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"Daddy, look at this!"

Phoenix's daily newspaper browsing was interrupted by a white blur thrust into his vision. Once his eyes had a chance to focus, he recognized his own daughter's gloved hand a few inches from his nose. But there was something different about it today, he realized as the lines grew crisper. Something shiny was wrapped around her finger. Wait a second…!

"T-Trucy…" Phoenix managed to stammer. Despite his shaky voice, he still managed to keep a calm expression on his poker-trained face. "Is that what I think it is…?"

"Uh huh!" Trucy bounced up and down, all smiles. Her grin seemed as if it would never fade away. "It's an engagement ring, Daddy!"

Phoenix tried his best to smile at her, even though he couldn't shake a queasy feeling of his stomach. My little girl's really grown up. He looked at the glistening rock on his daughter's ring finger once more, thoroughly impressed by its size. "So who's the lucky gentleman, Trucy?" he said, grinning deviously.


Phoenix rubbed his chin in mock curiosity. He decided to have a little fun before learning the man's name. "Hmm…is it...Klavier?"

"Pfft! Ew, no way!" Trucy let out a loud giggle, bouncing with more energy to prompt another guess from her father.

"No…?" He let out a pained chuckle as he thought again. Even though something deep in his gut was telling him that this wasn't the time to be smiling, he decided to go along with her little game. "Maybe Machi?" he ventured.


"Mr. Kitaki?"

"Nuh uh."

"Mr. Stickler?"

"You're thinking too far into it, you know," she chided with a wide grin. She took a step back, letting a sly smirk sneak its way onto her lips. Then she said it.

"It's Apollo!"

It took a few moments for Phoenix's grin to fade into a frown. He caught himself before allowing his jaw to drop open, though.

"Wh…Who…?" He almost whispered, eyes puzzled and mouth dry.

"I'm sorry for not telling you, Daddy, but…Polly and I have been going out for the last several months, and…well…we decided that it was time." She was still smiling, but it looked a little apprehensive; probably because of the dumbfounded look on her father's face. "Oh you should have seen him last night, Daddy. I mean, normally you'd think he'd be too shy to propose in a public park, in front of hundreds of people, but he took me there, knelt down, and proposed! It was so sweet!"

"I'm nineteen years old," she continued when Phoenix failed to muster a reply. "I know it's not the best age to get married. But the two of us have full-time jobs now! And Apollo…Apollo's getting some really good cases, so I'm sure we'll be all right." She tilted her head slightly as she awaited Phoenix's reply.

"…U-um…" Phoenix cleared his throat shakily and touched the top of his beanie with his free hand. Why me…? He sighed uneasily. "I-it's great you two are…in love…but I…"

Trucy tentatively covered her mouth with her hand. "But what?" She looked utterly confused.

Another sigh from Phoenix. "N-never mind." He used all his willpower to muster one more smile. "I'm happy for you, sweetie."

When she rushed forward and embraced him, he barely felt it. Nor did he hear anything she was saying as she sat down beside him and began explaining the wedding plans. He could only think of one person. One person he'd have to explain this all to.

Oh crap.

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