So this was definitely a bit harder to write than it was to think of but it was fun either way. This really isn't my style of writing and I still feel a bit out of the loop with writing fanfiction again so blah… Also, I didn't want to write an Eric/Sookie fic just yet since there seems to be so many here that are FAR better compared to what I currently have but I decided to take the plunge before the idea left me. Enjoy!

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The lonely road is endless and drags on….

Why am I even running? And to where I am heading?

With each frantic step I take on the cold ground, my feet are stung by countless branches and rocks and still I run. It's overwhelming, this feeling of purpose. The pull of the night is strong and there is the lingering sensation that my destination is soon to be revealed… but when?

A voice calls out but I must keep running or the void will swallow me whole. Still, a glance is enough to tell me that it is a blonde woman heading in the same direction in this cold dark night.

"Eric!" her voice calls out, "It's me!" The confidence that she knows me is in her voice and I am forced to face her though I am ready to attack if need be.

Her face pales and her body tenses when she sees me turn toward her. Even then, she is not as afraid as she should be and the same pull that begged me to run now begs me to stay. I should be wary of her; she may simply have a connection and be at fault for this madness that has me lost in the dark of the night. Still, I do not want to hurt her.

"Stay back, woman," I warn her in her language though I have no knowledge as to how I came to learn it. She blinks at my answer and locks her blue eyes with mine.

"What are you doing out here?"

The woman is either very brave or very foolish since there is nothing that could stop me from attacking her though I have no intention to.

"Who are you?" I ask.

"You known darn good and well who I am. What's up with you? Why are you out here without your car?"

She appears to be more annoyed than afraid and it's her reaction since the moment she stepped out of the strange mechanism she calls a car that has kept me from attacking her. Our paths have crossed for a reason, of this I am sure.

"You know me? Who am I?"

"Of course I know you, Eric. Unless you have an identical twin. You don't, right?"

"I don't know." I strain to recall her voice but there is only an echo of a memory and I chase after it until I can no longer think of anything else.

"You don't know if you have a brother?" Nothing… There is only the knowledge of what I am and though I do not intend to hurt her, her blood calls to me. .

"No. I don't know. Eric is my name?" On some recess of my mind, the name rings true and there is no doubt that she holds knowledge about me. The knowledge she brings me is almost as sacred to me as the blood which I must take to survive. I need more if only to soothe my mind which aches more than the soles of my feet or the hunger that tempts me to drain her dry. No, if I must drain her, it shall only be for her knowledge of me and nothing else…

"Wow." Her face softens and a look close to pity crossed her beautiful features. Who is this woman that stands before a vampire when nothing or no one would hear her screams in the empty woods? "Eric Northman is the name you go by these days. Why are you out here?"

It is the same question I have been asking myself like a litany since I found myself on the road.

"I don't know that, either."

"For real? You don't remember anything?"

Her wording is strange and I can almost see the look of sheer pity that she struggles to hide back from me.

"For real." I take a step closer to her thinking that perhaps I should end this distraction and keep on running down the road, even if the need to do no longer calls to me. Standing so close to her, the smell of her blood intoxicates me and I have the urge to warm my skin with hers.

"You know you're a vampire, right?" she asks worriedly and looks at the now shorter distance between us. Her uneasiness washes over me and though I have no memory of it, I am sure that I have tasted her before.

"Yes." Of the many things I was uncertain about, the knowledge that I was a vampire was the only one I was sure of. Anything else was simply lost. "And you are not."

"No, I'm real human, and I have to know you won't hurt me. Though you could have by now. But believe me, even if you don't remember it, we're sort of friends."

Friends? With a human? But she is not just a human; it is easy to sense that there is something else, a sense of otherness about her, though hard to place. Once again I feel her uncertainty and can see the blush that creeps up her face as she tries to keep her gaze on anything besides my naked chest.

"I won't hurt you." I say this aloud though I am also mentally promising myself that I won't bring her harm, not while I am with her.

"Come get in my car before you freeze," My words seem to reassure her and she motions for me to get into the car though I hold back.

"I do know you?" The pull to get in that car is almost as strong as the pull I had to run and I must make sure that she is not tricking me. It's foolish to think so; I can sense no deceit in her.

"Yes, now come on, Eric. I'm freezing, and so are you." Her impatience is amusing and her familiarity with me reassures me that she is my best option if I want to find out what happened to me.

"Oh my God, Eric, you're barefoot." She takes my hand and leads me to enter the right side of the car. Her concern for me is reassuring that I have made the right decision in choosing to follow her.

I see her reach back to one of the seats behind her and see her pull out a blanket and I let her wrap it around me. The actions seems to bring her more comfort than they do me but her closeness is soothing. There really is no need for it, the cold merely makes my skin tingle but I let her simply because I enjoy her being so close to me. The hunger is not as strong as it could be and it is clear I have fed earlier though I do not remember. I simply want to taste her, just to see if her blood will create a spark of knowledge in me that will wake me from this curse.

We move forward into the night, though this time I am no longer running. The sensation that I should be heading anywhere is gone. The soft hum of her heartbeat is comforting to me and I feel myself beginning to trust this foolish woman that so willingly offered to help me off that road. The car rumbles against the harsh wind of the evening as it pushes forward into the empty road, though this time I am not alone.

We drive off into the night together.


I may continue this but I make no promises so take this as a one-shot for now.