A/N Time to reveal my theory on Irken reproduction! ...oh god why.

It's not like she wanted to, I mean she hated Zim, he was stupid and annoying and had just destroyed the entire planet of Irk as well as the Armada in one fiery hell storm of stupidity, but he was the last Irken in existence and they needed to repopulate the race.

So swallowing her pride, and disgust, and a multitude of other such things, she prepared herself to do the unthinkable. Sleep with Zim.

"So Tak, are you ready to accept the lurv juices of the almighty ZIM?!"

It's for the greater good, It's for the greater good, It's for the greater good, It's for the greater good, thought Tak as she took off her uniform. Revealing her sningleblox. Zim's eyes grew wide, he had never seen one in real life before.

Zim undressed revealing his sexual orifice the snorglepex. "Now love pig! Behold my glorious sex-hole of manliness!"

Tak placed her Sningleblox into his snorglepex. Zim thrashed around like a retard, until he released his seed. Her sninglebox absorbed it, and she killed him so as to never see a reminder of what she had done.

A/N (again) I feel so dirty. How do people write actual pornography? "Glorious sex-hole of manliness"? What is wrong with me!? Anyway, in case some of you didn't understand (and I really hope you didn't) Male's have holes and females have protrusions. The male hole leaks seed which is absorbed by the female protrusion. I swear it was funny when I thought of it. Now... dear god, why? Also check out "Real DaTr" and "Real ZaGr" they're a different kind of messed up.