in her same class besides her three gal pals, is Ginta.

"Miki! " A voice cried out making Miki break free of her daze.

"Oh Meiko" Miki said grinning to her friend, when she suddenly remembered to give her the diary, and robot. "Here you can hear it later since we're all going to be late." Meiko was still happily engaged to Na-chan and continued writing novels. One thing Miki admired so much of Meiko was she had already her whole life planned out already. Miki was still at a loss as to what she was going to do with her life; her career, her future goals?

"Alright then I'll talk to you later, but whatever is bothering you Miki tell me later; ok" Meiko said as she rushed off.

'Bothering Me?' Miki wondered. 'Why would Meiko think that? I'm fine.' She was too deep in her thoughts that she bumped into someone. "Oh I'm so sorry it's my fault I wasn't watching where I was go..." Miki embarrassed quickly started to apologize when she noticed the person just kept walking away slowly, as if nothing happened.

She would have normally shrugged it off, and continue walking her way. However she noticed a small shiny object fall from the person. Quickly walking over towards where she saw it fall, she heard a slight cracking sound come from below her shoe.

Lifting her foot, she noticed she had stepped on the very shiny object she had seen. It was a small golden object that shined faintly. Picking it up, she figured this was the object that that person must've dropped. "Hey you dropped something!" She called out holding the object up in the air, making the person stop in it's tracks.

Miki slowly walked over, the said person becoming more in view. Whoever it was had long shaggy-like dull dark hair that looked like it hadn't been groomed in a while. If it would have it would probably look alot like Satoshi's or Yuu's friend Bill who Miki had met that day at New York.

Miki finally caught up to the back of the person who hadn't bothered to turn around. " Um Excuse Me, but I..." Miki started to say as she saw the person gave no response. As she spoke she started to walk around the person to face it. "I saw you dropped this s..oo..." She said slowly while still the person hadn't even bothered even turning its head, and continued looking at the concrete floor below them. Miki then walked in front of the person with the object in her hand. "so I figured it'd be yours, I bet you didn't want it stolen huh" Miki said laughing trying to lighten up the awkward situation, but then found herself more awkward as the person still didn't even bother to look up.

Miki now realized this person was a guy, and suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable talking to a total stranger. "I am sorry for not looking where I was going earlier, I wasn't thinking clearly. My friends always tell me I'm walking with my head in the clouds." She tried to apologize, however he didn't seem to respond. The way his hair was, his bangs were a bit too long, and covered some of his face. His expression seemed unreadable, but something on it sent a chill down her spine of mystery.

Shivering a bit, she held out the object. "Here, you're lucky I don't think it's broken" She said while holding out her hand looking back at him. After a while of silence he trembled a bit, and finally slowly moved his hand forward. His hand though froze over Miki's and starting trembling a bit as if holding back to get the object.

"It's ok; I'm not holding any grudges or anything. It really was my fault." Miki said quickly trying to cheer up whatever was bothering him.

He finally looked up a bit, and Miki could see a bit of his eyes. Miki blinked twice, they were a beautiful hazel color, but she then noticed some drops falling down his face. He was crying.

"Oh my gosh are you ok, Do you need help?" Miki asked worried. He suddenly took his hand away from reaching the object, and ran off.

"Wait don't leave!" Miki called off, but he disappeared.

"Hey Miki whacha doin standing there, hurry up you're lucky the teacher is running late today." One of Miki's gal pals called out to her on the school steps.

Miki broke out of her daze, and started to head into the school. As she looked at the object the guy left her, it was the size of a pendant; too dirty to be able tell what it was. As she walked to her homeroom she took a hankie out of her bag, and started to wipe it clean. When one of her friends screamed.

"Miki, what happened to your uniform?"

As Miki looked at herself, she noticed some blood marks on it. "What how did that get..." She trailed off as she realized the pendant she was cleaning was a lid cover of a Toryo High School Medallion. Now recalling that the stranger she had bumped into earlier was wearing a shabby torn Toryo High Uniform.

"Was he hurt?" Miki gasped.

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I will also in the next chapter say why I love the MikixGinta pairing so much to be second-in-line next to MikixYuu.

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