Author's note: Alright, so I thought I'd try a multi-chapter fic for a change. It's going to be told entirely from Van Pelt and Lisbon's POVs (at least that's the current plan, it may change) because I thought the two female perspectives would be interesting. The POVs are going to switch around in no particular order starting from the Pilot and going beyond the series, not sure how far beyond right now. This is definitely not going to be some competition between the women over who gets Jane, but it will be about how the interact with him and each other. It will probably become Jane/Lisbon in the end (because I love them), and I might also do some Rigsby/Van Pelt. We'll see how it goes.

Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own these characters, because I love them.

Chapter 1: Van Pelt meets Jane

I'm definitely not having one of my best days. I started with the serious crimes unit of the CBI about a week ago and I've been settling in ever since, which has been harder than I expected. I mean, it's not like I thought it would be easy. I knew there would be millions of things that I wouldn't know. I've done police work before sure, but every unit has its quirks and its own particular way of doing things that I'd have to learn. I also knew that I'd be the new kid, the rookie, the one that got dealt the worst jobs and the most mockery. But… I guess I just thought it would be easier than this. How was I supposed to know that you don't check luggage when you have to fly somewhere? No one mentioned anything. I felt like such an idiot earlier today at the airport. I wish Rigsby or Cho had given me a heads up. You'd think they'd remember from when they were rookies. I should start a list. A list of things not to do. I can pass it on to the next new addition to the team, assuming I last that long of course.

And now I'm here all by myself, setting up desks and finding lights and computer access while they all get to go to the crime scene and do all the interesting stuff. I know that I sound like a petulant child, and it's not like I particularly enjoy crime scenes, (since they usually contain dead bodies) but at least I'd feel like I was doing something useful. At least I'm comfortable with the technological side of things. I know I can have everything up and running before the rest of the team gets back.

The rest of the team. A bit of an odd mix really, if you think about it. There's Rigsby, who was the rookie before I got here. He seems like a nice enough guy. He's huge, not fat, just tall with broad shoulders. But he's not really intimidating, although I guess he might be if I was the one he was pointing a gun at. He's really just kind of goofy. Always eating. But he's been really friendly since I've got here, and he does seem to want to be helpful. Then there's Cho, who usually does a lot of the interrogations. He's, well, I don't know him very well and he's kind of hard to describe. He doesn't say much most of the time and everything he does say seems to be either in a deadpan or sarcastically in a deadpan, but he seems to be very smart and he definitely gets results in the interrogation room. Then there's Agent Lisbon, the boss. When I first interviewed for the job she was extremely professional, all business. I thought that she was almost unfriendly. Principled, fair and very competent, but still unfriendly. Now I'm not so sure. Even today it's not exactly easy for a woman to go as far as she has in the field. You're continually proving yourself. I know that, had to do it myself a couple of times. And after seeing her with the guys, I just don't know. I mean, she's still definitely in charge, but you can see the undercurrent of affection occasionally, when she lets herself relax just a bit. She mothers Rigsby and mocks suspects with Cho; I think there's probably more to her than it seems. I wonder if Rigsby would tell me anything… And that's everyone, just the four of us (yes, us, I am counting myself). Well, except for the consultant, Patrick Jane. Some sort of ex-psychic or something, but I haven't met him yet. Rigsby told me he can tell you amazing things about a person just by watching them. I'd like to meet him, but he's been suspended since I started… something about provoking a wife to shoot her husband because she suspected he'd murdered their daughter. I'm a bit hazy on the details. He apparently maintains that he did nothing wrong.

There, now everything's ready. It should be up to even Lisbon's standards. But maybe I should go over it again. I will make her glad she hired me, and I will get the hang of it here.

So much for one last check, here they come. I can hear Rigsby already.

"But boss, if it's not Red John…"

"We don't know that. Just because Jane said…" My ears perked up at that, I thought he was still on suspension.

"Jane's statements have a funny way of turning out to be true," Cho observed.

"Not all of them. Remember that time he was convinced the 78 year old grandmother had kidnapped her grand-daughter because he decided she was hiding something?"

"She was hiding something!"

"Yeah, that her new bridge partner was male, and she hadn't had a chance to tell her daughter about him yet! It was hardly a criminal offence!"

"She was still hiding something," said Rigsby. "Besides, this is Red John. If there's one thing that Jane knows, it's Red John."

"No, Jane is obsessed with Red John, and he thinks he knows him. We'll review the tapes of the earlier crime scenes and see if his observations hold water."

They were in the room now, "Van Pelt, can you call the Sacramento office and ask them to send us all the video of Red John's previous crime scenes that they have. I don't think we brought it all."

"Sure boss. Did something happen at the scene?"

"According to Jane the face was painted on the wrong wall so he thinks we're dealing with a copycat." She didn't look pleased about the fact, although I was unsure why a copycat was any worse than the real thing. After all, the victims were still dead.

"I thought Jane was on suspension?"

"He was."

Oh, now she really looked mad, so I decided not to ask. "Well, we have an extra desk anyways, so he can use that if he wants."

"He went back to Sacramento," Cho interrupted. "Said we didn't need him."

"Right." I said as I picked up the phone. Seems I wouldn't be meeting the great Patrick Jane today after all. Oh well. Maybe it was for the best given how irritated Lisbon still seemed to be.

"All right, they're sending me the videos now boss. I should have them downloaded in a couple of minutes."

Lisbon looked up, "Great. We might as well start with the ones we have here."

"I put them in the box under the TV."

"Put one on Risby. I guess we'd better see about Jane's theory. And nice job with the set-up Van Pelt."

I looked up, surprised. Nice job? Really? Did this mean I was forgiven for the earlier screw-up? "Thanks."

Rigsby put on the video and grabbed a chair next to me. "Here, I grabbed you a muffin when we stopped for coffee on the way back from the crime scene. You like banana right?"

"Yeah, thanks," I said with a smile. Maybe my initiation wouldn't be as bad as I'd thought.


Stopping the tape, Lisbon sighed as she acknowledged that Jane was probably right. I was confused as to why this was so obviously irritating to her, but figured I'd have to wait until I saw them together to see what was going on. She certainly didn't seem like the type to have an affair with someone on her team, and I knew that he had recently lost his wife, but it was clear there was something else going on there that I didn't know about. Rigsby and Cho certainly weren't acting like this was anything out of the ordinary, as they left the room. I followed shortly after, though my destination was the storage room and not the victim's house.

When I came back there was a stranger in the room. A stranger that Lisbon seemed to be pointedly ignoring. Well, whatever she was doing I couldn't very well let the poor man stand there indefinitely, "Can I help you?"

Oh. Wow. I definitely wasn't expecting… I mean… Wow. Wait a minute, this is Patrick Jane? Okay. If Lisbon were anyone else I'd have to re-think my decision on whether or not they were sleeping together, because really, who could blame her? He's gorgeous, and charming and friendly and gorgeous. And she's finally acknowledged his presence, with her usual warm and winning personality.

Okay, maybe that was a bit unfair, I mean, he certainly didn't seem to be expecting anything else, and something is definitely going on, but still. Sadly I can't stand around all day and watch these two, or I'll lose all the points I so recently gained setting up the office. But I can't help smiling as I leave the room again; at least someone thinks I'm a positive addition to the team.


The nerve of that man! The absolute arrogance! He wants me to say please to get him back here? I'm technically in charge, and he's the one who wants to work with us most of the time. Earlier today he went over my head to get on this case! Well I'm certainly not begging Patrick Jane to go come back, insight or no insight. He's arrogant enough as it is, and he'd never let me live it down.

What? He was right outside the room? I don't believe this. It's a good thing Van Pelt didn't put anything on this desk that could be used as a weapon. Why did I even call him? He probably knew I would, with that smug little smile of his. Oh and now Van Pelt's met him and he's laying on the charm, just like always. If there's a female within a ten-foot radius they seem to fall over themselves when he smiles like that. And she's falling for it, of course she is. Come to think of it, someone probably should have warned her. I probably should have warned her; it's certainly not something Rigsby or Cho would have thought of. But how the hell do you start that particular conversation? "Hi Van Pelt, I thought we should have a chat about the consultant before you meet him. You see, he kind of oozes sex appeal." And Van Pelt's so naturally friendly. She wouldn't see the dark side, not on the first meeting anyways. Well, she'll learn soon enough I'm sure. So far she's been a pretty quick study, and it's tough to miss.

And now she's gone again and he's just sitting over there at his desk, smugly I bet, probably pretending to work. I wonder what it is that he does when we're not interrogating suspects. Well, I'm going to continue ignoring him to prevent myself from killing him. The guys better get back here soon. I'm starving.