Category: For Kadorienne's Fabulousman Series

Disclaimer: "From Eroica With Love" belongs to Yasuko Aoike, and Fabulousman belongs to Kadorienne, but she let me borrow him for a while.

Warnings: AU, established relationship, no graphic mansex. Sorry.

Thanks: Kadorienne for looking this over to make sure that I didn't do horrible things to screw up her Fabulousman canon. Esther for beta reading, and who lodges a general protest over certain perceived inaccuracies. Twissy for encouragement to start writing again, dammit!

Notes: This contains several plot bunnies that have been bugging me to be written for more than a year. They are, in no particular order: Fabulousman, Injured!Klaus, Sem-Amnesiac!Klaus, Heroic!Dorian

Summary: The Major always says he will do anything for a mission. Can Eroica forgive him for that?

Written: January 10 - 14, 2009




"This was so unnecessary. And a waste of several hours that I could've been spending with you!" Dorian said as he followed the Major out of the airport terminal building. "I am perfectly capable of flying myself anywhere in the world, thank you very much."

"No," the Major replied sharply, "your alter ego is capable of flying himself. The Earl of Gloria uses aircraft."

"I could've come as Fabulousman—"

"With all this lot?" the Major held up the suitcase he was carrying, going on to use it to point at the others in the Earl's hand. "And you're the one who said that flying with luggage is undignified."

Dorian perked up at this veiled compliment, preening himself at the same time. "Well, there is that…"

The Major gave a satisfied grunt, hoping this would end the argument. He popped the trunk of his car, loading the first of the Earl's suitcases inside.

Dorian noticed there was a suitcase already in the trunk and his eyebrows went up. "Are we taking a trip?"

"Not quite."

Dorian cocked his head to one side. "Oh…being mysterious, are we? What is it this time?" He received a sideways glance that made him want to hug the man right there in the parking lot. He did not, of course, and not just because they were in a public place. He was not about to repeat his mistake of their first time together and cause his beloved an injury because of his super strength. Instead, he settled for a quick brush of skin-on-skin as he handed the Major his other bag. "You're not pregnant, are you?" he whispered playfully.

This earned him a growled, "Don't start."

Dorian could not help laughing at the man's tone. You mean don't start here, he thought as he got into the car. As the officer got into the driver's seat, Dorian held out the silk rose that had accompanied the message requesting a meeting. "I assume you have a real rose waiting for me," he cooed seductively. This time he was rewarded with a glare that made him laugh again. Even after being together close to a year, it was still so easy to tease his darling Major.

Klaus knew better than to rise to the bait. He turned to give the Earl a steady look, accepting a quick kiss that would end the teasing—for now. Then he started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

Dorian sighed happily as he settled back in his seat, reflecting back on all that had happened to bring him to this point. After the initial excitement of the meteor enhancements in various individuals, his own elevation in status as Fabulousman, the Major's reluctant emergence as Fledermaus, and the formation of the Hall of Heroes, everything had settled back into the familiar patterns of Good vs. Evil, East vs. West, Eroica vs. Iron Klaus.

This last thought caused a giggle to bubble up in Dorian's throat and he threw a quick glance in the Major's direction. With his concentration centered on maneuvering through the heavy traffic, Klaus was oblivious to his passenger's adoring eyes, amorous expression, and frivolous giggles.

Dorian played with the silk rose in his hands, remembering the first time he had realized the scent from the real thing could overpower him, weaken him, almost suffocate him. How the Major had reacted upon learning Fabulousman's Achilles' heel, and his subsequent discovery of the effects of a single rose. How they allowed Dorian to be "normal" for the few precious and glorious hours they were together.

When the car turned down an unfamiliar street, Dorian realized that he had been letting his mind wander for some time. Just where were they going? The Major seemed to be taking them away from the center of town, not that this was all that unusual. But this particular area wasn't exactly high class. It didn't seem very middle class, either. In fact, it looked rather…seedy.

Dorian's confusion deepened when the Major parked in front of a less than inviting…er, place of lodging. "Here?"

The Major gave him a dark look. "Did you think I was taking you to the Ritz?" he asked, getting out of the car before the Earl could reply.

Not to be put off, Dorian jumped from the car and leaned on the roof. "I didn't expect you to be taking me to a dive, either," he said sharply. "Is this a liaison or a mission briefing?"

The Major was in the process of turning away and stopped dead, his eyebrows going up as he turned back. "Mission briefing? Why do you say that?"

"Because your message was very specific on time and date. And along with this rose, it included a plane ticket, which, by the way, Mr. James wanted to sell because I can fly myself now. And, like Mr. James, NATO is cheap when it comes to accommodations."

This very astute observation brought a startled look to the Major's face. He did not allow it to remain, however. He quickly turned and led the way to the room. "Come on."

"Don't we have to check in first?" Dorian called as the officer strode off.

"Already done," the Major called back.

"What about the luggage?"

"Leave it!"

Dorian sighed heavily. Why do I put up with the man? He can be so insufferable! Bringing me here under false pretenses… His anger evaporated when he saw Klaus patiently waiting for him to catch up. But as he got closer, the look on the officer's face set off an alarm in his head. "What've you got planned this time?" he asked suspiciously.

The Major unlocked the door and stood back, holding out a hand. "See for yourself."

Dorian's eyes narrowed. He pushed open the door, took one step forward—and promptly fainted.