Title: Isis Rising

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"Bet you didn't think You'd have to wear a Campbell soup can to work this morning, did you?"

The sarcastic comment came from Colonel Jack O'Neil as the rest of his team came through the stargate. Earlier that morning M.A.L.P had returned from a scouting survey, relying digital images of a large metropolis around which the Stargate seemed to be built. The high monoxide content in the atmosphere required the team to wear isolation suits.

"I prefer this to passing out from lack of oxygen sir," Samantha Carter answered, taking in the scene in front of them.

Perhaps because of the monoxide content, everything around them seemed to be engulfed in a red haze, turning the stones of the buildings around them a strange, crimson that resembled blood. The buildings themselves were tall, hewn from stone, with delicate carvings and large spires reaching into a blood red sky. For all intents and purposes the city appeared deserted, and only recently. No grass was growing in the cracks of the flagstones that paved the courtyard they were standing in, no vegetation had begun to take over the city. Indeed, pots of flowers, their large blue blooms still standing, lined the square on two sides.

"Something is not right here, Colonel O'Neil," Teal'c added, taking in the scene, staff weapon held at ready.

O'Neil nodded, and the group slowly made their way off the raised dais they were currently occupying. Single file, the four moved until they were onto what appeared to have been a main street, and the sight their froze them.

Bodies were everywhere, tossed carelessly about as if hideous toys that some child had forgotten. The faces there, whether man or woman or child, revealed pain in the last moments of death, faces swollen and black. For a moment Jack was grateful for the scrubbers the suits were equipped with. Without them he knew the stench would be unbearable.

"My god," whispered Daniel Jackson as he knelt down next to one of the corpses, a small child who had died clutching what appeared to be a puppy. "It almost looks like a version of the bubonic plague."

"Gee, that makes me feel a whole lot better, Daniel," Jack said, scanning the streets for any sign of life. As far as he could see in both directions, the street was crowded with bodies. Not even a breeze stirred the hair on them. "We're gonna need quarantine when we go back through."

For ten long minutes the team walked along the wide street, checking for survivors among the dead, but finding none. Life seemed to have stopped abruptly, whatever having killed the people moving quickly. Fruit still stood in its stalls, rotting in the sun, fountains still poured water into ornate designs.

The street emptied into another courtyard, this one filled once again with bodies.

Daniel spoke, " I think this is a temple to Isis, but the symbols are almost unrecognizable, the cartouche, though, is right." Daniel pointed to a carving of a woman wearing horns and a lunar disk, large, feathered wings extended from her arms.

Without warning, a gong broke the silence, chimed three times, and was still.

"I think we may have found a survivor."


The door to the temple moved like liquid, shimmering in the red light. After testing it on Teal'cs staff weapon, the ventured through it. Inside the temple was dark, let only by almost dead embers lining the walls, casting the statues and carvings into a golden relief. Daniel felt as if he had been transported back to the old Kingdom temple at Philae. There were no Guaold devices that he could see, only rich paintings covering every surface, edged with what he assumed was gold.

"So, who is Isis, Danny Boy?" O'Neil asked as they worked through the outer halls.

"Isis was traditionally a roman goddess, the Great Mother, but she came to embody most of the older Egyptian goddesses. Some archeologists believe that she was based on an older Egyptian goddess, Aset. Isis was the goddess of healing, fertility, almost anything that a woman could come to symbolize. Worship of her lasted well into the 6th century, despite Christian attempts to destroy the religion."

"You just cant keep a good woman down, can you?" O'Neil joked, looking closer at a cartouche.


Carter's softly spoken word broke through his concentration, and Jack noticed that the narrow halls they had been traversing had opened into a cavernous room, lit from above by sunlight and from within by braziers. In the middle of this room a single figure kneeled, draped in a thin material that floated about it. Two braziers flanked her, sending thick smoke through the skylight.

Before anyone could do anything, the figure swayed, then tipped over, knocking the brazier over and scattering their contents across the floor.

The team moved almost without thinking, Teal'c and O'Neil covering the door as Carter and Daniel moved to the figure.

"It's a girl, sir," Carter said, moving her away from the still glowing embers. Woman' she corrected herself, noting the curves that were ill concealed by the garment she was wearing. Whoever she was, she looked half-starved, lips turning a sickly shade of blue. "Shit, she's not breathing!"

"She doesn't look infected, Jack, we could take her back with us," Daniel said quickly. Looking up, he noticed the same shimmering substance coating the skylights over head. "That substance may act as a kind of filter, which would explain why she doesn't seem to be affected."

"Her pulse is dropping sir," Carter said, "We cant just let her die."

"Jack sighed, "So how do we get her back to the gate without infecting her?"
Daniel looked around the room, but his attention swiftly returned to the girl when he felt her jerking, "We're losing her, Jack!"

Without warning Carter jerked off her helmet after looking down at the small hand held device she carried, and began breathing into the stranger's mouth while Daniel immediately began pressing on her breastbone.

"God damn it, Carter!" Jack exploded. There was no telling what she was picking up. Sighing, he turned to Teal'c, "Dial home and radio back that we need a portable isolation chamber and decontamination level 7 on the platform ASAP."

Teal'c nodded, heading back through the large arch. He watched him for a moment before a liquid cough caught his attention.

"She's breathing again, sir." Carter said, turning the woman on her side as she drew shuddering breaths.

"Yeah, I see that, Carter. Daniel?"

After a moment he began speaking hesitantly to the woman in Egyptian, but received no response other than a quizzical glance. He switched to the language he learned from Abydos, but once again he only received a confused look. "I'll have to figure out her dialect, sir."

'Wonderful,' Jack thought, looking towards the ceiling. God knew how long that would take.

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