Punch Me, Love Me, Save Me

Chapter Five—The Tour

From the moment Bella walked into his room for his shave, she knew he'd put up a front. The cocky attitude he seemed to extrude accompanied a kiss-me-now smirk and vulgar mouth. She thought he used it as a mechanism, something to give anyone that tried to befriend him the wrong idea, and set their expectations of him very low. That they'd know was what you saw was what you got.

The way he looked at her, raking his eyes over her body, made her realize that despite the attitude, there might not be much depth to his thoughts besides sex and alcohol. At least not yet, and it was a waste of his mind and capabilities. She'd seen his GPA in high school and college, his test scores bordered on genius and he was in the top five percentile in most of his classes.

What drove him to give up? What happened for him to quit his residency when his superiors boasted about him? Bella was determined to find out.

As she watched him, another thing that she noticed since his arrival was that Edward was a highly sexual. He practically purred when her nails barely scratched at his scalp, testing the length of it in her fingers.

If she were truly honest with herself, she was curious about its softness, too.

"How about a hair cut?" she asked him. He hadn't met her eyes since he molded himself between her thighs. The way his fingers clenched against the counter on each side of her hips, she knew he was holding himself back from taking what he wanted.

She would have to be careful, because the last thing she wanted was to have him replace one addiction for another. Did he associate drinking with sex? If she had to work on fighting two addictions, she'd have to consider getting help from Billy or her father.

The last time she dealt with coke and sex addict, it almost ended in total disaster.

Her eyes narrowed at the smile he gave her. "Unless you're licensed, there is no way you're messing with my hair. Women love the hair just like this. There's no way I'd let a harpy like you butcher it."

"I don't want to ruin it," she said with roll of her eyes. "Fine, but I'm not holding it back when you puke your guts out for your ass later."

He scowled at her. She knew it was low blow, but it was also the truth. It was something he knew was coming whether he liked it or not. "It's not that long and you're still not going any near my sex hair with a pair of scissors."

She rolled her eyes at the description of his hair and started to lather his face with shaving cream. At her touch, his gaze finally lifted to meet her eyes, watching her carefully. Neither said a word as she worked the razor over his sharp jaw. He turned automatically left or right, whatever she needed to complete her task. After a few minutes, the tension between them mounted to an unmistakable level.

She caught the harsh rise and fall of his chest, the way his hand slipped between them so he could adjust himself as he smirked. It was easy to ignore his obvious attempt to distract her. The light flush on his cheeks told her he was a bit embarrassed. Unless it was a sign, his symptoms were starting. She would have to keep a close eye on him; he didn't seem the type to tell her he felt like crap.

Only time will tell.

Edward couldn't help but notice the color of her eyes. Where he thought they were just a shit colored, boring brown from the brief look he had seen earlier, he found he was wrong. There were gold and green flecks within a dark rim of a golden brown.

At the last sweep of the razor, she touched a scar he had above his right eyebrow. It was small and old, long since faded but he felt as if he only received it minutes earlier. It felt fresh and as if it was still bleeding at her touch. The memories of when he got it tried to surface, but Edward pushed it back into the dark recesses of his mind. He heard her disappointed sigh and wanted to shake her because he didn't want her feeling sorry for him. Worse, he didn't want to care about what she thought of him.

"You could be so much more, Edward," Bella stated, her tone and touch tender. "Just let me help you."

Unable to take the way her eyes judged him, he looked away. However, her nimble fingers gripped his chin, forcing him to look at her. She just stared, as if waiting for him to fall apart. His eyes betrayed him, filling with tears. He fought them and her, because he hadn't cried in years, too afraid to let go.

He had to do something before she fucked with his head.

Before he could do or say anything, her arms wrapped around his shoulders and neck, her embrace warm and soft. It was different from what he'd already experienced with her. Gone was her hard ass exterior, replaced by a woman that could hurt him much more than the first. He couldn't figure out which one he hated or feared more.

Edward's libido and need for comfort didn't allow him to waste time, wrapping his arms around Bella's small waist, pulling her against his chest. It felt fucking good to feel her around him, and for more than one reason, but he only wanted to dwell on one. The fact that he was rock fucking solid told him that his asshole tendencies were overriding his other needs.

It's a shame, really.

"I will help you, Edward," she whispered, her warm breath was near his ear, making him shiver. "You will be the man I envision you to be." Edward scoffed internally, not wanting to ruin the moment, yet since he wasn't sure if she'd ever let him that close again.

He was annoyed, no one but his sister Alice had shown that level of commitment and faith in him in years. "Why do you believe me?" Why would she want to waste her time on him? Knowing about her faith made it feel like a responsibility, one he wanted no part of.

She must have sensed his mounting anger, because she pulled back to glare at him. "Because I do. Don't ruin the moment." She started to play with the hair on the nape of his neck, though she seemed unaware of it.

Edward nearly smirked, he was right. Bitches loved the hair. Yup, Dickward is back.

She looked too fucking serious, she actually believed in what she was saying about him. That needed to stop immediately, Edward thought.

"Will this be ruining the moment?" he asked, his voice husky and low as he grasped her hips and ground his dick between her thighs. She rolled her fucking eyes at him, completely unaffected by his obvious arousal. How did she not notice that monstrous thing rubbing against her soft, warm pussy? She continued her little speech.

However, his mind was elsewhere. What the fuck? Is this bitch into pussy or what? There was no way she'd be able to resist his charms otherwise.

"When I look at you, Edward, I think I see something behind those eyes and disgusting mouth." She shook her head. "But then, it's gone again. Have you always been like this? You're almost thirty, for fuck's sake."

What did she know? Edward thought angrily. Fuck it. It was time to piss the bitch off, and he still needed to see if her tits blushed. He glared at Miss Bend-Me-Over and sneered, hoping to scare her. Fear was a powerful weapon. "Every time I see your lips move, I imagine them around my cock."

He smirked when she fucking growled at him.


He shrugged since she was correct, because he was a pig. "Prude," he teased.

Her mouth fell open and he cocked his head purposefully to one side, licking his lips and staring at her pretty mouth. He could easily imagine fitting his cock inside. She must have realized exactly what he was imaging because she slapped his gut.


Ouch! What the fuck? Did she need to resort to violence? "Whore," he growled, keeping his hands on her thighs.

For a second, he thought for sure she'd kick him in the nuts, but after another moment, he realized she was trying not to laugh. Shouldn't she be scared? That he'd do something to her.

"You can't call me a prude and then a whore, dumbass," she growled. He thought it was fucking hot when she made that sound. If she'd do it with his dick inside her mouth, he knew it would feel so good.

Damn, he wanted her bad.

He grabbed her wrists, quickly pinning her arms behind her back. Unable to resist, he buried his nose against her neck. She smelled fucking delicious, making his mouth water. The desire to taste her was fulfilled, taking a few long licks. Her skin tasted like sunshine, sweet cream and something fruity. She struggled for a few seconds, and automatically he loosened his grip on her arms, aware that he might have hurt her.

He should've kept her hold on her because in the next moment, for the second time in a day, some part of her met his boys between his thighs. He stumbled back in complete shock just as her palm connected with his face.

Does she always have to hurt me?

Bella hopped down from the counter, keeping a close eye on Edward. He went too far by trying to restrain her. That shit was uncalled for and she tried to keep the fear from her features.

"Fucking bitch," he growled, holding onto his cheek. Bella said nothing, but had to shake out her hand, because it hurt like hell. That nice, strong, and angular jaw of Edward's equaled pain when you struck it.

She had tried another approach with him, to see if treating him with something like comfort and tenderness would help him open up to her. Maybe it'd been too soon for a change of tactics, since he fought against it, turning it into something dirty.

It was time to go back to the tried and true method, with Hard Ass Bella at the helm.

Sticking her face close to his, she snarled. "Here's a lesson for you, Edward. Don't fucking touch me unless I give you permission." He looked at her blankly, and she knew he likely wouldn't listen. "The facility's nurse needs to take your blood to check what exactly is in your system."

He appeared about to say something, but his jaw snapped shut. He glared so fiercely at her that she thought she might burst into flames. Did she hit a nerve?

Edward continued to glare at her. "What the fuck?" he thought. "What was that supposed to mean? I drink, that was all. I don't do drugs. I'm not stupid."

Before he could continue, she smiled brightly. It had the effect she hoped for; he looked scared of her. Not many people could smile at the face of one pissed off six-foot-three man, he was learning, because she would.

When she crooked her finger for him to follow, he obeyed with no protest. It seemed that his body responded to her more than his mind, because he was still glaring and adjusting himself.

Bella was surprised that Edward didn't ask any questions as they moved through the facility. The fact that she was distinctly aware of his eyes on her ass was probably the reason. She wanted to tell him off, but she knew it would do her little good. Instead, she led him toward the exit, punching in the code as he fidgeted with his t-shirt. From the corner of her eye, she swore she'd seen his brow furrow with either confusion or concentration.

She hadn't been surprised that he had forgotten her earlier that morning. His memory would be hazy with the lingering effects of the chloroform, the carbon monoxide and whatever his father had him sedated with.

Maybe it'll get better by the end of the day, she thought.

Edward listened carefully at the door, after following Miss Wanna-Bite-My-Ass through the building. He tried to show that he wasn't interested in what she was doing as she keyed in a code into the alarm panel. She shifted enough to prevent him from seeing, but he was aware that each number made a certain tone.

It was his ticket outdoors. It would be too fucking easy, he thought. It wouldn't take long for him to determine the key codes. He mentally thanked his mother for the piano lessons he hated when he was younger. Once he had a chance, he would leave.

The moment she opened the door, hot, bright sunlight nearly blinded him. He groaned, not used to it since the building's lighting was dimmer. It took a few moments to adjust, but Miss Sex-Me-Now gave him a shove outside.

"Now can you tell me where the fuck we are?" he asked, squinting in her direction.

"We're not in the States, Dorothy," she said with a wicked grin. "You don't have papers to go back, either. You're stuck here, Cullen. Until I say you're ready to go home."

He looked around. The buildings were nondescript, plain tan colors, in the middle of a desert. That was all he could see for miles around. "Mexico?"

"Ding, ding, ding," she snickered. "You do know your geography."

Why did Miss Naughty School Girl have to be such a pain in my ass?

Bella leveled him a glare when he smirked. She knew he was thinking something dirty, God knows what. "Follow me," she demanded. Bella had hoped that a dose of sun would do Edward some good.

She saw how he checked out their surroundings, getting a lay of the land. He had to know it was hopeless. They were in the middle of nowhere. She only hoped he wouldn't try to escape, some parts of Mexico were not safe for some people, but an American man like him, it could be dangerous.

When she didn't hear him right behind her, she looked over her shoulder. She had expected him to bask under the sun after remaining stagnant inside, but he seemed to freeze. She saw his body shudder and watched as a hand came from his pocket to run through his messy bronze hair. It took a moment, but she recognized the pain in his eyes, but it was more.

It was utter devastation. Oh no, what's wrong with him?

A pool in the courtyard caught Edward's attention. He stopped walking, his eyes lingering on the surface of the water, and the sky reflecting off that triggered his memory. His chest tightened and his body shuddered. In his mind, it was the day he lost his twin sister.

"No, Nessie, Mom said that I'm in charge while she takes Alice to the hospital to Dad."

"Come on, Eddie, please. Let's go swimming." Her wide hazel eyes pleaded with him.

"Mrs. Cope should be here soon, and she'll tell Mom anyway. And it's too cold, sis," Edward attempted to remind her.

"You're so boring," she huffed, sticking out her tongue out at him. "You are such a nerd."

Edward rolled his eyes as she slammed the door to his room and stomped down the stairs. With a sigh, he made his way to his desk, turning on his headphones to listen to some tunes as he worked on his extra credit project for science.

It was well over an hour, when he realized that he hadn't heard from Nessie or Mrs. Cope. His sister was never one to hold a grudge for that long, especially with Edward. He decided to go check on her and prepared to grovel a bit. When he realized that she wasn't in her room, he went to search the rest of the house, but couldn't find her.

Edward rolled his eyes and was getting upset with his sister. It was her way of getting back at him. He bet she went swimming. Why didn't she listen? He walked outside through the living room patio doors. He couldn't see the pool from there, so he walked farther out.

She was floating on the surface, the black clouds reflecting off the pool water…

Edward tried to shake the memories of his worst nightmare when he felt Bella's hand on his back. "Are you okay?" her voice soothing as she asked. He shook his head and forced his limbs to move forward before she could see his face.

Not now, damn it.

As he passed her, he knew it was too late. Bella had already seen his reaction. It wouldn't take much for her to find out about his sister. If she didn't already know, she would figure out that the pool triggered it.

They approached the building across the courtyard, where a woman stood outside waiting for them. Bella offered her a smile.

Edward watched as the nurse raked her eyes over him. He saw the flash of remorse in her eyes and instantly hated it. She was hot, but the unapproachable kind. With blue eyes, blonde hair and Barbie-like body, he realized he liked Bella's look better. She was fucking gorgeous, too, but not in the same way. She had a beautiful girl next door with kinky tendencies kind of vibe going on that he liked more.

Not that I like her, he reminded himself.

Edward was introduced to the nurse, Rosalie something. He didn't catch the last part since he only focused on Bella. Who the fuck was Emmett? He was nurse's husband, who he met before, apparently, according to the harpy. He watched the byplay between the two, and they seemed friendly.

"Rosalie made the call to save Emmett almost four years ago."

Edward's head whipped toward the blond and looked for deception. He found none and didn't appreciate the soft look Rosalie gave him. He looked way, scowling. With reluctance, he followed them inside and sat in a chair for Rosalie to look over him.

She frowned as she took his blood pressure. "Your BP is off the charts, Mr. Cullen," she stated with what sounded like concern. Edward shrugged, since it was nothing new since it usually was high. He stared at the white wall across from him, waiting for Rosalie to suck the life out of him. "I need to check your blood sugar and take some samples to be tested."

"Whatever," he muttered, feeling bored. "Be my guest." He went through the motions, barely listening to Rosalie prattle as she gathered several tubes from a cabinet nearby. His mind was still poolside, trying to focus on anything but the memories.

It wasn't somewhere he liked to go.

Bella sat nearby, watching Edward. He seemed so distant, more than ever. It worried her. Had it been that moment he froze by the pool or was it the blood that Rosalie was about to remove? She recognized the blank look, the automatic and robotic answers.

"When was your last HIV test, Mr. Cullen?" Rosalie asked him as Bella watched Rosalie wrap a band around his bicep.

He looked utterly confused by her question. "What?"

Bella sighed and wondered how much of a fight he'd put up with the direction the questions would turn.

Rosalie asked, "Have you been sexually active when you've been drinking?"

He cocked an eyebrow at her and gave her look. Using his hand, he gestured down his body, making Bella groan, rolling her eyes as she replied, "Apparently, he thinks 'of course I'm getting plenty of action.'"

Rosalie snickered at Bella's perfect imitation of Edward, accompanied by a smirk and crotch check.

He glared at her but stated the obvious. "Well, look at me."

Bella rolled her eyes skyward and had to count to ten. "You don't seem to understand, Edward. If you've been drunk during these sexual encounters, what are the chances you used protection each time?"

Rosalie was even blunter. "There is a higher chance since you were under the influence and you may have an STD, even HIV. I need to make sure, regardless."

Bella watched as Edward's face heated up to the tips of his ears. He was either really pissed off at them or he was embarrassed. Either way, they were about to find out.

Edward's blood boiled at Rosalie and Miss I'm-Bendable's assumption that he didn't wrap his dick when he was with someone. Feeling pissed, he glared at the harpy. He wasn't an idiot.

"What the fuck?" he said harshly. "I don't just sleep with any old whore!" Before Rosalie could stick a needle in his arm, he snapped it back. He glared at Bella as she crossed her arms in front of her sweet chest, staring at him.

"I am not suggesting you do, but it's best that we test for everything," Rosalie simply stated to him. "I just have to be on the safe side."

Edward growled and held out his arm for the banshees to suck him dry. His eyes remained on Miss Lick-Me-Here, who looked a little green as Rosalie worked his red cells into test tubes. In fact, Edward realized she didn't like blood.

Funny, he thought, she lived on the shit. Blood sucking bitch that she was.

"I will get these rushed through at the lab, and I will be back sometime tomorrow morning to check on you. If there is anything to treat, we can get it sorted as soon as possible," Rose assured him.

Edward thought that nothing was going to come back positive. He always used protection. Well, there was that one time when, what was her name, sucked him in the men's room and that time he woke up with her…Shit, he thought.

Once Rosalie sent him out, Bella had him follow her to show him the rest of the facility. The clinic was housed in a building about five hundred yards from the one that he would reside in for a few months. Besides the clinic, there were two apartments with tiny kitchenettes for the others that lived in the facility.

When they made their way outside again, Edward kept the pool to his right and Bella on his left, not feeling comfortable placing her between him and it. He didn't like her, but he felt that he had to make sure she didn't fall in. The minute he stepped inside their building, he breathed a sigh of relief. He followed her around, keeping mostly to himself, still reeling with the possibilities that he might have an STD and the near panic attack by the pool.

The building where his room was located had two bedrooms, his and Bella's. There was also an extra bathroom, a living room, a full-size kitchen, and a huge gym. There was a room with its door locked, but Bella only indicated that behind it was something he would be able to enjoy when he deserved it.

Edward tried to shake out all the sexual thoughts of the possibilities of it being a pleasure room.

"Do you want to go back to your room for a while?" Bella asked as Edward as they approached the hallway that led to his room. He shrugged. "It's still early, but I need to make a phone call. How about I come get you in twenty minutes, and we can get some breakfast started?"

"I guess," he said indifferently.

She left him in his room and to his own devices, which wasn't much. The only thing he could do was think. The only thing on his mind was his warden. Why the fuck was someone like her running a place like a facility in the middle of nowhere? It was obvious that she didn't take more than one person at a time. She hadn't mentioned anyone else was there. It also seemed like helping others was a passion for her.

Either that or she lived off the misery of others. As he lay back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, he realized he wanted to know why and more about the little harpy.

He smiled and wondered if she was watching him again.

Bella was dying to find out more about Edward. She'd seen the way he purposefully put himself between her and the pool. It was rather strange since she thought he possibly feared the water. The gesture seemed automatic and protective. He'd been especially quiet throughout the tour and she knew something was bothering him.

It was too early to get him to talk to her, but she needed to call the one person who could help her find out more about him. She was positive that Edward wasn't ready—yet. It was only a matter of time. Withdrawal would soon hit him hard, so she would have to back off. However, if he opened up on his own, she wouldn't stop him.

She tapped her pen on the desk, her finger hovering over Alice's number in her cell phone. Did she really want to open the line of communication so early in the process? She usually waited a few weeks before she gave the family any information. She threw caution to the wind and pressed the call button on the touch screen.

Alice answered after the third ring, desperation, and concern in her tone. "Bella?" she said quickly. "What's wrong? Is it Edward?"

Bella had Jasper give Alice the rules about Edward's treatment at her facility. He also told Alice that she couldn't take calls all the time from family. Bella would make the calls when she felt the family needed to be notified.

"Nothing is wrong," Bella immediately assured her. "I just thought we could have a chat."

"Oh! What about?" Alice asked, and Bella frowned at the sound of the woman's excited voice.

"I had my onsite nurse take some blood from Edward today, and he seemed right at home in the clinic." Edward had been until Rosalie and her pissed him off with their line of questioning.

"He would be since Dad and my Uncle Garrett had Edward following them around their practice since he was a kid."

Bella wondered if becoming a doctor was something he always wanted. "I received some information about his education." Transcripts and a few notes from professors was hardly enough to get the big picture, hence the reason for her call. If Edward chose to talk to her, she wanted all the information she could get.

"Yes, he was a med student, really promising, and he wanted to enter Pediatrics. But one day, he just lost it," Alice said quietly. "He never went back to finish his residency. Neither dad nor my uncle could get through to him. He just refused to talk about it."

"Did you guys ever find out what happened?" Bella asked.

"Yeah, it was so sad. It turns out that Edward was working in the children's ward, and there was a little girl, Kate, who was dying of leukemia. She was so pretty and adorable, and she had my brother wrapped around her little finger. I only met her once but even I knew how special she was. I think he grew attached to her, and when she died, it must have set him off."

Bella couldn't even imagine losing a child, even if she was a patient. She was unaware of the tears that lingered along her lashes until they finally started to fall. She knew something was eating away at Edward. For him to lose a patient like that, one he had a bond with, it was heartbreaking. Maybe her death triggered something else, too.

"Hello? Are you still there?"

Bella cleared her throat. "Yeah, I'm here." Before she could ask more questions, Alice changed the subject.

"So, how is Jasper?" Alice asked, causing Bella to grimace. Allowing them to talk might not have been a good idea after all, and she hoped it wouldn't bite in the ass later.

"Ranger J is annoying the hell out of me via text messages," she said bitterly, remembering the half dozen messages he sent her. "Do me a favor and call him, okay?"

"I will." Alice sighed after a moment. "How is Edward?"

As she often told herself to never lie to a target, she wouldn't lie to their family, either. "Okay so far, it's barely started. He is not showing withdrawal symptoms yet, but that won't last long."

"Mom is really worried," Alice stated and Bella could hear some resentment in her voice. It wasn't the time to discuss some of the things they'd done to enable Edward, she'd get to that point soon enough.

"She's been crying, and my parents have been fighting a lot. She thinks we've gone too far."

Most do. Sometimes one or two members of a family saw her methods as barbaric. Until they could see the results of her treatment methods, there wasn't much she could do to reassure that they'd done the right thing by calling her.

Bella still felt angry of some of the things she learned of Edward's family, but she had to keep it to herself for a while longer. "Until he comes back to her clean, sober, and back on track with his life, she can scream all she wants. He is here now, and he's not leaving until he's clean," she said firmly.

Alice said nothing for several moments and Bella hoped she understood. "There have been no reports about the car," Alice confessed.

"That's a relief," Bella admitted. Her contact with the city police in Seattle had reported the same. She made a note, underlying it with her pen. Ask Edward about his path of less resistance when he drove home after drinking.

Every drunk that drove had one; a path home that they felt was the easiest to remember, had little traffic at the time, and wasn't patrolled often by law enforcement.

"Is it okay if I call you?" Alice asked, causing Bella's stomach to clench. She swore that she wouldn't get too involved with her. However, Alice's sincerity in her voice won her over.

"You can, if you get Jasper off my ass about you," Bella said, smiling at the thought of killing two birds with one stone. She'd learn more about Edward from befriending Alice and Jasper would stop asking about her.

Alice laughed, before replying. "Consider it done."

Edward's stomach had started to growl by the time Bella returned to collect him as promised. She led him into the kitchen. "Grab the eggs and bacon," she said as she started to pull out a few frying pans from a cabinet.

He smirked when he thought it was time to test his theory about Miss Sex Kitty's tits. If he pissed her off, would they blush like the rest of her?

He ignored her demand and sat on a barstool near the kitchen island. She cocked her eyebrow and tapped her little foot, waiting for him. It was hard not to smile, and he found her very cute in her anger.

"Get this straight, Edward. If you want to eat, you help out," she explained, pointing a finger at him. "If you want to listen to music, you follow the rules. If you want television privileges, you work for them."

Edward completely ignored her and yawned for effect.

"Edward, get the fucking eggs and bacon out the fridge!"

Her lovely face flushed crimson, reaching down her neck and below the scoop of her tank top. There it was, his theory proven right. Her delectable tits blushed deliciously.

She glared at him as she grabbed the eggs and bacon herself. Snatching a bowl and a fork, she slammed doors and mumbled curses under her breath. Edward watched, entranced by her grace in the kitchen. She moved around as if she was gliding on air and very aware of her surroundings. After about fifteen minutes, she plated some scrambled eggs and bacon and stood across from him.

With her eyes on his, he watched her take a slice of bacon and bring it to her lips. She opened her mouth, taking a bite. Her pretty tongue swept along her bottom lip as she returned the remaining bacon to her plate and smirked.

Edward swallowed. His grumbling stomach no longer was an issue since he hungered for something else. He was unable to ignore the straining in his jeans. He mentally noted that he should ask for some less confining pants since button fly hurt like a bitch.

"Hungry, Edward?" she asked, taking a bite of eggs, seemingly aware of his drooling. Watching her eat wasn't the only thing making me hungry.

"Not for eggs and bacon," he said, cocking an eyebrow.

"Well, if you're not hungry for this then grab whatever you want," she suggested with a shrug of her shoulders.

"I think I will."

Edward rose from his seat and walked over to the stove. Smiling as he passed her, but she went back to glaring at him. After a moment, she returned her attention to her food. With her back turned, he decided to grab what he wanted as she suggested.

What he wanted was a perfect handful of her ass in his hand, and that was what he grabbed for before she could kick him again. Her breathing hitched as he pressed his erection against her backside. His hands grabbed her hips, pulling her closer. He groaned as she squirmed against him.

"Fuck off, Edward," she growled, making his cock twitch again.

"You said to grab what I wanted, and what I want is your –" she inhaled sharply, waiting for him to continue, "– bacon."

Edward grabbed her remaining slices of bacon and turned sharply to grab the orange juice from the fridge.

"You are an ass!" she said, all pissy and shit. Edward looked over his shoulder and saw that she looked disappointed, and wondered why? Wanting to piss her off more, he laughed, drinking straight from the container. Her eyes widened, and she fucking stomped her foot. It was cute as hell.

"Stop being an asshole." She glared as he put the OJ right back in the fridge. He rolled his eyes at her display, and then eyed her scrambled eyes.

"Here, eat," she said, pushing her plate toward him. "I'm not hungry anymore, anyway."

Edward grinned, pleased that he still managed to get what he wanted without much effort. Well, one of the things he wanted anyway. It was going to take more work to get Miss Fucks-on-the-Counter beneath him or on the counter. If he was going to suffer through her fucking method of rehabilitation, he might as well have some fun during his stay. Considering her passionate responses and anger, he knew she'd be a tiger in bed.

However, something in the harpy's expression bothered him. She was fucking smirking as she started to clean up her mess. "Don't look so happy. That little stunt cost you two cold showers."

Totally worth it, he thought. Her ass was fucking awesome and even with cold water; it would be the main feature of his spank bank for the days ahead. Still, he had noticed that the facility was fed with well water on their tour, and that meant mother-fucking ice-cold water.

"Bitch," he mumbled under his breath before he started to shovel her delicious, fluffy eggs in his mouth.

"Do you want to make it three?"

Edward shook his head. She circled the island and bent to whisper in his ear, "Then you need to fucking apologize to me."

He glared at the fork he was holding. Fucking plastic, so stabbing her ass with it was out of the question. It'd probably just bounce off her butt or shatter into dozens of pieces, anyway. Fuck it, he wanted to have more of her food later, anyway. He took another mouthful of eggs and turned to face her. "Sorry."

"Pig," she said with obvious disgust.

He patted his stomach and shrugged. "I could use a few hours in the gym."

Her eyes focused on his abs and didn't look impressed. "Good, you seem to need it." She grinned when he glared at her.

Ignoring her insult, he asked, "So how does this work? Are you keeping me confined to my room?"

"No, I think you can handle about sixteen to eighteen hours a day to move about the building," she indicated, wiping down the counter. "From now on, you'll have access to the gym, kitchen, and living room. The living room doesn't have a TV in it as you've seen, but you're welcome to use the stereo. But after another day or two, I doubt you'll be leaving your room."

Edward shuddered at the memories of the last time he'd experienced withdrawal. He pushed those hazy memories away and asked, "If that's the case, why is my door locked?"

"I had to lock it for your first day," she said, stating the obvious. He'd woken up disoriented and would've run the first chance he had.

"Am I able to go outside?"

Bella shook her head. "No, if you had the capability, you'll try to escape," she explained. "But you'll have supervised outings." Her eyes filled with excitement for some reason.

Edward remembered about the room he couldn't get into earlier. "You said that I would have to earn it to get into that locked room. How?"

Miss I-Like-To-Be-Tied-Up's smile widened. "You have to work for it."

Edward scowled and the smile he had since he managed to take her breakfast, faded. Something told him that working her over with his fingers and cock was not her idea of work.

"What do I have to do?"

"I need a new carport. Along with the others, we're going to make the forms, lay down the concrete slab, and erect the steel carport I bought."

Edward's body stiffened when she took one of his hands in both of hers. It surprised him after the stunt he pulled earlier. She seemed to be concerned about something, feeling the skin of his fingers and palm.

"Your pretty, soft hands won't stay that way for much longer," she stated.

He snapped his hand back from her and glared at her. "And if I don't agree to help you?"

"Easy, you'll lose the rest of your privileges and stay confined to your room."

Well fuck, he thought, she couldn't possibly mean it. The smug look on her face made him realize, she certainly did.