Heh heh. First chapter of a new book, i guess. Lets see if you smart ones can find the reference to- hmm. Which book is it? Copy and paste the phrase and tell me which Stephanie Meyer book it is from. Remember, I dont own any of this. This is my second fan fiction.

Edward: Amy, Im so tired of being geeky. Cant I go back to being the sex god I was?

Bella: -swoon- Ugh, Do I have to wear so much makeup?

Stephanie: Amy. Put them back.

Amy: Aww... Im not done yet :[ One last chapter?

All: FINE.

Chapter One: Chess Club and Eyeliner dont mix.

I wanted her.

From the moment I saw her, I wanted her.

She was so beautiful, it almost hurt not to have her for myself.

She turned around, and I quickly turned away. I could hear her giggling with her friends, Lauren and Jessica.

Shit. I'd done it now.

She flicked her hair and smiled at me.

Woah. Where did that come from?

She must have seen my expression, for she shot a look at Lauren and let loose a fit of giggles. Jessica actually started choking on her salad, not a good sign.

Blushing, I got up and walked to the garbage cans.

two more years in this dump, and she'll forget I ever exsisted.

I stopped right there. Did I really want that? Did I want to be completely erased form her mind?


I knew the answer straight away,


So what was I going to do?

I was in love with her, I knew that.

But I had just made a total fool of myself. She wouldnt likely forget that. No one forgot. Geeky little Edward Cullen.

Carlisle always said I would find someone who loved me for who I am. Emmett had Rosalie, Alice had Jasper. And Carlisle, my adopted father, had Esme, My adopted mother. I was completely alone.

There was always Tanya. Uck, no. Tanya lived with her sisters in Alaska. Their mother had died trying to protect a young child from a gang.

Of course I felt sympathy, but I just didnt like her. She loved me, but I couldnt.

Ever since I was young, I knew that my special someone was out there. I just didnt know her yet.

The lunch bell rang, and I headed for the door. I had biology, very boring.

You like my cliffy? Yes? Im sorry, I had to put a few different references in there to make it tricky. Whoever gets it right gets a sneak peek at then next chapter! I think, For humors sake, I Shall put something random at the bottom of the chapter. And since im half dutch, I figure i'd put it in dutch, then english :]

Ober, er zwemt een griezelig wezen in mijn soep.

Waiter, there's a gruesome creature in my soup.