Punch Me, Love Me, Save Me

Chapter Four—The Voice Overhead

Breathless, Edward looked down at his victim, meeting a pair of familiar and expressive brown eyes. His mind struggled to remember who she was. She was a foot shorter, with long, dark hair and a heart-shaped face. She didn't seem to fear him, as his eyes continued to roam down her body. He couldn't figure out why he'd forget her. She shivered then, perhaps she did fear him, but before he could say anything, something in her eyes tightened her features.

That was when she brought up her knee up and thrust it against his groin. A strangled sob escaped from Edward as he stumbled back several steps toward the bed. With a simple push from her, his knees too weak to fight, he fell back on the mattress.

Bella saw her chance and straddled him. His painful expression bothered her for a second as she watched his eyes fill with tears. Maybe she put a little too much power behind the hit, but damn, she didn't want another fat lip. His face screwed up in anger, and he opened his mouth to speak. She quieted him with a growl.

Edward glared at her, but confusion still filled his eyes. He'd forgotten all the happened the day before. That was just fucking perfect, she thought, wishing it didn't have to come to this so soon.

"Who the fuck are you, and where the hell am I?" he hissed.

"See this face, Cullen?" she growled at him. "This will be the face you'll see for the next six months, whether you like it or not. I will be all over your fucking ass every minute of the god damn day if I need to." Even as she said the words, she knew he was barely listening.

Edward's eyes wandered over her, taking a better look than he had before. Her words seemed to fly over his head, because his only thought was that she was fucking hot and sitting on him. She was fierce in her anger, wide, dark eyes with an enchanting mouth. Her v-neck shirt allowed him a tantalizing view of nice tits.

It was then that he noticed that his crotch lined up with hers. He wanted to fuck her, but he also wanted to buck her off him. Which he wanted more, he had no idea. He was hurting and he was positive the woman above him would kick his ass if she knew where his mind seemed to focus on; on those delectable tits. Damn, it had been a long time since he had good sex.

Bella realized where Edward's mind went immediately; the fucking gutter. His eyes glazed with lust, as he attempted to move beneath her. His hips couldn't decide what to do, thrust up or pull her closer. His hands sought even more friction, gliding up her smooth thighs. She felt his calloused fingers against her skin and had to bite the inside of her cheek to prevent from moaning.

Why did she wear shorts again? Because it was hot in Mexico, she reminded herself. It was what she wore when she visited in the summer.

She heard his frustration as he bit out, "Who. The. Fuck. Are. You?" She noticed that his eyes couldn't decide where to settle on; her chest or her face. Until his gaze dipped lower, to where they were connected. What an asshole, she thought. He had no idea who she was but he still was thinking with his cock. His fingers tightened more on her thighs and she knew she had to get off before he did something stupid.

Too late.

Edward realized he pushed her too far when he finally brought the warm part of her over his cock in a hard grind. Her brow furrowed right before she slapped him hard across the face, causing him to dig his fingers into her thighs more.

He grinned up at her. "I like it rough, baby. I'm fucking game, as long as it's my ticket out of this hellhole."

She growled and shoved off, settling over his crotch more. Her hands pushed down against his chest, keeping him pinned to the bed. His palms continued to glide along her legs, feeling the muscles tightening beneath his touch.

"The name is Bella Swan, and for the next six months, I'll be your best friend and possibly your worst enemy."

Edward growled beneath her, wanting to call her on her bullshit. She showed no reaction to his cock; in fact, she fucking ignored it as she moved to stand. She had to have felt him, there was no mistaking it.

Fuck, the loss of her body made his lower region ache for her. He sat up, running his hands through his hair, pinching the bridge of his nose. He asked the question that he had some clue of the answer to, but wanted confirmation.

"Why am I here?"

She stood at the foot of the bed, watching him through narrowed eyes. He looked away, but not before he could see that she was still pissed at him. It wasn't the first time, he was sure of it; the last few days seemed like a blur and made little sense. It likely wouldn't be the last time he did something to make her angry, either.

"Because you nearly killed yourself and your sister," she spat, and his head shot up.

His heart lodged in his throat. "What?" he asked as she walked to the key panel and entered a code. Where was she going? He wanted fucking answers.

She looked at him again. "Get your ass up and get dressed," she stated fiercely.

He shook his head. "Not until you give me answers."

She ignored him, going on as if he said nothing. "We have a lot to do today. Don't try to look for an escape route. There aren't any. You will get clean, Cullen, if it's the last fucking thing I do."

From the door, Bella could see the confusion in his shining emerald eyes. She couldn't show him remorse, not at this point. She wasn't here to be his friend, nor the person he sought comfort from in his time of need. At least, not when he was still hostile toward her. She was here to help him and save his ass.

So why did she think that it was going to be hardest thing she'd ever done?

Edward realized that he was in trouble as Bella opened the door. Looking back at him again, she glared. "I mean it, Cullen. Get ready and I'll come get you in thirty minutes. It's time to show you around this hellhole."

The crazy woman spoke with so much conviction, that he had no difficulty believing her. He had no idea what the fuck was going on. He didn't know what she'd meant by almost killing himself, or Alice, for that matter.

Before she closed the door, he thought he saw a flash of remorse in her eyes, but it was gone too fast to be sure. Her gaze and facial features held no signs of emotion as she walked out.

Edward closed his eyes and let his head fall back against a pillow. He wasn't sure how long he lay there, trying to remember what happened in the last few days. He wasn't even sure of the fucking date, much less details. Waking up from a panic-attack inducing nightmare led to a drinking binge for almost a week, never allowing his body a chance to recover before the next round.

It was the only way to keep his memories from attacking him during the day.

Bella knew as soon as she closed the door, the chances of Edward getting up and following her instructions were slim to none. Every target's first day was the same. She met resistance at every turn. There was something about Edward that would make the experience different for her. What it was, she wasn't sure yet.

Before, with Jasper and even Emmett, she saw something inside them that was worth saving. Edward had it, too. The love he had for his sister was a testament to that. With him, she could see that above everything, he needed saving because the life he'd been living was nothing compared to what he could have.

She walked quickly to the control room and smiled at Emmett, who was watching the cameras. He shook his head at her as he replayed Edward pinning her to the door.

Wiggling his eyebrows, he said, "God, Bells, it's just like one bad porno waiting to happen."

She cocked her head to one side to get a better look at the video, and rolled her eyes. She'd never openly admit to one of her employees, even if he was a friend, that she thought it looked pretty fucking hot to her.

"I swear, I will get him clean," she growled as she watched the video. "Cut back to the room, Em." Sure enough, she was proven correct about her earlier assumption. On the screen, Edward showed no signs of complying with her earlier demand. He lay on the bed, probably thinking and trying to remember what happened before.

She knew from prior experiences that the addicts had some short-term memory loss. Either that or were too disoriented shortly after their kidnapping and the memories they did remember made little sense in their addled minds. She wished there was an easier way, but her targets were at her facility for a reason; typical rehab didn't work on them. Kidnapping them was the only way to get them there.

As she watched him rub his face in frustration, she realized that perhaps it would be easier for her just to tell him what happened. The circumstances around his family's call were unusual, even for client base. She'd give him a while longer; see if he remembered more as the day progressed.

Come on, Edward. Try to remember. Don't make me deliver more bad news.

Edward remained in bed after Bella had left, his head pounding from a headache that seemed to want to suck in his eyeballs. His eyes closed as memories assaulted him, disjointed and confusing. Fuck, what he'd do for a fucking drink.

That's why you're here, asshole.

When the fuck did his conscience decide to return?

It was probably the same time he put his sister in danger, and by forcing her save his sorry ass. What the fuck was he supposed to do now, besides endure the hell he was in. He knew it was useless to try to escape, and it didn't help matters that he had no idea where his new hell was.

Bella's voice brought him out of his inner turmoil. He looked around and realized that it was coming from a few white speakers in the ceiling.

"Cullen, get the fuck up!" a female's voice growled through the speakers again. He recognized it instantly that it was Bella's; he'd never forget it again.

How the fuck did she know he was still in bed? He threw up hands up in frustration, looking around the room. There were two damn cameras in the room, which meant no fucking privacy. The harpy didn't bother giving him any useful information about his stay at her rehab center. For that, he wasn't about to make her fucking life easy. He was going to make it hell. He got up from the bed slowly, stretching and taking his sweet ass time.

Let's see how pissed you can get, harpy.

Bella watched Edward spend a few minutes scratching his ass, smirking all the while. "Cullen!" she screamed through the intercom system, startling him, and causing Emmett to wince beside her.

"I used to hate the way you screamed like that," he said, shuddering. "I thought you were a fucking demon." She grinned before turning her attention to the screen.

"I'm up, you fucking harpy!" Edward yelled in the direction of a camera, flipping her off.

"That's real mature, Cullen," she said. "Now be a good boy and fucking get ready. In the closet are clothes and shoes. The drawer besides it holds boxers, muscle shirts, and socks. The door beside that leads to the bathroom."

Bella looked at the time, if he continued dragging his ass through his morning routine, she'd cut it down to ten minutes. That should get him to pay attention. She watched him move around the room, and she groaned in frustration.

Keep it up, and you'll see what you'll get.

Bella's fingers tapped on the desk, as she watched Edward grab some boxers and a pair of socks. He took his time, making the bed and laying out his clothes. Twice he looked at the camera with a small "I got a secret" smile. As he walked over to the dresser, his gait was slow as if he had all the time in the world.

For whatever reason, an even larger smile spread across his face, Bella knew it meant trouble. She tapped her foot on the concrete floor, getting more agitated as she waited. "Cullen, you're trying my fucking patience. I told you there was a lot to do."

Edward cocked an eyebrow toward one of the cameras, the one directly across from where he stood near the bed. "Do you get off watching me, or what?"

Bella's eyes widened at the implication clear in his voice, eliciting a snicker from Emmett. That earned him a glare that had him backing away from her.

"No, Cullen, I don't enjoy it," she snarled through the speaker, keeping her voice icy. The attraction that Edward seemed to have for her, needed to end quickly. "You're under my observation."

The tone did nothing but make the man smirk toward the camera, at her.

"Hmm, so you do like to watch."

Bella didn't have time for his shit, looking away when her cell phone vibrated in her pocket. It was a message from Alice Cullen. Her brother had barely been in her care for twenty-four hours, and already, she was contacting her. She forwarded the message to Jasper, asking him to call her. She couldn't be in contact with a target's family so soon.

After the first three weeks, she called the family to give them the basic rundown of how their loved one was faring. The only information she was willing to listen to was anything pertaining to what Edward's father had discovered about the blood on the car and Alice's condition. If his sister could text, that told Bella she would be fine.

"I'll give you a show then, since you left without helping me with my problem," she heard Edward say.

"Oh hell, no," groaned Emmett, as he covered his eyes. Edward had pulled down his pants, and now faced the closest camera.

Bella's eyes remained on the screen, her jaw on the damn floor. Edward was jerking off for her see. She raised an eyebrow and shot a look at Emmett. His hands covered most of his face, but she could see his chin tremble from holding in his laughter.

"Fuck, you know you have the most fuckable tits and lips I've ever seen, Bella." Bella saw his eyes close, as if picturing her as he continued to stroke myself. "Bel-la," he groaned. "I can see that mouthy tongue all over me, loving every inch of me." He threw his head back as his hips surged forward.

Bella shivered from the sound of her name, coming from his lips. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. Be a bitch, she reminded herself.

"Nice, Cullen, you know how to take care of your needs on your own. Now, if you don't get your fucking ass in the shower in ten seconds, I will take all your warm water privileges for the next three days," she snarled, causing him to jump from the aggressiveness of her tone.

Edward cursed, gesturing toward his cock, thrusting his hips forward again. "Bella, I have to take care of this."

She ignored the ache she felt deep inside her. What was wrong with her? Emmett raised an eyebrow in question, noticing her flushed face. She flipped him off.

"Do it the shower, then," she growled through the speaker.

"You know, that tone of voice fucking turns me on, Swan. Will you still be watching in there?" He grinned at the camera before his hands resumed stroking.

"No, but if it gets you off I can listen in." Her voice was shaky, and it fucking cracked. Get a hold of yourself, Bella.

Edward groaned at the feel of his hand around him, and the sound of her near breathless words from the harpy. So she's enjoying the show.

"It's…not…the…same…" He trailed off, gripping harder around his cock, moving faster.

"If you keep doing it there, I'll make you lick it off." Her voice sounded smug, causing him to still his ministrations for a moment.

He glared at the camera. "You wouldn't."

"Have you ever been hit with a taser?"

He shook his head at her question, though he'd been close to feeling that shit. Stupid five-o's.

"If you finish anywhere on that pristine floor or sheets, I will go in there and make you lick it off. If you don't, I'll shoot you in the ass with a taser."

Her tone told Edward that she wasn't fucking kidding.

He groaned and carefully pulled up his sweats. "Fucking bitch," he said into the camera. Her wicked laughter suddenly filled the room. It made him fucking shiver, going straight to his aching cock. It was a fucking traitor.

"Keep moaning my name when you finish up in there," she said as he walked into the bathroom.

"Are you trying to fucking blind me with all this white?" he said to her, knowing that she was listening.

"Sorry, I'm trying to give you only the basics, pretty rich boy." She didn't sound sorry at all, Edward realized— the bitch.

He eyed the shower enclosure with fear. "You're not going to fucking turn the water cold while I shower, are you?"

"You have only ten minutes, Cullen, so I'd hurry the fuck up."

Edward shook his head and quickly scanned the room for any more cameras. There were none, but he was able to make out where the intercom system was in the room. At least she wouldn't be watched as he shit, showered, and eventually, puked his guts out. He turned on the shower and stepped into the enclosure.

As the water fell from overhead, disjointed memories of another shower ran through his thoughts. He remembered handcuffs, her voice and…fucking hell, she fucking beat his ass.

However, he also remembered her hands all over him and there was an image of her on her knees. His libido only allowed him to focus on those memories than the others. Maybe he'd like being there more than he originally thought. He was having a particularly nice fantasy or maybe a fucking memory of her sweet lips wrapped around his cock.

"Mmm," he hummed, trying to finish showering so he could take care of his problem. However, his fantasy was interrupted by the irritating, but hot bitch.

"Cullen, you only have seven more minutes," she sang through the speaker.

"Damn it," he cursed, flipping the bitch off even though she couldn't see. He'd make her pay for that shit later. That thought made him feel a little better.

I'm going get you soon enough.

Bella kept a watchful eye on the time, her gaze sliding back to the television screen.

"Fuck, you she-witch!" he growled, she could hear his frustration loud and clear. She laughed, as he continued his little rant. "I'm not a fucking minute man, bitch!"

She laughed harder, the name-calling rolled right off her back. It was something she heard often, and didn't bother her much anymore. She knew it was wrong to laugh at him, even encourage him, but the angrier he got, the easier it was for her to shock him. She had to show him who was boss and that when she gave an order, she expected him to comply.

"I have no comment on that, and stop calling me a bitch!" she returned with her own growl. Smiling at Emmett, she wiggled her eyebrows. "Payback is gonna be a bitch." Emmett winced again and shook his head.

She knew she was being a bitch, but sometimes you had to show them who was in charge.

Edward was thankful for the few minutes of blessed silence. He managed to wash his hair and body, hoping that his problem would go away on its own. It didn't; he was still fucking hard. Taking his cock back in his hand, he imagined Bella on her knees again, which only made him fucking harder. With a tight ass grip, he started to stroke.

Edward grinned and despite his anger toward the banshee, his fantasy was perfect. Fuck, he bet her skin turned a fucking delicious pink when she was pissed.

Note to self: Piss her off to see if her tits blush.

"So, you're not a screamer, Cullen?" He heard her say in a bored tone, which pissed him off.

"Fuck, can you keep that mouth fucking shut so I can try to concentrate? You're messing up the image of my dick fucking your mouth."

"How's this?" She started on a series of fucking delicious moans and whimpers, humming through the speakers.

Fuck, it is helping. Edward stroked harder, the knot in his abdomen tightening, and he picked up the pace of his strokes. Edward threw his head back, groaning as he felt his orgasm closing in on him. His knees shook, his thoughts moving onto Bella's pert ass.

Keep going, sweetheart.

Bella looked at the time and smiled, making Emmett shake his head. "You're fucking mean, B." She shrugged and flipped a switch off. A second later, from what she could tell from Edward's cursing, he had been shot with a blast of cold water just as he came, ruining his pleasure.

"Ah! You fucking harpy, bitch …devil and all that is un-fucking holy!"

"Sorry, hot water is gone," she said loudly. "So get your ass out." A string of profanities continued to leave his mouth. He called her everything in the book, cursing the last few minutes of his ice-cold shower.

"Hope you learned your lesson," she said, trying not to laugh when he continued to curse.

At least he stopped calling me a bitch.

Edward toweled off his body, he walked to the medicine cabinet, still muttering obscenities for the bitch to hear. He wanted a shave and looked for supplies. There was none. In fact, the only things inside were a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and a small plastic cup.

"What the fuck, I need to shave," he complained, knowing the she-witch was listening. He grabbed the toothbrush and paste and started to brush his teeth.

He heard her sigh over the sound system. "Sorry, the only way the hair is leaving your pretty face is if you fucking let me do it."

She sounded happy for some reason, and that shit made him nervous.

"I'm not going to let you near me with something fucking sharp, witch," he stated firmly before rinsing his mouth.

"Well, I'm not going to leave you with anything sharp, so you have a choice. You can stay like that, or I shave you."

"Fine," he spat, grabbing the towel again and stalking into the bedroom to change.

The next I know, she'll start spoon feeding me. He shuddered at the thought.

Bella sat back and looked at Emmett. Edward was getting dressed and seemed to have calmed down after his cold shower. "What do you think?"

"Not sure yet," he said, grimacing. "Were Jasper and I like that with you?"

She shook her head. "Not you, Rosalie was too important to you to let you think of me that way." He rolled his eyes. "All right, that's a lie. It seems to be a mechanism with tough guys like you. Jasper wasn't so bad, nothing like to Edward, though. And none of you tried to give me a show like that."

"So, you're going to go in there, offer him a shave, be that close to him, and expect him to do nothing?"

"I'm not an idiot, Emmett. I know how to handle myself." She sighed and rose to her feet. "And you know exactly why we don't allow sharp things in their rooms."

He nodded, remembering how close they'd been to losing a target before. "Just making sure."

With a simple kiss on his cheek, she grabbed a small men's hygiene kit from a drawer near by. "Wish me luck."

There was no use denying it to herself; she was attracted to Edward. She had to attempt to shave him and probably cut his hair, and having him that close to her was dangerous.

Give me strength.

Edward continued to towel dry his hair, waiting for the damn harpy to come back to the room. He realized that he was in no condition to fight her off. She might have been small, but the bruise on his back proved that she could put up a good fight. It didn't help that he hadn't hit the gym in months.

He looked down at his stomach and noticed his abs weren't as defined as they used to be. Another con to drinking was how he seemed to ignore his health. If he was really stuck there, maybe he could start some kind of exercise program like the one he did at the other rehabilitation centers.

It wasn't as if he had anything better to do. Well, there was pissing off Miss Fuck-Me-Now. That should kill a few hours a day. Fuck that, he thought, he could devote twelve hours to that new hobby. After all, she was hot when she was angry. Edward grinned at the prospect.

She was going to shave him soon. He wondered if that included down under since he could use a trim. He threw the towel in a plastic hamper and walked back to what could be his bed for the next few months. He hoped Bella would allow Alice to send him a set of his Egyptian cotton sheets from back home, because he'd probably develop a rash sleeping on her shitty sheets.

Alice – some memories flooded his mind, but it was fuzzy. He remembered his sister screaming and hitting his head. Damn, what did it all mean? He tried to focus on the memories of Bella as he laid back against a pillow.

Suddenly, he remembered something Bella said. "Well, Edward, she called me from her room at the hospital."

He sucked in a breath as the realization hit him. He had almost killed his sister. He took a few deep breaths and tried to concentrate, and was able to make out hazy memories of Bella explaining that Alice had hurt herself trying to save him.

But save me from what?

Before he could concentrate further, he heard footsteps coming down the hallway toward his room, better described as his fucking cell. Shifting to sit up against the headboard, he watched as she entered the room.

Now with a slightly clearer head, he raked his gaze over her body. Did she really have to wear fucking shorts? Then again, maybe they were a clue. Maybe the weather was especially hot wherever they were.

His eyes roamed over her again, but she only rolled her eyes at him. She crooked a finger. "Come on, big boy. Come to momma." Her comment laced with innuendo, at least to him. He groaned and had to adjust himself as he hardened quickly.

Following her into the bathroom, he watched as she parked her tight little ass on the bathroom counter. He cocked his head, realizing as she spread her knees part that she wanted him between her thighs.

The last time he was in the bathroom the bitch had ruined his fantasy and his climax and now she was causing another one to pop up with her invitation. What was her game?

He stalked toward her, closing the distance between them. Standing between her legs didn't help the situation in his jeans. When she ran her fingers through his long hair, he thought he was going to come right there. He wanted her to claw at his back while he pounded into her. Fuck, his imagination was running wild.

He remained as still as possible, as Miss Sugar Tits turned his face to the right and then to the left. She rubbed his scratchy stubble, and he wanted to know what her thighs would look like reddened from it after she rode his tongue.

As his hips attempted to buck forward, her thighs tightened around him like a vise. He couldn't move an inch closer to her. Damn, she had strong muscles, making her that much hotter. Her hand grasped his chin harder, forcing him to meet her eyes.

It felt as if she was trying to see into his soul. He closed his eyes, since he no longer had one. He lost his a long time ago.