I wonder why Bella hadn't replied to my message. She was so young and I hope she was ok. She was also so beau- No Edward, you can't think of a patient like that. That's not right. She probably thinks you're just another shrink who doesn't really care about her feelings. I then got into my Volvo and drove home, thinking of Bella the whole drive home.

The Next Day…………


Jessica, one of my best friends (even though I hated her) was texting me. She was one of the few people who remained my friends when the incident happened:



Jessica:How was the shrink

Bella:ummm…… I guess it was k

Jessica:Is he one of those old guys?

Bella: Nope. Actually I don't think he's that much older than u n me :/

Jessica: OOhhhhh is he hot? Can u hook me up? :)

Bella: He's ok. U wud really date a shrink…. Wow r u that desperate? *Sigh*

Jessica: Hey!!! I just want a guy with money.. geeeez

Bella: Whatever… Bye

Sometimes Jessica could really get annoying. I really don't like her and her shallowness. A friend is trying to solve eating disorders, lets go flirt with the shrink. Could life be any suckier? At least it was Saturday and I could stay in pjs all day. Then the phone rang…


"Hello" A sweet Voice answered

"Yes…Mrs. Swan this is Dr. Cullen" I said

"Oh…." She said sounding almost upset because I was calling, "Sorry about not calling you back last night, I was… tired…"

I wasn't completely sure she was telling me the whole truth. " That's fine. I was just calling to ask about scheduling another appointment" I could hear a sigh on the other side of the line.

She replied, " Dr. Cullen, I don't really think I need a shrink. I believe I can get over this…thing… just perfectly alone without anyone criticizing my decisions"

" Mrs. Swan, I am truly sorry about asking such personal questions on your first appointment. But I have to say that that is my job, and what I went to College for. Your situation, among others truly intrigues me beyond belief." I must've sounded like a real jerk.

"I guess one more appointment wont hurt…." She said defeated.

" How about Tuesday at 2?"

"Fine" she replied and hung up

Summer Vacation has finally come for me so I will be trying to post more frequently. I am so sorry that I haven't been updating, it is just that life has been fairly crazy these past few weeks.