Lady Beauzoymon stormed into the corridor and hurried to the exit but enter the Drinking room filled with the Boozer.

"Good God!!!" Lady Beauzoymon said

"Well, look who it is!!!" Oldkid said

"Who is it?" a fully drunken Shade ask.

"Well, it's a boys' party, she's a girl, so she must be the stripper!" Oldkid said

The boozers and Shade cheered.

she slammed the door shut and ran into the corridor again. She opened another door but this time, it was the cupboard she opened. The hooded person rushed out. The four boys emerged from Omaddon's room.

"Wahey! Another stripper!" Ner roared. The Drunk male cheer.

Lord Beauzoymon comes walking in the corridor.

" ...and a male stripper!

The boozers Boo's at this. Lord Beauzoymon jump into the Cupboard before the Drunks could kill him.

"Oh, yes, this is much more like it," Oldkid said as he took off the coat and cowl.

"And she's come dressed as a spartan!" Peter said.

"Oooh Kinky!" Grimmjaw said

"Do you know who I am?" Sister said, not in her usual clueless voice but in a very angry tone.

"Yes, I know who you are," Drake said as he came out of the dining room closely followed by Johan and Meladonna.

"Who?" Ner asked.

"You are... Sauron, the flamey eye guy with the fetish for rings" Drake hiccupped which made the drunk cheered but Meladonna and Johan to slap there forehead.

"Wrong, I'm afraid. I am...Sister," she hissed.

"So, whats so scary bout you." Peter

"About me, nothing but the device that allows me to use a orbital laser that can melt Titanium, you should be very afraid.

At her words. Everyone fell to their knees.

"I may have the body of a weak and feeble woman and the intelligence of a 4 year old , but I have the heart and stomach of a earth Dragon!" Sister said pissed

"Prove it," Peter said tentatively.

Sister grabbed a huge flagon and prepared to drain the full content.

"I certainly will. First I'm going to have a little drinky... and then I'm going to blast the whole lot of you to dust," Sister hissed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It was dawn the next day. Everyone sat drunk in a heap around Sister's feet. Only Lady Beauzoymon was missing.

"See the little goblin, see his little feet. And his little nosey wose, isn't the goblin sweet?"Drake sang utterly pissed.

"Yes!" the whole lot roared.

"See the little goblin..." Drake sang

"Er, wait a minute... I'm sure there was something very important I had to do to all of you this morning." Sister

Everyone -- including Queen -- giggles at the possibilities.

"I remember something about ten thousand dollars...? was it...? or...?" Shade said trying to remembered

"I think it was something about an Donation." Lord Beauzoymon said

"Look, do you lot want to hear about this goblin or not?" Drake said pissed

Everyone cheers "Yes!"

"Right, well perhaps this time I might be allowed to continue, and perhaps finish, with any luck," Drake continued.

Lady Beauzoymon suddenly appeared from underneath the chair Sister sitting on.

"Luck – wahey – geddit?" Lady Beauzoymon said,

"No…" everyone said confused

"It sounds almost like fu..."

The End