Punch Me, Love Me, Save Me

Epilogue One

Edward focused on the sounds of Bella sleeping alongside of him; sometimes it eased his thoughts enough to allow him to rest. By day's end, his mind ran rampant—a hard habit to break.

A breeze sent a melody through the three sets of wind chimes on the porch of the small cottage Bella rented for the last half of their beach getaway. Secluded, cozy, a slice of heaven. It had only been a week and they were already in love with Hawaii, it's rich culture, food, and the people. The icing on the cake was that Bella's typical beachwear left little to his imagination. Her sun-kissed skin glowed in a way he'd only seen in Mexico. Sometimes, he toyed with the idea of moving to a sunny state just to see her like that most of the year.

The nearly moonless night seemed almost eerie through the doors overlooking the cove, as a breeze carried the scent of the ocean and sand toward them. It tickled up his legs, and teased Bella's hair to skim her bare shoulders and cheek, exposing her just a bit more. The only light filtered through the crack of the bathroom door, allowing him only a glimpse of the inked letters along the center of her back.

The desire to taste the words that marked her never lessened since his first sample. The sweep of his lips on her skin always made her body twist against the sheets, wall, table— anywhere, really. The nip of his teeth had her often turning the tables on him, testing his control as she teased the same words inked along his ribs. They each had recent additions to their matching tattoos, the symbols he found while in Africa for love, commitment, and perseverance, tattooed under the original quote.

They planned on some sight-seeing in the morning, including a hike to nearby caves and a boat ride around the west side of the island. Considering the beauty of their surroundings, they hadn't ventured for longer than half of a day, and most of the time, only for food. They had spent the first week zip-lining, para-sailing, surfing, and visiting the black sands of Punalu'u Beach when they weren't exploring each other in bed or various other places.

Edward knew he'd be one irritable asshole during their outing if he didn't manage to sleep for a couple of hours. He needed to discuss his insomnia with Bella. For better and for worse, right? She'd seen his worst, so what was his problem? It wasn't the relationship he doubted, that much he knew. He worried about adding more shit for her to stress over. She'd been through enough in the last year; she didn't need more from him.

"Stop thinking so hard," Bella murmured, her hand reaching out to scratch his stomach; something she did to grab his attention in bed or while watching television. "Why didn't you tell me you were having trouble sleeping?" Her short nails on his skin elicited a thread of desire as her body curled in closer to his. "Come here."

"How did you know?" His response to her was immediate, turning to face her. She moaned at the soft touch of his lips on hers, his arms wrapping around her to pull her over his body. Her thighs adjusted to straddle his hips, her breasts tight against his chest. She offered him a brief kiss, but sat up on his torso to look at him. Moments like that always reminded him of everything he accomplished to be where he was now.

"When you do sleep, you tend to snore. I figured since I haven't heard it much, you're not sleeping well. It can't still be the time adjustment. Or is it?"

He ignored the snoring comment and focused on his answer. "I don't think so." His hands drifted up her thighs, brushing her sides until he curled his fingers in her hair. "I can't get my mind to shut up." Her breath was still sweet from the fruit plate they devoured earlier; Bella and fruit juice was a fucking awesome combination. She hummed and kissed him, placing her hands on each side of his head on the bed. "Sorry for waking you."

She smiled. "No, you're not."

"No, I'm not." He laughed as she dipped down to bite his lip, just hard enough for him to want some more. "I was planning on asking for any advice to help me sleep in the morning." She pressed her lips to his one more time, slipping off him and laying on her back. "You can offer advice from here, you know." He pointed at his hips, but she only rolled her eyes.

"Edward, I should be the last one to offer you advice on this subject. I've been having trouble, too."

"What a pair we make."

"I think we're pretty amazing in my opinion, look how far we've come." She turned on her side, propping herself up on her elbow. His eyes focused on the lack of clothing, and thought he knew of a way to wear himself out enough to sleep.

"Insomnia is normal considering what's been happening in our lives." She poked his stomach and shook her head, pointing at her eyes for him to focus on. "That doesn't mean we ignore it. I've been doing a few breathing techniques and created a bedtime routine so my body and mind know it's time to settle down and sleep." Her brow tightened as her eyes rolled. "Doesn't always work, but having you beside me has helped a lot."

His hand cradled her cheek, her face turning to press her lips to his palm. "What's keeping you up at night, baby?"

"My nightmares, as you're aware, have been pretty bad. Sometimes, I'm scared to fall asleep."

"I hate that you have them." She nodded, snuggling closer to him. "Wish I could take them all away."

"You help, though," she whispered. "You reach for me, murmur soft words until I quiet down and fall back to sleep. Now, let me do the same for you."

"I think I figured out why I wasn't sleeping well at first." She looked confused for few moments. "I wanted to be there if you woke up, to provide comfort and help if you needed me."

"Oh, Edward," she whispered, cupping his cheek and kissing him. "I have a feeling you'd hear me whether you were asleep or not." She wasn't wrong, but just in case, his mind kept him from sleeping.

"I think I got used to it over the last couple of weeks, but I never was a light sleeper until Africa, because we had to be alert due to the thefts. I learned how to be one, I just have to do the same when we're together."

He offered a sheepish smile, asking about the breathing technique she used. They figured out it would take some time for him to get used to it, so she told him about a few other tricks she tried. One tip was repetitive movement, and they decided to try it together. They held each other close, his hand skimming up and down her bare back, his mind focusing on the task, and on soothing her. Bella counted each gentle sweep of his fingers until her eyes grew heavy, whispering his name and calming him enough to send him into dreams filled with warm beaches and smooth, tanned skin.




Hours later, feeling a bit restless, but not wanting to wake Bella, Edward slipped out of bed. The sun was starting to light up the sky as he stretched across a cushioned bench on the porch. It was the perfect time to watch the colors change on the horizon. He startled wake when he heard footsteps coming from behind him, unsure how long he'd been out there.

"Hey," he heard Bella whisper from inside the cottage. She joined him not long after, standing beside him and the bench. Dressed in nothing but tiny shorts and a blanket, she helped him wake right up. Her fingers were gentle as they raked through his hair, eliciting a hum. His hand slipped up her bare thigh. "It didn't work?"

"It did, but I woke up and couldn't stay in bed anymore without waking you." He waggled his brows, hoping she understood. She made a face that said she wouldn't have minded at all. Good to know. "Anyway, I decided I wanted to be out here when the sun comes up. Join me?" She nodded, letting him pull her onto his lap, his gray sweats rode up around his ankles as she settled against him. It was cool outside, with a slight breeze, but it wasn't too much for him. Bella on the other hand, unzipped his hoodie to wrap her arms around him, nibbling on his pec for a second, before resting her head on his shoulder.

"Three more days," she said in a whisper so soft, he had to ask her to repeat herself. She was afraid to disturb the quietness, and to voice such an upsetting fact. "This trip was…is everything I had hoped for when I planned it."

"It hasn't been perfect," Edward said, his hand settling on a bad scrape near her knee. They had gone para-sailing and she had a bit of a run in with the reef. The two days she had to stay out of the water was rather nice, since he insisted on keeping her in bed and catered to her every need.

"Oh, I don't know, I rather liked when you played nurse." He told her how much he enjoyed it, too. She looked at him, a slight frown on her lips. "Is it stupid that I kind of just want you all to myself for a while longer?"

"I was thinking the same thing," Edward said, laughing. "How about we cancel the sightseeing boat tour and just relax today. We've already done everything we set out to do in Hawaii since we started the trip, and other than tonight's luau, we can just stay in and do other things."

She moaned when his hand swept up her bare back, he wasn't surprised to find her skin warm, inviting. "No doubt what 'other things' you'd like to do."

He looked around, finding that they were alone. The closest cottage was closed tight, meaning no one was staying there for the night, and the other was not at the right angle to see what he planned on doing to his fiancée. Unless someone decided to walk on the stretch of beach in the bay, they were alone.

It wasn't long before the sheet she had brought with her, fell to the floor. He filled his hands with her breasts, groaning as she moved to straddle his lap tighter. Soft or loud, her moans were all for him, and they always would be from that day forward. He stripped her bare, as she had done numerous times to him. She was a goddess, her fingers twisting in her hair and his, gasping, and calling out his name as his tongue teased and soothed with gentle nips and licks around each breast. There was a soft golden glow on her skin, her lips a brighter pink due to his scruffy jaw, and her nipples matched, making him that much harder.

Love making wasn't the problem, but fucking, yeah, he wanted it. But was she ready for it? He did his best to slow down, to control the speed of her hips moving over his covered cock. She was having none of it, her hands reaching for his face, asking him to look at her. "I'm okay."

In his chest, his heart burst in speed, burning with the desire to have her as he always wanted. After everything she'd been through, he thought she would only want the gentler side of him. The darker look in her eyes said she craved him in the same way, but he had to ask, "Are you sure?"

One side of her mouth tipped up, as sexy as ever, "Fuck me."

Something sounding like a growl rumbled in his chest and out through his lips. She moaned, pulling his mouth to hers, showing him without words how much she needed this, too.

The heat of her kiss spread to every nerve like lava, warming his blood, and sending most of it south. He groaned into her mouth, pulling her fingers out of his hair, and holding them captive at the small of her back, earning a sweet hiss. Her chest thrust forward and his eyes drifted down to look his fill, his mouth itching to leave a mark or two, but any love bite would be for his eyes only. She called out his name the moment his lips surrounded a nipple, her hips rolling above his, seeking friction he wasn't quite ready to give her. His free hand dipped low, slapping the side her thigh for her to stop. She complied, but not without giving him shit for it. He asked her to lift up onto her knees, and the moment the tips of his fingers slipped between her thighs, she didn't regret complying.

"Just like that," he whispered, nibbling on her neck. "Stay up on those knees, show me you can handle everything I want to do to you." Her body moved in the same way she danced. "Come on, baby, you're strong enough." She nodded hard, humming and rolling her hips to the same rhythm of his fingers, lost to the pleasure he was giving her. Though her thighs shook, she remained on her knees, losing herself to his touch and letting him take over. "Put your hands on my shoulders, baby." He released her wrists against the small of her back, groaning when she grabbed him like he asked. "Look at you, you can do what I say."

He learned to recognize when she was close since returning to her, but to watch her be so open, in the diffused light of the coming dawn, she was fucking glorious.

"Fuck, fuck," she gasped, her eyes closing as his fingers quickened inside her. Harder, faster, she loved it in every way he delivered it. "I'm so close." He stopped, removing his fingers and mouth. Her eyes popped open, the anger in her gaze didn't last long, determination took over. "Done already?" Her tone was bored, and there was a tiny shift of one sexy shoulder.

How she loved to challenge him.

"Not even fucking close," he said, reclining on the bench, his hands resting on the back of his head. She glared, but leaned down to move his sweats with her teeth and hands until she exposed him to the open air. "Fuck," he hissed, loving the way she teased him right back. He wouldn't hold out for long before he'd need to get inside her.

She smiled in a way that told Edward he was in trouble. He played right into her hands and he knew it. His gaze dropped to one of her hands on her stomach, her fingers drifting across her navel, soon falling between her thighs.

She knew what got him going and watching her make herself come was on the top of that long list. Anticipation curled his toes, the muscles in his thighs tensed beneath her ass, as his cock decided to say hello with a tight nod.

She deliciously whimpered, whispering his name, as two of her fingers slipped deeper. He cursed, grabbing a hold of himself, his free hand pushing his sweats further down his hips. Why the fuck wasn't he naked? He wanted to feel the heat of her against his skin. As if she knew what the problem was, she helped him out of the rest of his clothes, her hands wandering but staying away from his cock.

When he tried to touch himself again, she gently slapped his hand away. "Not yet," she taunted, her dark eyes on him. "Besides, I want my touch to drive you crazy."

"You're so going to pay for this," he groaned, his fingers digging into her thighs where his hands settled. He licked his lips as desire continued to send every nerve ending on alert. Her sounds only seemed to make it harder to delay the satisfaction he'd find with her, the feeling enhanced by the wealth of emotion he felt for her. "I love you, so fucking much." Her eyes closed at the sound of his voice, another whimper escaping, her fingers quickening. "I can see how wet you are for me." Using her free hand, she grabbed his and allowed him to touch, just long enough to feel how warm she was. His groan was deep and drawn out, soon turning to a protest as she pulled his fingers away.

"Damn," he whispered, slipping his fingers into his mouth, tasting her and loving how she looked at him.

She shifted until his cock settled between her thighs, sliding against him but never slipping him inside. Slick and warm. "I could come like this," she moaned, her dark hair shifting over her shoulders and chest.

"Not yet," he demanded, holding onto what little control he had left. She was beautiful in the light of the rising sun. Nipples tight, her lightly muscled arms bracketing him, inviting him in, using him for support. Her mouth parted as her eyes closed, but they snapped open, as if she realized she didn't want to miss a minute of the sight. Her gaze dropped to their laps, watching as she slid over him.

"Fuck, fuck," came another hiss through his clenched teeth, watching the way she moved over him, the tip of his cock disappearing in and out of view.

She let out a breathy laugh, and when he looked up at her, she gave him a gorgeous smile, turning into something hotter. "I love you. Always."

"Yes," he groaned, pulling her mouth to his, kissing her hard. Her hips tried to move faster, but his hands slowed her quick pulses. He kissed every inch of her face, lingering along her jawline until he reached her ear. "Hold on." She gasped in surprise as he lifted her, flipped her onto her hands and knees on the bench. Once she realized what happened, she tossed her head back, laughing and moaning as he took position behind her. She looked over her shoulder, a glint in her eyes that made him curse. Her ass swayed from side-to-side in his hands, to tease and torment him. He kept one hand on her hip and the other slid up her warm back, his lips soon following the same path.

The moment his mouth skimmed her shoulder, his body draped over hers, she begged for him. "That's it," he murmured, loving the heat of her skin, the dampness despite the cool morning. "Take all of me." She whimpered as he thrust inside her, moaning his name and closing her eyes in bliss. Tighter in the position, Edward had to stop for a few moments to gather control, and whispered, "Perfect fucking fit."

She moaned, her hips pushing back against. "Please, please, please." There was no denying her, he didn't want to anyway. He pulled back slower, thrusting faster and harder on the return. Listening for any sounds of distress from her and finding none, he deepened his strokes, adding a touch more force. She was chanting something too soft, but he had to pull her mouth to his to hear her. "Pull my hair."

She knew it was one of his fantasies—he loved her hair. Fuck.

Realizing she was giving him something he wanted, he cursed aloud, "Fuck." He pulled up, groaning at the depth. Taking a fistful of her hair, he wrapped it around his hand and pulled as he thrust in deeper, harder. She cried out, pushing and grinding her hips for more of him. He gave it to her, over and over, slowing only when she was too close. Twice, he denied her, only building their desire, lighting a fire in each of them. She grabbed one of his hands, pulling it to her chest, whimpering as he pinched her nipple. "How close?"

"Oh God, Edward," she cried as he hit a bit harder. "I'm close." He groaned, wrapping his arm around her torso, pulling her up until her back pressed against his chest. The angle, their sweat-slicked bodies, only added to the fire inside him. "More, more."

"Greedy," he groaned, nipping on her ear. She cursed him out, only to moan how much he loved him. He kept the pace, thankful for their mutual workouts. His hand slid up from her breast and wrapped his fingers over her shoulder. She moaned louder, her hand lifting to pull on his hair. They each slipped their free fingers between her thighs, circling and teasing, rubbing until Edward's thrusts became erratic as need overcame technique. "Let go, Bella."

She begged for it, and within a few thrusts, she screamed his name, disturbing a flock of birds in a nearby tree. As they took flight, her body froze for a moment, and then she shook within his arms. He cursed, tightening his hold and thrusting through her orgasm, finding his as she tugged his lips to hers. She kept a hand on the back of his head, whispering how much she loved him. Exhausted, he had just enough strength to sit back and pull her with him. They settled on the bench, wrapped in each other as the sky showed them the wonder of Hawaii.

"Now do you believe me when I say I can handle it and that you won't hurt me?" she asked, a soft, indulgent smile on her lips several minutes later.

"Yes, but I think I needed to believe in myself more before I could lose some control with you."

"And?" Her smile broadened, a gleam in her eyes.

Edward laughed, slapping her ass. "Are you questioning my ability to ravish you?"

She started to giggle, something that didn't happen often.

"Ravish? Stop reading erotica already," she teased.

"They're from your bookshelves!"

She jumped off his lap and ran down the length of the porch, toward the beach. "Come on, we have time for one last skinny dip." She didn't have to tell him twice.

Hours later, after spending quite a while talking about their future, they walked along the beach as setting sun painted the sky, hand in hand. "Do you think they'll be mad?"

Bella shrugged, her fingers tightening around his. "Even if it does, what matters is us. We have to do what is right for us."

"There's so much change on the horizon," Edward whispered, watching as the sun disappeared into the ocean. He looked at her under the darkening sky and wondered for the thousandth time how he got so lucky.

"Change is good."

Edward smiled. "Change is very good."

"We made a lot of compromises, but remember, they're not set in stone. If something isn't working out, we reevaluate and find a solution."


She lifted to the tips of her toes, her arms wrapping around his shoulders. "Together."




"How soon do you expect everyone to show up?" Edward asked as he held the door to their apartment open for Bella to walk through four weeks later.

"Let's see, after arriving from Hawaii, we were home maybe fifteen minutes before Baby Jamie and my dad showed up."

"The look on his face when Jamie asked about the bruise on your neck." Edward snorted, shaking his head and heading toward the bedroom. If they didn't but their bags away immediately, someone would trip over them when they arrived.

Bella walked into the kitchen, turning on the lights as she entered. Screaming when several people popped up, yelling "welcome home". Edward screamed, too, but covered it up with a cough that no one bought. "Hey," he said, smiling and greeting Bella's family and his.

Everyone was in attendance, including Alice and Jasper. It was the first time they'd seen each other since Edward punched him in Montana. Keeping himself toward the back of the welcoming group, Jasper only nodded in greeting. Alice watched from the corner of her eye as Edward hugged his mother, laughing when he said they didn't have to come all that way for presents.

"How was St. Lucia?" Alice asked, walking back to where Jasper stood, wrapping her arm around him.

"Amazing," Bella said somewhat wistful, much to her brother and Charlie's chagrin. "I can't say which trip I liked better." She joined Edward near the kitchen island, which was laden with food that Emmett, her father, and her brother were already digging into after greeting them. "There's a lot more to do in Hawaii, though."

Jamie's hand clapped Edward's shoulder hard. "Well, you can't really stay holed up in your room all day. You'll chafe."

"Too much information," Esme hissed at Jamie, taking away his plate of food and helping herself. "You two look amazing, all that tanned skin." Jamie pouted, following Edward's mother around like a puppy.

Between trips, Edward and Bella hosted a family dinner at her father's house, only Jasper and Alice hadn't been attendance, as they were both still in Paris. Jamie and Esme had a close relationship that surprised everyone; it was almost as if Esme had sensed how much he needed a mother figure in his life.

"You're right, Mrs. Cullen," Emmett agreed, eying her and Edward. "They are pretty tanned. I'd say they didn't spend any time in their room." He waggled his eyebrows. "Problem, Eddie?"

Charlie groaned. "What Esme said, too much information!"

The collective group laughed, little Jamie looking from person to person, confused. "Auntie Bella, whaft's so funny?" Bella only pulled him into her arms, nuzzling his soft cheek. "I missed you." He pressed several sweet kisses on her face, noticing Edward joining his sister and Jasper across the room.

If anyone else noticed, they didn't show it. She watched Edward as she helped her nephew with his plate. Edward approached with a tentative smile on lips, holding out his hand to Jasper. Just as unsure, but determined, Jasper shook it. It wasn't long before Edward pulled him closer, hugging and whispering something to each other. Alice clasped her hands together, a beautiful smile lit up her face.

Bella looked away, unable to help the tears in her eyes. "You better not be crying," Edward whispered in her ear a few moments later.

"I don't know what you're talking about." She looked him in the eyes and shrugged. "I can't help it. You've both come such a long away."

Edward looked back at Jasper and Alice, both standing with their arms around the other, heads pressed together. "Yeah, we all have."

"I'll drink to that," Jamie said, choking and coughing when he realized what he said. A few people threw food at him. "It just slipped out. Fuck, sorry, everybody. I swear I didn't mean it that way. Just that…" He looked around, pride in his bright eyes. "We all have a lot to be thankful for, so many things to celebrate, to be proud of."

Everyone seemed to realize the truth of Jamie's words. In the last two years, so much had happened, everyone touched by events in some way. Goals were reached, truths were revealed, and love reached through the darkest of times to make them the family they were becoming.

"A lot of it is thanks to Bella," Esme said, raising a class of sparkling cider.

Emmett nodded. "All she had to do was punch Edward."

"Emmett!" Rosalie hissed. Carlisle's eyebrows rose high. "She has a black belt."

Esme hummed, though unsure, she didn't comment on the punching part. "She saved my son, and in doing so, saved our family."

"Falling in love, though it wasn't easy at first," Bella said, smiling up at him. "It saved me, too."

Edward leaned in to press his lips to hers. "Thank you for loving me, saving me, and even punching me." She wrapped her arms around him, whispering he was worth it all.

"We have a few announcements," Edward said a few minutes later, holding Bella's hand. "As you all know, Bella agreed to be my wife." They had made that announcement during the dinner the week between Hawaii and St. Lucia, everyone happy for them. "First know that you all mean the world to us, but we have decided to move to California for at least a year."

No one was surprised; they had talked about moving since Edward's return. "We found a real estate agent who already sent us pictures of a great house in Carmel." Bella exhaled hard, but continued. "Billy and a few others are taking over all my duties with the centers, possibly for good."

"What?" Jamie was shocked, that much was clear, but Bella recognized the relief in his voice, too. "Why?"

"Like I said, possibly," she said, looking up at Edward. "I have no idea what I'm going to do with all that free time."

Edward chuckled, kissing the top of her head. "She said she's going to pick up hobbies."

"I expect a scarf for Christmas," Jamie teased. "I am a Slytherin, after all." Bella flipped him off while no one was looking.

"As of right now, we're saying a year." Edward turned serious again. "Who knows, we may decide we hate constant warm weather."

"And the wedding?" Alice asked, her eyes wide with hope.

"We're not setting a date yet," Edward replied, pulling Bella closer to his side. "We're going to take it one day at a time." He looked at his mother and sister, eyes narrowing a bit. "Do not push for more than that right now."

"Fair enough," Esme said, giving them a warm smile.

Alice, having had some of her fun taken away, pouted. "That's okay, maybe I'll be busy planning…"

"One day at a time, Alice," Jasper warned her, pulling her into a hug. Mollified for the time, Alice nodded in agreement. "Besides, you have the fall line to work on for class."

Edward felt better knowing Alice was reined in for the time. She had to keep busy to remain on track with her shopping addiction. She had a small setback in Milan, and had to cut her trip short because of it. Work and classes seemed to quell the desire for retail therapy, but not always.

"Any more news?" Charlie asked, watching his daughter.

"Like your daughter living in sin isn't enough?" Jamie yelped when Bella whacked him with a spoon. "Fu-dge, that hurt! I'm kidding, love you, sis."

"Thanks for the reminder." Charlie rolled his eyes. "There's something else."

Bella smiled so big. "I got a big batch of flowers while we were in St. Lucia."

"Are you serious?" Jamie asked, getting choked up again. "He's alive." The others knew Alec was in witness protection and had severed all ties to his former life. They didn't know how, but he had found Bella and sent her flowers as he always did at least once a year.

"He didn't say much. The card said, 'nice tan'," Edward said, smiling as he remembered. They had just returned from a few hours by the pool to find a large arrangement of exotic flowers waiting for them in the room. "He'd been there, watching us from afar, we're guessing."

"That's amazing," Jasper said, sounding more sure of his place in this family. "I always thought he had connections that matched yours, Bella."

Edward's brow creased. "Now that I think about it, the ad for the travel agency for our trip had come in the mail."

"Wow," Bella whispered, touching the flower in her hair. An orchid from Alec's arrangement. "He may not be here with us, but I feel better knowing he's okay."

"What a year," Charlie said, holding out his hand for Sue's. "So many changes."

"Good ones," Carlisle said, holding up a glass of cider as Esme refilled everyone's glasses.

"The rest of the year looks promising," Edward said, meeting Bella's eyes. "Very promising."

"Promise we won't lose touch." Alice looked at everyone. "Please, I need to see us all together in a place like this more than a few times a year. We've been through too much to only come together for holidays."

"I agree," Charlie said, his wife nodding along with him. "You might be moving away, but we'll still drop by." His smile was gleeful, sending it toward Edward. "Unannounced." Everyone laughed and started to compare stories of catching them in nearly compromising positions, much to Charlie's dismay.

Edward knew the future wouldn't be easy, but with Bella beside him, the support of this family, anything life threw at them, they'd work through it. Together.

AN: Almost done, I have one more epilogue for this story, a peek further into the future. The path of recovery isn't something that ends after 28 days in rehab, or even six months or a year. It's a life long road filled with bumps and detours and I think it's important to show that. It won't be smooth for Edward and Bella, but I promise in the end, it'll be worth it.

I am trying so hard to finish the rest of this before the end of 2016, but no promises, December is a busy month for a lot of us. Thanks to kyla713 for helping with the chapter and all the ones before it. Almost there.