Punch Me, Love Me, Save Me

Chapter Eight – The Results

It was a fucking nightmare, since Edward thought he was in hell. He struggled to sleep all night, his memories on the forefront of his thoughts, exposed and out in the open for all to see. Everything had unleashed in a torrent of emotions and words. He couldn't believe he'd lost it the day before.

It was the sound of the water splashing as Bella dove in the pool that triggered his memories. Dragged from the depths of his mind, the memories had surfaced, from the darkness he did not like to tread. They had been unreachable for years, yet somehow, Miss I-Kissed-a-Girl had already punched the fucking steel-enforced wall.

I'm pathetic.

Two fucking years, three days a week, three-hundred-dollar-an-hour therapy and still, he'd never broken down as he had or ever given so much information to anyone. Seeing Bella in the water with her dark hair floating along the water's surface for the insignificant second, had unmanned him. All he could see were her dead eyes.

Superimposed over the pool in the middle of the desert was an image of his sister in their pool back in Chicago, and he just fucking lost it. There was something about Bella, and he realized it. It was something that didn't allow him to give her more of his usual bullshit and send her packing. Some would find it hard to believe, but he held back.

The fact that she could cut through it all and probably fucking stuff his dick down his throat if she wanted to, was the reason she'd been successful. Fuck, he'd met his damn match. Who else could handle all that crap he dished out and still come out on top?

No one had ever been able to. He'd given all previous head shrinks, therapists, counselors, textbook answers to their questions during sessions, only so they would back off. They diagnosed him with everything from being bi-polar to a multiple personality disorder, with megalomaniac tendencies and a god complex. It took them a few more sessions to figure out they were being fucked with; most of whom were in tears as Edward left their offices.

No one ever had him talk about the truth, much less the past, until Miss-I-Wanna-Sex-You-Up.

Sexing her up was exactly what he wanted. His train of thought once again diverted its normal path of thinking and decided to allow his cock to take over. He didn't want to think about how the bitch could fix him, possibly save him from the darkness he thrived in, most of the time.

His mind focused on one thing; fucking the harpy. He vowed in his plain white ass room, that he would get her in his bed, screaming his name and riding his cock as he sucked her pretty, pink tits.

This, I solemnly swear.

Edward sat up against the wall, cracking his knuckles as he started to formulate a plan. Working out in the gym would be his ticket to getting Miss-I-Gotta-Have-Cock, eating out of the palm of his hand.

"Eating and licking off her juices, that is," he whispered to himself, as he clapped his hands together, smiling wickedly. The bitch didn't stand a chance, not with the both of them panting and sweating and his killer six pack abs, which he was determined to earn by the time he left Mexico.

Edward remained on his bed, hoping to sleep in, but felt disgusting. His body was sticky from the perspiration of the events that had transpired the day before and his dreams. He was going to have to shower, and he had a feeling that the harpy wasn't going to be lenient on his punishment and allow him some warm water.

Another way to get into her pants was to kiss up a little. Maybe make her day easier. Nah, he thought, where was the fun in that? However, he'd at least get up of his own accord. That would at least make her see that he was making an effort.

He grumbled all her nicknames under his breath as he climbed out of bed and removed the sheets. There was no way he'd sleep in those again. It seemed that he sweated while he was in bed. He leveled a look at the camera, hoping she was watching like before.

Grinning, he called out for her, "Hey, big mouth, I need new sheets."

"Who are you calling a big mouth?" a booming voice said over the intercom.

"Ah…is 3B not watching me today?" Edward asked, throwing the dirty linens in the corner of the room. That shit was a damn shame, too; he was hoping he could rile her up again. From what he remembered, there were two men at the facility, and were likely the bastards that took him from his bed back home.

"It's my shift right now. And what's a 3B?"

"What's your name? Have we met?" he asked, laughing as he laid out some clean grey basketball shorts and a blue muscle shirt on the bare mattress. He added, "And if you want to know, ask the harpy and you'll find out."

"It's Emmett and yeah, we've met." There was a brief pause before the man on the intercom continued with a snicker. "Do you always sleep in the buff?"

"So did you get a good eyeful when you took me?" Edward flipped off the camera and considered mooning the bastard.

"You can say that. You're not gonna tell me about Bella, are you?" Edward shook his head, scratching his cheek with his middle finger. "That's what I thought. I have a feeling if I want to keep my balls intact, I probably shouldn't ask her what 3B means."

Edward laughed aloud, clutching his side. The bruise in his back still bothered him; fucking lucky shot, he thought bitterly. "It's probably not a good idea. There's that and then she'd probably come after mine if I told you."

He hightailed it into the bathroom, went though his daily routine. There was a lot of cursing out the bitch with nice tits because of the frigidity of his shower. The whole fucking time, Emmett was laughing at him.

Edward growled, "Yeah, now you're on my bad side, asshole."

Bella lay in bed, having finished her morning routine at five in the morning. She slept little after leaving Edwards's room the night before. When she had managed to catch some, dark images of her past filled her dreams.

Her past was starting to come back and haunt her. She knew that the best way to face them was head on, and she would have to save a block of time to do that. A call to Charlie would help, and she missed him, anyway. Her mother on the other hand; maybe a look through a photo album would help her cope.

With a sigh, she sat up at the edge of her bed, rolling her head from side to side, her feet dangling. Exhaustion had her slipping to the floor to do some crunches, hoping to get her going again. The buzzing of the intercom pulled her from her exercise several minutes later and she jumped as Emmett's booming voice filled the room.

"Boss?" he called through the intercom. "Boss? Are you there?"

Laughing, she walked over to the panel and pressed a button. "I'm here, you ass."

He laughed. "Aw, did I wake you, honey?"

"No, I've been up for a while."

"Rosie wants to know if you can you bring Eddie down to the clinic, needs to have his meds with lots of water."

That instantly made her back straighten; it was time to tell Edward. "Yeah, just give me some time to go grab him."

"You got it, boss," he replied and then sighed off.

She ran through her routine again for another ten minutes and quickly washed up. There was a good chance that Edward would not take the news well, and with his withdrawal around the corner, it could be worse. He would probably lash out, as it seemed to be his usual tactic.

This had been the first time one of her addicts had an STD. With Emmett and Jasper, there had been nothing like that to treat. Was this another lesson that Edward needed to learn? Didn't he have enough to deal with? She remembered that it could be worse, and they were still waiting for the results of another test.

Bella looked out at the morning sky and cursed whoever had put this on Edward.

"Fuck you, you disease ridden bitch," she hissed as if the woman in question was right there in the room.

Edward's life was so fucked up, and if she was honest with herself, she didn't know how the hell he was going to cope with withdrawal. A brain could only take so much before it had a full mental breakdown. Bella didn't believe he could handle it. If he were anything like Jasper, his withdrawal would be filled with ghosts. She shuddered at the thought.

She drew up her hair in a loose knot at the back of her head. The days that lay ahead were those she always dreaded when taking on a new addict. Watching their anger and pain always brought out the victim in her, no matter how hard she reined it in. She hated when that vulnerable part of her was exposed.

It was something that was hard to avoid since she always became invested with the addicts that came through her facilities. She'd been helping others like Jasper, Emmett, and Edward since she was eighteen years old. To her, she started a year too late, not that her father blamed her for her mother.

Feeling disgusted with herself, trying to clear her head, she practically punched in the key code into the pad on the wall to exit the building. Determined to get a control of herself, she walked out into the sunny courtyard. The reflection from the pool was minimal compared to the day before. She watched the small breeze send ripples over the surface, and couldn't fight the surge of anger and grief-filled tears that sprung forth. She wiped them away and went back inside minutes later, and kept going until she reached Edward's bedroom.

She let herself in, not expecting to find him awake and dressing. That she was surprised by his early rising was an understatement.

"Jesus, harpy!" Edward said, grinning and looking too happy to catch her unaware. "Do you ever knock? Admit it." His smirk was the first hint to his thoughts. "You wanted another peek at my junk. I'll be happy to oblige." He went to his shorts and started to pull them down, giving her a glimpse of the grey boxer briefs underneath.

Bella needed to bring him down a notch or two and telling him what she learned the night before would help. So much for trying to make it hurt less.

"Nope," she replied, trying to sound bored. "So your test results came back…" Her hands clasped behind her back, swaying a little and pausing just to piss him off enough to ask.

That seemed to stop the movements of his hands from pushing down his pants. His eyebrows rose and when she said nothing else, he asked, "What the fuck do I have?"

Bella could see the fear in his eyes as she ran a hand through her hair, dislodging the knot. Just say it quick, like a fucking band-aid, she told herself. She wasn't that much of a bitch; he looked too scared to fuck with and there was no fun in that.

"Fuck," Edward exclaimed quietly, catching the look on her face. "What do I have, Swan?" he asked again, and Bella could see the defensive façade slipping down.

"You have chlamydia, Edward," she replied in as soothing tone as possible. "But it's fairly new, and it can be treated with just a few antibiotics."

"Are you sure?" he asked, and she nodded. "Thank fuck for that."

She could see the relief in his eyes, but some of the bravado from his words was lost when he cupped himself. Men, she thought, woke up when their dicks were threatened.

"We have to go through your sexual history and write down as many possible recent partners as we can. Can you remember?" she asked, picking up after him. His clothes were all over the place. He watched her with another annoying grin, and she flipped him off since he obviously figured out how anal she was about a tidy room.

"I'm not some drunken man whore, Swan," he hissed, throwing a t-shirt on. "I think I remember who I fuck!"

"Jeez, Edward," she said, rolling her eyes. "Can you blame me for asking? You do give off that 'I'd fuck anything that walks' vibe."

He rolled his eyes and laughed. "Well, excuse me, Miss Wanna-Be Cock-blocker, if I have a fucking sexual appetite!"

It was not the time for a disagreement. "Well, Eddie, look where that sexual appetite got you, you big fucking dick." What was it about this man that brought up all her defenses?

Edward sneered and walked toward her. "This big fucking dick would make you scream, bitch, and don't you forget that!"

Once again, he spun their conversation onto them. Her lips tilted up on one side that had him instantly backing up.

"Would it sound something like this? Oh, Edward! Oh, Edward, yes! Oh Edward, fuck me!" she moaned, grinning all the way through. "They were probably faking it."

"You bitch," he groaned, adjusting himself carefully.

"That's my name, don't wear it out." She laughed as she held open the door for him to pass.

He didn't let the opportunity go to waste, stepped closer, and forced her against the door. His arms rested above her, letting her feel what she did to him. "I am going to fuck you one day, Swan. You know that, right?" His words were beside her ear, but she kept her reaction to him tightly controlled and inside her.

She skimmed her fingers down his chest, standing onto the tips of her toes to whisper in his ear. "You are not very fond of your balls, are you, Edward?" At the feel of her knee at his crotch, her smirk appeared. "And in your fucking dreams, stud," she added, rolling her eyes as she pushed him away. "Come on, it's time for breakfast."

Edward fought the urge to tell the little wench off and followed her like the fucking obedient dog he was. He hoped the good behavior would earn him more of Bella's fucking awesome eggs. He was starving, which he knew he needed to take advantage of since he'd likely not eat for a few days soon enough.

He wasn't stupid; the easy trigger the day before, fatigue and sweating all night were all signs. Withdrawal was about to kick his ass. As he watched his warden's robust ass sway in front of him, he realized it wasn't something he wanted her to see.

This time, making breakfast went without a hitch. They worked together to eat some more bacon and eggs. Clean up had only taken a few minutes, too.

"See that wasn't so hard," Bella said, placing the last cup away.

"Trust me, it was hard."

Watching her work the stove and move around the kitchen just about drove him fucking crazy. Their conversation throughout their meal at least wasn't so bad, keeping it to their choice of reading material. She at least promised to put a Stephen King novel on in his room when he feels up to it.

She had him follow him outside of their building. He winced at the bright sunlight, shielding his eyes. Bella looked back over her shoulder, as he quickly passed the pool.

"I'm sorry," he heard her say as he caught up to her. "This is the fastest way to the other building."

Edward wished she hadn't caught his fear of the pool, making him hiss in anger, "Like you give a fuck." He realized his mistake a few seconds later, the sound of her sigh was enough to confirm his thought. His overreaction to her simple apology gave away how much the pool affected him.

She stopped in front of him, too close to the fucking pool and sent him on edge again. He grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the other building until they were under the eave. He let her go and was able to take another breath into his lungs. The fact that she allowed him to lead her away made him back up from her, not wanting to another knee to his crotch.

When she opened her mouth to say something, he shook his head. "Don't. I'm begging you not to bring up that shit right now. I can't. Not yet. Maybe not ever. You and I both know that you shouldn't try to take a crack at my fucking mind until after withdrawal. What would be the point? I might forget everything that's happened in the last couple of days anyway."

She didn't say a word, only watched him. It was fucking unnerving and had him backtracking. "Look, I'm sorry I manhandled you, alright."

It was then that she smiled. "We'll stay away from the pool for now. But by the time you leave, you will be over that fear. I guarantee it."

He shook his head. "I doubt it."

She shrugged, moving to hide the key pad from him and punching in the numbers. "We'll talk about it later, but if you succeed through each water-related activity, you can visit the media room."

"Of course, you'd find a way to torture me more," he grumbled, wishing his curiosity wasn't piqued. "What kind of activities?"

As she led him down the hallway, she answered. "If you can step into the pool, stand in the water to your waist, that kind of thing, one step at a time."

"Media room?"

She grinned then. "The best room in the whole place."

"I highly doubt that, 3B. That would likely be your bedroom."

She snorted, smacking his stomach with her hand. "Control yourself, asshole."

He shrugged. "So what's the media room?"

"Not gonna lie. It's a man's dream room and mine. Complete with eighty inch LED television, movie theater quality sound system, pool table, a few game machines." She walked backward, looking excited. It was obvious she enjoyed talking about this room. "There's tons of fucking movies to choose from, popcorn and soda machine. You can either sit in these fucking awesome recliners or huge fucking pillows."

"Where have you been all my life?" he joked, laughing. "If you tell me you love to watch football and action flicks, I'll drop to my knee right the fuck now."

"Yippee k-yay mother fucker!" She twisted around, popping a hip as she pretended to shoot out the place.

Fuck, she was cute. Edward couldn't get over how carefree she looked and talked now that she let her guard down. Did she do it because she felt more comfortable with him? Or because they had more in common than he originally thought?

His number one question nearly tumbled from his lips. Why are you doing this, sweetheart?

Bella felt good after discovering another common interest she shared with Edward. It would always make things simpler if she had an easy rapport with the addicts. She didn't form relationships at first, not until it was obvious that they wouldn't take advantage of it. Try to hurt her in some way.

She knew it was best not to form the attachment with them, but in truth, the friendships she formed with them helped them see her as someone other than a threat, as a traditional therapist did. To this day, she was good friends with all her former targets and kept in touch, even the one that had to come to her facility twice.

"Not the time, Bella," she whispered under her breath, not wanting her thoughts to dwell on him. He was her past, and it was time she looked at her future.

"What was that?" Edward asked as she opened the door to the main lab.

"Nada," she said quickly, smiling as Rosalie greeted them.

"Come on in," Rosalie said, leading Edward to sit down. They watched as she hid the key pad to key in a code to the locked medication cabinet. "Just in case you were thinking about escaping and grabbing something before you left, I'm the only one that knows the code. Not even Bella does."

Edward nodded. Bella watched him as Rosalie laid out a few packets of capsules and bottle of water from a mine fridge. "The HIV test came back negative, but as I'm sure you're aware, there's still a window."

"Yeah," he said with groan. "I should get tested again in a six months." Rosalie nodded and continued. "As you know, when your test results came back, they showed you have chlamydia. It's new and there's not much to worry about, understand?"

Bella knew that her friend was only trying to assure Edward. With what lay ahead and all the issues that he seemed to have, he didn't need more to bring him down or send him into another panic attack.

"Yes," Edward replied his eyes down on his lap.

"It is a very common infection among your age group, and even the safest sexually active person can be infected. It's easily spread. What I'm going to give you today are two tablets called doxycycline, which will help eradicate the infection. I want you to take these for the next three days, one in the morning and one at night."

"Will I be allowed to keep these tablets on me?" he asked. "Or will my warden administer them?"

Bella looked at Rosalie, surprised. She thought for sure he'd put up a stink if she had to administer his medication.

"I'd like Bella to supervise," Rosalie said. "I know that the next few days will be tough for you, and it may slip your mind. Our first priority is you, Edward. Always you."

He nodded absently, looking at the packaging. "Why you didn't use azithromycin, ofloxacin, or erythromycin?"

Rosalie looked taken aback; Bella hadn't explained that he had attended medical school. With her clients, she kept as much as their background on a need to know basis with the others. The last time they had a famous actor, she had to let go one of her trusted people because he couldn't keep his mouth shut. Thankfully, he didn't take it out on them and donated a shitload of money, instead.

Bella gave her friend a small shrug, watching as Rosalie gathered herself quickly. "Those are for more advanced cases. We caught yours at the beginning stages, so the stronger dosage treatments were not required."

As Edward took his dose of medication, Bella sighed in relief. He didn't make a big deal out of the situation or lash out. Hearing him speak like a medical professional, made her feel a bit emotional. It was a glimpse of the man he could become; it made her want to shake him to get him to realize his potential.

"How I wish I could slap the back of your head and tell you to play doctor." Oh shit, she thought, I said that aloud.

Rosalie's mouth was agape and Edward looked shocked for about a second and was about to say something. She slapped her hand over his mouth before he could, but he licked her palm, his jade eyes on hers.

"I did not mean that in the way you think I did," she said, shaking her head. He wiggled his eyebrows. "I walked right into that one. I meant, that you sounded like a doctor sprouting all those medications." She shivered as his fingertips brushed her stomach, his eyes still on her lips. "Are we done here?" she asked Rosalie.

"One more thing," Rosalie said as she took out a pen and paper. Bella stepped way, folding her arms over her chest. "I need you to write down as many sexual partners as you can, Edward, starting with the most recent."

Edward groaned and began to count on his fingers. "Lauren – I want you so bad, Jessica – love me please, Tanya – I will die if I can't have you, and Bree – almost jail bait," he mumbled, looking back up. "How recent though?"

Rosalie rolled her eyes. "I'd say at least in the last two months."

"Oh!" He smiled, sounding proud. "Only one, then. See, I don't sleep around, 3B. Her name's Irina – No gag reflex-rina." Bella's eyebrows rose. What the hell was with all the strange tags to their names? Did that make it easier for him to remember them, or forget?

"Any sexual encounters while drunk?" Rosalie questioned.

"Not lately," he confessed his brow furrowing.

"You don't look too sure," Bella said, making him scowl. "Be sure, Edward."

He shrugged. "Okay, I couldn't remember if I'd managed to fuck the red-haired bitch from the bar that last night…what was her name? Kelly, no….Vicky…ah shit, I don't remember." His face, all the way to the tips of his ears, turned bright red. "My sister might know. She saved me from her clutches once a while back."

"I'll have Alice give her the news then," Bella said brightly.

"The fuck you will," Edward growled. "You are not letting my baby sister go near that bitch."

"She won't go alone, dumbass. I'll have my Dad go with her. I'm sure she'll enjoy it." She laughed, already sending Jasper a text. The night before, she gave him a tongue-lashing and not the good kind. He was probably still angry at her since she made him leave the facility for a day or two, until he got his shit together. She didn't begrudge him on starting a relationship; he'd been sober for years and hadn't had one since. However, it was talking to Alice that had him not watching the video feed as he should have.

Edward's growl brought her out of her thoughts on Jasper. "And Edward, if she's not nice enough to bring home to mother or your sister, then she's likely to give you crabs, or in this case, the clap."

"Bitch," he sneered.

"Don't you have something more original?"

The Cheshire-like smile made her glare at him. "If you only knew, 3B, if you only knew." She rolled her eyes, taking his hand and leading him out.

"I'm sure I'll be seeing you soon, Edward," Rosalie called out, laughing at them. "Good luck, Bells."

Bella thought, I need all the fucking luck I can get.

They spent the rest of the morning, setting up some new shelving in the laundry room. Edward groaned since Bella made him put his clothes and sheets to wash. "You would think with your exorbitant fees you'd at least offer room service, including a fucking housekeeper."

"You won't learn anything that way," she said, folding a load of her clothes from one of the three dryers in the room. A tiny beep came from her pocket, and Edward turned toward her to see her pull out a watch. "It's time for lunch."

Edward wasn't sure if he could handle food. He felt like shit, but he wasn't about to tell Bella yet.

"How about you make me a sandwich in exchange for warm water for your next shower," she offered as she pulled out several things from the fridge.

"I make a mean turkey sandwich," he said, sticking out his hand, which she took. "But I rather have a small kiss instead of warm water."

She pursed her lips, her eyes narrowing as he bent to take his prize, but she smashed her hand in his face.

"Make the sandwich first," she hissed. Keeping his eyes on her dark ones, he slowly slid his tongue along her palm; she tasted like coconuts and something else fruity, and smelled like the ocean. He wanted to fucking grab her and place her on the counter so he could have his way with her.

He cocked an eyebrow, waiting. "And you can get your small kiss on the place of my choosing."

"Deal," he said, rubbing his hands together. Fifteen minutes later, he settled a grilled turkey melt sandwich in front of Bella. She had watched him quietly for some time, even turned on the stereo, agreeing and disagreeing about some of the music that played.

She moaned when she took her first bite. "Normally," she said, wiping her mouth after chewing her bite. "I don't eat like this, but I work out a lot while out here, since there's not much else to do, unless we go out. This is too good not to have."

"Thanks," he said, taking a healthy bite of his own food. "Any plans for the rest of the day?"

She shrugged, popping a baked chip in her mouth. "I guess it depends. How are you feeling?"

"I feel good," he lied.

"Don't give me your macho crap, Edward. If you're starting to get symptoms, you need to speak up."

"Besides a bit of a headache, there hasn't been anything else. You'll be the first to know when that changes."

She refilled her ice tea and his before she answered his question. "I need to make a few phone calls. Check in with some contacts. Why don't you take a nap, and later, we can work out?"

"Sounds like a plan," he murmured. A few minutes later, Bella finished and washed her stuff.

"Don't forget to grab that last load of laundry from the dryer," she said, tossing some trash in the compactor. "If you do it right, you can have your warm water privileges back."

"Thank fuck, the water here is too fucking cold." He shuddered, remembering the shower he had earlier. As she turned away, he cleared his throat. "What about our deal?"

She looked over her shoulder. "You can collect when you wake up."

Edward shook his head, watching as she strutted down the hall. "What a walk, fuck," he hissed. He finished his lunch and walked over to the sink. The cup and plate in his hands fell with a loud crash. "Control it." His body shook as sweat started to bead across his brow. "Just give me another day, damn it."

It was futile, he knew what was coming, and there was no one to blame but himself.

AN: Though I am trying to be as realistic as possible, I might get some things wrong, especially medical information. If I do get something wrong, I apologize in advance. Thank you. See you next week.