It was breakfast time at shadow palace. Drake Melodonna and Johan were enjoying their (well you can already guess).

"I must say Drake, it was nice of you to ask me to share your breakfast before the hardship of the day begin," Johan said cheerfully.

"It is said, Johan, that civilized man seeks out good and intelligent company so that through learned discourse he may rise above the weak and closer to Rasets terms of power," Drake said.

"Yes, I'd heard that," Johan replied delighted.

"Personally, however, I like to start the day with a total dickweed to remind me I'm best," Drake sneered.

Johan was so hurt, that he stood up and rushed out of the room crying. Drake started to sort out his mail, acting like nothing happened.

"Well, the devil pats me on the head and says, 'Good boy, Drake'," the darkside said with a menacing smile on his face.

"Drake?" Meladonna asked.

"Gozermon old supporter, Lord and Lady Beauzoymon, the two most fanatical Digimon in Digital world, have invited themselves to dinner here, tonight," Drake said beaming.

"But, aren't they they total jerks?" Meladonna remarked.

"Yes but they have one great redeeming feature: their wallets; more capacious than an elephant's scrotum and just as difficult to get your hands on. At least until now, for tonight, they wish to 'discuss Transferring money to my cause", Drake said before the both of them roared with laughter.

"Omaddon come in here, I have some orders for you" Drake said

At that moment, Omaddon entered wearing a weird contraption on his head with a piece of cheese hanging from his nose on a string. "You bellowed"

"Yes i-" Drake noticed whats on Omaddon face. "Why have you got a piece of cheese tied to the end of your nose?" Drake asked with an arched eyebrow.

"To catch mice boss, I lie on the floor with my mouth open and hope they scurry in," Omaddon replied.

"And do they?" Drake asked suspiciously.

"Erm… not yet," Omaddon replied.

"I'm not surprised. Your breath comes straight from a toilet, Omaddon. The only sort of mouse you're going to catch is one without a nose," Drake sneered.

"That's a pity because the nose is the best bit on a mouse," Omaddon said, slightly disappointed.

"Any bit of a mouse will seem like a luxury compared to what Meladonna and I must eat tonight. We're entertaining Death Eating vegetable folk, Omaddon, and that means, no meat," Drake said.

"In that case, I shall prepare my turnip surprise," Omaddon said.

"And the surprise is?" Drake asked suspiciously.

"There's nothing else in it except the turnip," Omaddon replied.

"So another word for turnip surprise would be … a turnip," Drake retorted.

Omaddon scrunched his face and said "Oh yeah."

All of a sudden, something or someone knocked on the door.

"Get the door, Omaddon," Drake ordered.

Omaddon bowed and left the room to obey his master.

"Well, Drakey, if things go as planned tonight, it would seem congratulations are in order," Meladonna said as she reached out her hand to shake Drake's.

"Nice try my dear, but forget it: you're not getting a cent," Drake said as he sat down on his chair by the door, eating his breakfest.

A loud crash roared through the Castle and Omaddon entered, carrying the door.

"Omaddon, I would advise you to make the explanation you are about to give phenomenally good" Drake said with a hint of warning in his voice.

"You said 'Get the door.' Omaddon explained.

"Not good enough. You're fired," Drake said with a dismissive wave of his hand.

"But Master, I've been a loyal soldier for…" Omaddon try to figure out how long he worked for Drake and just said "a long time."

"And that's why I'm so sick of looking at you. Now get out," Drake hissed.

"Very well, Drake. Oh, by the way, Shade henchmen aka the Reds were outside when I got the door." Omaddon

"Really and what do those morons want." Drake asked

"Say they wants to see you. Shade is very sick, and they are willing to pay you to help him" Omaddon said before he made his way out off the room.

"Really?" Drake grinned.

"Yep. He's at death's door," Omaddon said.

"Well, my faithful old reinstated Friend and servant, I shall go," Drake said happy.

"You mean your actually going help Shade?" Meladonna asked surprised.

"Hell no, I shall mock him for dying a pathetic death and then piss on his corpse." Drake said.


He then stood up, put up his coat and stormed out of his palace.

Shade lay in his bed. He looked very pale and was groaning. Sister sat by his side looking worry (Though how you can tell with that helmet on is a mystery). When Drake entered, The Reds lead him to the bed.

"Well, Darkside since we brought you here go ahead and Do something" Sarge snarled pointing his gun

"Yes, of course; some sort of Party. But let's wait till he's actually snuffed it, shall we?" Drake sneered.

"Oh I love party, will there be any cake?" Donut said but got thwacked by Sarge. Simmon turned to Sister "Sister will you please tell the Darkside who we have a shaky truce with what happen."

"Well It all started last night at about two o'clock. I was tucked into bed, having this absolutely bizarre dream about Johan, when I was woken by a terrific banging from Shade," Sister explained. Making Drake and the Red going Yuck.

"Thank you for that bad image that will never go away sister." Sarge growled sarcastically

"I know its weird but true. He was banging on the gates and falling over and singing a strange song bout ripping Drake eyes out and then force Drake to eat them, no offense" Sister said to Drake.

"None taken" Drake then crossed to Shade's bed. Shade was still groaning.

"Well, you moronic twits, I think I know what's wrong with your boss, and unfortunately, it's not fatal," Drake remarked.

"Well, hurry up and cure the horrible man. I'm fed up with him lying there moaning and groaning," Sister hissed.

"Sheesh, your sister missed one night of sex and she go's mean as hell" Donuts said to grif

"The truth is, Shade just can't take his alcohol," Drake smirked.

"See I told you idiots that Shade was suffering from a measly Hangover." Sarge said.

"Is that why you were acting like a scare little girl, when you saw Shade supposed sickness." Grif sneered but screams in pain and fall down as Sarge response to that remark was to pull out a pistol and shot Grif in the leg three times

Shade rose up, and drake had to dodge shade hands trying to strangle him.

"Shut up you bastard! I may be a little weak this morning but what I drank last night would have floored a Behemoth," Shade sneered.

"If it was allergic to lemonade," Drake said.

"It's Drake here who can't take his ale. He's famous for it. I'm sure we all remember the shame he brought to all darkside when Drake was found wandering naked in the Bronx singing a song about goblins," Shade said.

"What did you have last night then? A whole half-pint of apple-juice?" Drake mocked ignoring the insult.

"On the contrary, I had 10 flagons of fire-whisky and 2 glasses of brandy," Shade said.

"Ha- kids stuff! For me and my comrades, every night is drinky night. You want to come round sometime, Come to my palace or are you afraid to die after drinking measly Tequila!' Drake said, challenging Shade.

"Tonight!" Donut roared enthusiastically.

"Tonight?" Shade asked still so hung over.

"Yeah, come on Shadie, what are you scared of?" Drake said.

"I hate to say it boss but if you don't you'll look more pathetic than Grif," Sarge said.

"Yeah you would look more- HEY!" Grif said from his spot on the floor

"Oh all right then, tonight. I'll be there," Shade said as he sank back down on his bed.

"Hurray, and the last one under the table gets 10,000 dollars from the loser," Donut cheered, with Sarge saying "Finally you say something that makes me think this interesting."

"Ten thousand… Right." Drake said shock but gains back his composure. "I'll get the whisky in then." Drake said.

He took his coat, and stuck out his tongue at Shade and swept out of the room. The Reds began to leave the room but Sister grabbed Donut and dragged him to a different room.

"Donut, do you know what I'm going to do?" Sister asked him.

"Your going to go along and find out exactly what happens on those drinking contests at Drake place," Donut said.

"No, I'm going to do that AND I'll wear a cloak with a cowl so no one will recognize me," Sister said excited.

"Well I was still half-right and I gotta say that sorta a smart plan coming from you." Donut said.

end of part one